i ain't never had too much fun...

thought you all might like to see a pic from the 90's party on Saturday!

i haven't had time to breathe this week, and survivor night has been cancelled to my knowledge (though the show itself is still on). karl's grandmother turns 93 today.. she just got an email address last week (she took a class!) so i sent ....

sorry for the delay there...

anyway, i sent her a e-greeting birthday card so we'll see how that goes! she's so cute. i think she got a forward and she told Karl and me that it was an "interesting piece of literature" hehehe... told you it was cute! very very cute! gotta love grandmothers!

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p mc atee fishes.

patrick, i told karl you would be mad if i put this pic up but he made me... so no getting MAD AT ME. k? thanks. p.s. those waders and john deere hat look pretty hot... am i right ladies?

red river...er.. some river.. somewhere in arkansas...

eric and brent and fishies! the boys (eric, brent, patrick, karl) went trout fishing on the little red river. brrrrr! I asked Karl what he wanted me to blog about it (because he went to the trouble of taking some pics) and he said, (and i quote), "We had fun. It was cold." Yep. Veeeeeeery descriptive. So, apparently, good trip, eh?

meanwhile in little rock...

tyler and kat (blue team) participated in the first annual AI Invitational (2006) out on some land (no bathrooms...yech.)...er... somewhere in Arkansas. Basically, we got five teams together and went out to a field and played some games (obstacle courses, suicides, archery, bat spins, um, washers... some other field-day type games!) with some beer... good times... good times... my partner only dropped me once. haha.

if you were there and need a link to all the pics please e me. h.kathleen@gmail.com.

su, ang, mar, kat, kelly

it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. each team was a girl and a guy... this is the girl half...

green vs. purple vs. orange vs. blue vs. red.

who do you think won? let me give you a hint: it was NOT the blue team! but we had a blast anyway!

AFTER we went to Su and Seth's and ate some food... then i headed back to LR where Kristen, E, and Annie FORCED me to go to the ROSE and then Matt's 90's party!! we stopped for some beer on our way to the party and asked the liquor store man what drinks were popular in "the 90s." pretty sure he thought we were insane. the music at the PARTY was awesome... elizabeth has the BEST PICS ever...well at least i think they are the best pics ever... as i know we took quite a few... including some in a bathtub (clearly with our clothing on people!) The night ended at 2 or 3 with TACO BELL. Gross. Yet delicious.



blogger pictures = stupid. what is GOING on with the blog spot? highly annoying to someone who must have instant gratification.

this post is about several things:

Most importantly, some of you did not know what the lovely game of MOOSE entailed. Above is a picture that just about captures it. Basically you stand around in a circle and drumroll......continually throughout the whole game... then someone starts - we shall call them "the pointer." They point at one person. The reciever of the point "the pointed" must do double moose antlers (as demonstrated by audra in the middle of the pic). The person to the left of "the pointed" (that would be me in this picture... i know complicated) must do a left side antler and the person to the right (sarah sweeney in this picture) must do a right-side antler to "complete the moose." Then the person who did the double moose ears (again audra in this picture) get to point to the next double moose ear person. the point is to go as fast as you can and the person who messes up has an extra drinkey or two. the game for me originated in St. Louis, Missouri in high school (when we were only drinking soda mom!) and entertained us many nights. maybe i will take some video to give you a full demonstration at a later date. it takes a special kind of night to play MOOSE!

in other news, we are so busy - my head is SPINNING! we are trying to plan a Little Rock Alum Event on Saturday, April 29th (check us out
Little Rock Alum Event! Click April 29th!! so if you know any TU alums around the Arkansas area, please tell them to contact me!

additionally, i pitched a website/blog combo to one of the associations we manage at the office and i am pretty sure they accepted! (clearly karl did the web work and i did the blog work! and the association will give the monies to us! hopefully... cross your fingers... i will post the finished product once the deal is DONE!) plus we have a couple other web projects.. potentially. will keep you posted on these little side projects!

tomorrow we are dining w/ MK and Rea, Karl's parents, because, although we live in the same city, we haven't seen them in a LONG TIME! yikes!

ok it is way past my bedtime. must stop staring at my computer for a minimum of eight hours.



is being naughty and no one can see my blog. help. what if it is gone? i shall cry!


hee-haw! hee-haw!

the best holiday of the year is over and so is one of the best weekends 0f 2006 thus far! we had way too much fun and got to see pretty much EVERYONE we wanted to see w/o problem/stress! it rocked. sham-rocked. er, sorry. it just put me in the BEST mood! jenny's house = amazing as does matt and mere's.

jenny worked her little booty off for her house warming and it was a SMASHING success! the food was good, the house was good, the friends were good... the convos were good... my voice is gone. i talked too much. we stayed up till 3 or 4. i did, however, fail pretty miserably in picture duty however... pretty sure there are others that can hopefully help me out in that area.

we ended the weekend with 11 of us at delicious panera! perfection. sigh. the drive home was pretty horid as it rained the entire time.... boo. i know we needed it.... =(

must. sleep. now. busy. day. tomorrow. no. blogging. boo.


No corned beef for YOU!

It is Friday, St. Patrick's Day (the best holiday EVER!) during Lent = NO MEAT = NO CORNED BEEF = lots of sad irish catholics! But you can still eat potatoes, which, as we ALL know, is the most important part anyway!

Look at me! I really AM Irish!

Daddy: Horan (ooohh... orange is for protestants!)

Origin: Irish Spelling variations include: Haren, Horan, Harhan, Haran, O'Horan, O'Hourahan, O'Horahan, O'Haren, O'Harhan, O'Haran, O'Hanran and many more.
First found in county Galway where they held a family seat from ancient times.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Edward Horan who settled in Pennsylvania in 1773; Michael, Eliza and Michael Horan junior landed in Quebec in 1848; John, Michael and Simon Horan settled in New York state between 1803 and 1811.

Momma H: Cronin (neither of my parents are orangey protestants! not that there is anything wrong with being an orangey protestant...)

Origin: IrishSpelling variations include: Cronin, Cronyn, Cronine, Croynin, Cronan, Cronnin, Cronnan, Cronnyn, Cronen, O'Cronin, Croynan and many more.

First found in county Cork where they were seated from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Johannes Cronin who settled in Philadelphia in 1738; followed by James Cronin in 1787; Charles, Cornelius, Daniel, Edward, Eugene, James, John, Michael, Patrick, Thomas, William Cronin, all settled in Philadelphia Pa. between 1817 and 1868.

*Disclaimer: I pulled this off some random website so who knows if it’s accurate but we do have some family coats of arms at home if you don’t believe me!!

Anyway, we are getting ready to head out of town to T-land… T-town... Oklahoma is OK… keep our land grand…. whatever… though I am mad at the entire state of Oklahoma b/c their basketball programs suck and I sure did have OK thru the elite 8. BOO BOOMER SOONERS…. Interesting tidbit… do you know why Oklahoma is the “sooners” b/c the original settlers got there “sooner” than the rest. Um, what?

I have more fun things to blog... they are brimming OVER... but you will have to wait till next week b/c my lunch break is OVER!

OH OH! and (furthur proof on my irish roots!) MY sister just called me from a bar where she has been since 7:15 this morning. er.... way to go horan!


Bracket Racket!

And so the tourney begins! Quick! Somebody teach me Bracatology! Fill em’ out! You only have like thirty minutes! This year I am participating in a FAMILY RIVALRY for the big March Madness Dance! Will keep you updated on the winning tribe member! CBS even has a "boss button" on their website so you can watch the scores/games online, but if your boss walks by it turns into a spreadsheet in 1 second! HAHA! Good luck! May the best Horan/Hills win!


what does it take to be #1?

well, congratulations to coach matt and coach karl on their successful first season of coaching st. james 7th and 8th grade basketball! their boys are the CHAMPIONS (my friend)!! First place in the league! they had a lunch to celebrate the st. james program this past sunday (where the league coordinator quoted coach k and jesus in the same sentence!) anyway, karl and matt and their team got to stand up and say a few words and brag on themselves!! nicely done, gentlemen!

red hooded sweatshirt!

the coaches got trendy st. james t-shirts and corky's bbq gift certificates! now that is what i call appreciation! YUM!

the rest of the past weekend was pretty uneventful...

we taught alexis and her boyfriend the ways of indian and moose saturday night! that was highly entertaining. i forgot how fun those games were! they made me miss the silliness of college life!! we need to take some MOOSE pics this weekend perhaps (you know for the sake of the blogging community so they can enjoy it as well)?



this tree is in our FRONT YARD!! can you believe that? it totally fell OVER yesterday in the wind and the rain.... it's huge and according to the neighbors 25 years old! how does that HAPPEN?!? thank god it didn't fall on the HOUSE!! we aren't really sure what to do with the tree. i want to prop it back up but karl says we probably have to chop it all up.

sadness. stupid tree. not strong enuf for thousand mph winds.
i don't want to chop you up but i think i have no choice!!  Posted by Picasa


In breaking news, the St. James basketball team (that karl and matt coach) won their game last night 51-31! They will be playing in the finals on Saturday. He said every single kid on the team scored points yesterday except for one! What wonderful coaches those kiddos have! The one who didn’t score apparently “shoots like a girl.” WHAT? CLICK HERE AND READ NOW! AND THAT is all I have to say about that! 580 out of 585.

In other news,

  • Survivor night is happening once again this evening!
  • Audra’s sister Alexis will be in town to hang out this weekend.
  • Kirby Puckett died…. Of a stroke at age 45! I loved Kirby Puckett and thought he was the coolest baseball player ever…he was always so excited like a little kid when he played! Also slightly sad b/c I was reading about some “scandals” that were never proved (history of violence with his ex-wife and a sexual assault charge) that I had no idea about. May or may not be true. I like to believe not. Oh Kirby. I am glad you were already inducted in the Hall of Fame! Read more about Kirby's death here
  • Karl is going to New York, Las Vegas, and Tennessee in the next two months for work. Three weeks. YUCK! slumber party anyone? or 'bunking party' as my arkansan friends might say! (Susan Mulhearn taught me that phrase!)
  • The weather in LR RIGHT NOW IS FREAKING ME OUT! It’s crazy out there – wind and torrential down poor - and I am getting ready to leave for a lunch at St. Vincent’s on Workplace Ethics for one of our associations! GREAT!! Say a little prayer that Sally the Saturn gets me there and back. And my gas light is on. of course.

    This post is random much like my morning!


your aura is purple.... PURPLE!!

yep, this is the color of my face after running 6.6 miles! i finished the second leg of the LR Marathon this morning in a little over an hour... since then i have been home crying because it hurts so bad! haha! no, not really, it was great, but i really can't walk. i love racing! and karl came out to support and take pictures so that made me happy!

next year's goal: TRAIN! GO OUT AND RUN MORE THAN ONE TIME prior to going for seven miles. I ran a little slower than i did last year, but last year i felt GREAT when i finished and like I could have continued. This year I just wanted to stop!!! my body was not and is not happy with me and i have been freezing since i stopped and can't seem to get warm or hydrated! yucko! but don't you worry i would do it again in a heartbeat!

lucky green t-shirt!

love to my lucky green spanish lake #11 shamrocks soccer tee! It is the my "race day" shirt and my favorite to race in! this is at the start of my relay leg - right after sean passed the baton, er, ankle braclet to me! most races you get little key fob looking thingey and a zip tie to attach to your shoelaces that keeps track of your time for you from start to finish. for the relay, you get the same basic thing, but in the form of this lovely black anklet you velcro around your leg (seen on my right)! very nice and convenient!

The Cramps Carb UP!

Carb Party took place Saturday night before the race! This pic shows me and my relay team. we ate lots of pasta and bread and had a few beers! you know, for fuel!

Mike Pirnique, Sean Dunbar, Nate Hinkel! What a great team!

We also managed to hit the Faded Rose Saturday night where I was only allowed to have two beers but somehow kristen's wonderful and thoughtful and loving husband refilled my glass like four times without me noticing. (seriously i didn't notice... how dumb am I? i thought it was taking me a while to finish but i was happy b/c i thought wow! i can go out and only have two beers and run tomorrow!) thanks JR! i wasn't dehydrated AT ALL this morning!


Baa Baa Black Sheep!

  • We would like to take a moment to send some love to Edward Pierce (er...Blake) who has joined us in the blogosphere. That is fun. We miss you!
  • Went to Sticky Fingerz Rock N Roll Chicken Shack for HH last night with some friends and it was very happy. Heard Stickyz may be buying the old Coconut Bay/Banana Joes (and many other failed restaurants/clubs) location on that corner in the Rivermarket to use as a live music venue. Maybe they can break the curse of that place. And redecorate.
  • Have no fear, we made it home in time for Survivor! (I know you were worried!)
  • This weekend Leslie and John are coming (well they are here I guess!) so we need to hang out.
  • And Sunday, I run the dreaded marathon relay! Um, pretty sure I was a lot more prepared last time around! Our team (named ‘the Cramps’) is in danger!! And it is supposed to rain… which wouldn’t be bad IF IT WERE SUMMER! I like running in the rain, but cold rain sucks! (I apologize for the overuse of the exclamation points.) (!!)

Have a great weekend ya’ll!