elizabeth cory scheer!

elizabeth plays piano w/ daddy-o! one of my old college roomies (from the florence house) kristen butler scheer sent me some pics of her daughter so i decided to post one i thought was particularly adorable! i mean, really, how can you not love on that!?!

i have nothing exciting to blog about... the last couple of days have been quite stressful and trying... and i have been in an awful, blah mood! but things are getting better!! we head to kc with audra and mike this weekend... some of the source of my stress. audra and i had a good, honest talk last night about a lot of things.... it was good and eye-opening for both of us! Posted by Picasa

chee-cho chicas!

Homecoming fun... some of the folk who were in and out... and happened to be captured at this exact moment! lauren, jax, katy, aud, lauryl in the back and jenny, vedros, me, and alexis in the front...what a good day! Posted by Picasa


happy birthday GOOGLE!

i would just like to say HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY to google. because i love google and gmail and picassa and google earth and ALL the wonderful, mind-boggling things it does!

i would also like to say a BIG THANKS to eric and emily for having us over last night and especially to ERIC for calling karl's mom about what kind of cake to get (cheesecake!) for his bday! it was super sweet and thoughtful. and the match candle was perfect! i will say it again... we have the best friends! thanks to all who came and/or left bday messages!!

you all rule.

p.s. who saw the LSU/Ten game!?! it was GOOD stuff!


happy birthday KARL!

happy birthday karl! look at this old man. 25 years old today!

pictured: elizabeth, karl, kat, kristen!

we are getting together at eric and em's tonight to do a mini, laid-back get together celebration. let me know if you are interested in helping us celebrate! Posted by Picasa

chariot races!

hanging out in the "chariot race" thing of the Kappa Alpha. They do these races pre-Homecoming. I don't think they won and then the cart, er, chariot was destroyed! Posted by Picasa

jackie = texting queen

after the game we went to kilkenney's. jackie wanted STEW! yum! note the big GINORMOUS cup in matt dill's hand if you can see it there in the background. holy lord! Posted by Picasa

the perfect tailgate spot!

meredith soon-to-be dill and marc tailgating the night away. i think the game might have been in overtime. where were we? in our PERFECT tailgate spot holding down the fort!

Points of note:

1. The University of Tulsa did, in fact, win their homecoming game! (in overtime so it must have been exciting! haha!)
2. We have officially tail-gated in the same spot for two years now. IT IS OURS! Our tailgating neighbors with the HUGE GRILL (randy and jason) offered us usage of said grill for next year if we provide our own food. FABULOUS!
3. Next year we will need more TENTS! Posted by Picasa

katy and ryan sheehan!

ryan and katy hanging out in the back of the truck!!! a true tailgate! Posted by Picasa

spray paint the dog!

our friend "spray paint" that was roaming around campus. he really was spray painted. how sad is that? Posted by Picasa

poor jennifer.

jenny stung by BEE!!! at like 10 p.m. friday night. i didn't even know bees were out this time of night but aparantly they are and they like to sting people. i tried not to laugh really i did! Posted by Picasa


welcome to my nerdiness.


have a nice weekend everyone!


schedule a date with us?

so apa-r-ANT-ly we are busy for the next month. hahaha! but we are flexible to any and all scheduling changes so if you need to schedule a date with either karl or kat please let us know!

weekend plans:

sept 24-6 (this weekend): UNIVERSITY OF TULSA HOMECOMING 2005!!! woo hoo.. our year long planning (since last year's event!) is coming to an end! Homecoming is this weekend! Audra, Karl, Mike, and I will be arriving sometime Friday evening. Audra will once again be bringing THE TENT OF FUN.

oct 1: Caitlin and Eric Wedding in Kansas City.
oct 8: Matt Dill and Meredith Wedding in Tulsa.
oct 15: Kat's parents come to Little Rock from St. L!!


my baby sister got a job....

look at this sweet baby girl w/ the blonde curls... she just found out yesterday she got an internship position (that may develop into a job) w/ a firm called Capstone Investments in Milwaukee!! Congrats to her! She starts tommorow!! Email her: jennifer.horan@marquette.edu w/ congrats and good luck!

picture of us circa 1985, maybe 1986.

i feel OLD!! one tear for little sisters getting J-O-B-S.

Welcome to the real world.


so i married a red neck....

and this is where he will be spending November and December. In a deer stand. in nashville, ar. we went to the deer cabin yesterday to do some work... well, really, let's be honest, for karl to do some work and me to go "ew" a lot. Posted by Picasa

look how good i am at arkansas.

hehee... see: there is a truck, a trailer, and four wheelers in my life. AND we are at the deer cabin. no guns were present at this time. Posted by Picasa

scary larry!


view from the four wheeler....

we rode the four wheeler straight into this. it was highly entertaining. Posted by Picasa

you and me baby.....

you and me baby picking wildflowers. and sneezing.

well the weekend was good. none too exciting. friday night we layed around and did nothing, saturday we went to karl's work party (where brent and patrick beat karl and me in both HORSESHOES and some BEANBAG game....whatever!! it was not good. but we all did get ringers except for karl who got the only leaner of the game) we stayed out there drinking some beer until around 9:30 and then karl went to mike's to watch the razorbacks get decimated by USC. i went home and slept. and sunday, as you can see from the pics, we went to the deer cabin!


happy 18 day flowers.

flowers that karl got me yesterday for our 18-day anniversary. haha! what a nerd. i put them in the kick booty vase leah got us as a wedding gift! not sure if they look exactly right in there but i really just wanted to use the vase!! =) Posted by Picasa

Let the countdown begin!!
Daisypath Ticker

my girlfriend is back! survivor begins!

so this is stephanie from survivor... last season... who gets a chance to compete again this season! the SEASON OPENER was on last night and it was good. it is going to be a good season and survivor parties will soon be reinstated!


So i kinda liked it...

getting a rise out of people for a post... it might be addicting....


Q. What is George W. Bush's position on Roe vs Wade?

A: He really doesn't care how the people get out of New Orleans.

take that, rush limbaugh or whoever you are that left comments last time!!

CHEERS to A day. we did this alot.


here's to you, here's to me, best of friends we'll ever be!

$1 beer night is evil and fun and aparantly the lighting in US Pizza sucks and the $1 beers (my portion of the 33 ordered anyway!) disabled my "steady camera hand" because, boys and girls, my pics sucked from this night! Posted by Picasa

Donde esta el bano?

shut up raol or i will hang up on you. i mean HELLO! you were TO invited. Posted by Picasa

woooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo.

laura and melissa. note the empty beer in front of melissa. =) Posted by Picasa


So you want to know...

what really happens at a bachelorette party, huh?

See steps below to a successful shindig!

there MIGHT be more pictures to come (if you are lucky) because apker hasn't sent me hers yet.


step 1. we make the bride look pretty and head on out! Posted by Picasa


step 2. the maid of honor reserves a room at a posh, hoity toity restaraunt. we eat too much, drink too much wine, and spend too much money. but we don't care b/c we are at a bachelorette party! (and we have just consumed six bottles of wine!)


step 3. we head to the bar! Posted by Picasa


step 4. we take pictures with random bachelor parties in mr. incredible outfits. Posted by Picasa


step 5. we pretend to make out. with each other. Posted by Picasa


step 6. we go back to our hotel and get in the outdoor rooftop pool (and have diving contests) despite the fact that it is the middle of september and FREEZING!! then we cry because we are cold. Posted by Picasa


step 7. our make up comes OFF!! Posted by Picasa