The Tears :: They're Made of PAPER. It's PAPER.

I had one elephant and one pirate (dressed in his daddy's pirate costume from loooong ago! He wanted to be a football player for approximately six months prior to Halloween and then, days before, decided pirates were way better - Gigi to the rescue!).

And my own (BRILLIANT) sad fan costume because, let's face it, I would have rather CANCELLED Halloween and watched the Cardinals win a Game 7 World Series on Halloween night instead of walking around with the kiddos, holding strung-together paper tears to my eyes and consuming copious amounts of Sour Patch kids and mulled wine! (Thank you, new neighbor, for the mulled wine. I could maybe get used to life on Waverly Drive if there is always mulled wine involved!) Though, I will admit, the candy and the friends and the wine were an excellent alternative to worshiping at the altar of Cardinals baseball. Fun was had by all.

Bring it on November.