goodnight moon

  • i have heart burn. literally my heart is ON FIRE. (ever since i quit smoking, i swear IT BURNS ALL THE TIME!)
  • beauty and the geek, ANTM, all RECAP shows. RECAPS = ANNOYING.
  • so far we have had five trick or treaters. FIVE. why did i even make the effort to buy candy?
  • karl and i went to "Boo at the Zoo" last night. While "Boo at the Zoo" in theory is good b/c it supports the zoo, it was a complete waste of time. maybe because there were 'candy stations' for the kiddos - each one sponsored by one corporation or another - i mean, candy wrapped in corporate logos? what is that even saying to a five year old? like we don't see enough advertising all day everyday. ANYWAY.
  • tangent over.
  • i am feeling uninspired to blog. truly.
  • sorry.
  • charlies.
  • until next time (when i promise to be more entertaining!)


80. eight zero. 80.

my grandfather turned 80 0ver the weekend and both my sister and i made the trip to STL to surprise him! (there was a party and it couldn't be missed!) i can't even find all my pics right now so you get these few.


i am going to let go of my irrational anger towards the entertainment industry

i am cranky and stressed this Friday afternoon. i have to do lots of things. and i want to do nothing. grrr. such is life. to cheer myself up i am sharing a pic from the bachelorette party that is HILARIOUS. i have NOT A CLUE what we are laughing at but it makes me happy to look at this picture.

happy friday. have a good weekend. i intend to.


if you haven't watched ANTM please stop reading (and other oddities)

so, there is this thing i do with my seeester and her friends. it is called fantasy ANTM (americas next top model for all of you who live in a hole). AND the way it works is this: we pick our top three and get a point each week they stay in. As a BONUS point, we pick who gets kicked off each week. my pick last night: ambreal. WHO. TOTALLY. GOT. KICKED. OFF. by the judges and then STUPID EBONY (i know ambreal and ebony are somewhat ridiculous-ey modeley names - there is also a chantal, a saleisha, a bianca, a mila and a lisa - and yes i feel lisa is a ridiculous name.) ANYWAY, as I was saying, STUPID EBONY decides to throw in the towel, costing me my point and her her future. Tyra was NOT happy. I was NOT happy. A million other viewers hoping boring Ambreal was going to get kicked off were NOT happy. I'm not actually sure how the world is functioning today. Has anyone ever QUIT antm?

this too shall pass, right? (oh the drama!)

in more important news, i have lost three pounds.


i hate socks

it's true. and it is almost time to wear them, like, everyday.

i hate them all equally. wool socks, socks with seperate toes, tube socks, dress socks, NYLONS, the red sox (errr.. whatever), footie socks, argyle socks, smelly husband socks, pom-pom socks, novelty socks (dirty), cuffed socks, scrunched up socks, socks with characters on them, socks with lace on them, knee socks, crew socks, ankle socks, trouser socks, booties... all of em!

the only socks i like are my workout socks. PERFORMANCE socks. (that have a purpose) (that barely peek out of my tennie-rubbers) (and that keep me from blisters) (kinda).

one time (high school!) i didn't wear socks to a football game at the Transworld Dome (Edward Jones Dome?) in January and had to walk eight blocks (it was snowing; shoes not waterproof) and my feet almost fell off (mom and i were literally climbed up in the sink and running my bare feet under water in the STL Rams stadium bathroom). it hurt. i cried. i have many other similar experiences. my husband during the winter time will often find me in agony on the edge of the bathtub with hot water running over ice cube toes. or trying to sneak my freezing feet under his warm legs as we watch tv on the couch. (we (i) call these 'feet warmies' and karl LOVES them.)

oh. and. also. i choked on a hairball *my own* at 4 am this morning and almost died. literally i swallowed some hair and it was all up in my throat until i vomited. GROSS.

life is rough in the big city. maybe someday it will stop raining!


Race for the Cure, Phase 10, and other relaxing happenings

race for the cure happened this weekend. i have a love/hate relationship with race for the cure. i love it because it is totally inspirational and AWESOME but i hate it because people who don't run races ever are REALLY good at getting in the way. there was a lot of pushing and shoving up front - seriously i almost got trampled - not a good place to feel claustrophobic (45,000 registered racers pushing forward!) they give 'stars' to those running under 27 minutes and coral them up front but crazy, slow people in big groups like to push in front despite the fact they are going to start walking less than a half mile in. though i guess i should admit it was kind of nice to pass like a hundred people. whatever. additionally, i made this pretty shirt naming the people i was racing for but next year i am going to make it in white with pink lettering.... there were other folks wearing pink and the survivor shirts are light pink - i think the dark pink is a little too close to the survivor shirts. eh, well, lesson learned. melissa and i had a blast making shirts friday night (pictures above). pretty much it was like we were in junior high - minus the puff paint, plus fabric paint and stencils.

saturday we had a loverly evening of mexican food, trivial pursuit, and phase ten with kristen and jr. today, even though it isn't THAT cold yet, i made my first sunday stew of the season (thick and delicious!) and am now watching game seven of the ALCS and relaxing before the work week begins.

this weekend: happiness is beef stew aroma lingering through the house, attic fan whirling, open windows, breast cancer ribbons, 3.99 t-shirts at the craft store, cheese dip (oops!), clean sheets, long showers, and the world series playoffs.


homecoming pics!

as promised. are we gonna do it again next year!?!?

this week is going by fast. i need it to SLOW down. i mean, seriously, how is it almost thursday!?!?!


la bachelorette - jennifer lenore

so homecoming pics will be tomorrow i suppose - here is a small showing of the bach party pics. we had a lovely gathering (beginning with the panty game of course!) and dinner at (edit: marys! franke's is in NYC) mary's (italian place on 15th in t-town; pretty much the only authentic italian in town i believe; it is GOOD), and on to Tin Dog. Yes, Tin Dog. my favorite bar in the ENTIRE world. call me lame, but i love it in all its seedy glory.

we passed on to jenny the bridal t-shirt (among other things!!) and had a great time. the parrot bra? it came from garden ridge. garden ridge. of all places. pierre is on the left. richard is on the right. they needed several reattachment surgeries throughout the night (clearly not perfect for any kinda party where you actually wear the thing)

this week i am trying to eat less calories - five pounds (ha!) and i will happily get on the plane to mexico. if i don't lose it i guess i'll have to stay home.


"we have to stop for hunting gloves"

ok. we spent the weekend in tulsa for two reasons: 1. jenny's bachelorette party on friday. 2. TU homecoming!

happy sunday night! i am settling in to watch the rainy d-back and rockies game (BASEBALL PEOPLE). it looks pretty cold at coors field!

i have many pictures. just not sure which to post. the weekend was fun. and exhasting. all at the same time. let's just say while i had a great time tailgating i am glad i am not in college anymore! it was really great to see everyone and i am looking forward to homecoming 08! (it will be YEAR FIVE in our spot!!)

i might be too tired to post and might want to drag it out over a few days. so here are some hawt pics of me and melissa at the bass pro shop on our way back! karl made us stop for hunting gloves. that's a mountain lion in the background of the glass elevator. yea it is.


good morning ohio

so i have been wanting to post this "match your candidate" thing for a few weeks but keep forgetting (blame it on the boob tube). My match at 82.35% in Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel (D). Other top matches: Dennis Kucinich (oh my!), Barack, and Businessman John Cox (oh dear an "R") ;)

It looks like more of the, um, prominent/popular hopefuls were in my middle of the pack. was muy interestante. Let me know who your candidate is.



GET THIS. I had to ('we got to' karl says) CALL THE HOGS on camera at the tailgate and we're (once again!) famous on the internet! Click HERE to check it out - you will have to click on the "tailgating fun" video. (dear democrat-gazette, please provide individual links to your individual videos if you would like more people to view them. ugh.) ANYWAY you can see me one arm hog-calling (that makes it okay!) with our group!

we spent some time at the Arkansas Razorbacks Tailgate this Saturday (they played in Little Rock at War Memorial Stadium) with friends and family. i think i lost a pound b/c of the sauna that is the outdoors. good god it was warm but NO COMPLAIN' from me! i like losing pounds. Check out the rockin' camo (Did you know there are different TYPES of camo based on where you hunt?!!? who knew!?) hat - i bought one for rea and one for karl at a gas station in the ozarks for hunting this year. it makes me giggle. a camo razorback hat. hehe. too funny to pass up. it's
almost as funny as karl's dirt smelling dryer sheets. i decided to steal it (INDIAN GIVER) and wear it to the tailgate.

in baseball news (i know you care):
red sox SWEEP the angels.
rockies SWEEP the phillies.
d-backs SWEEP the cubbies (thank GOD!)
indians are in progress right now SWEEPing the yanks. (sa-weet stuff. i'm listening to the game right now like an old lady on the radio. c'mon a-roddy rod... hit the BALL! ha! rumor has it joe torre's job might be on the line after this season which is just nutso)

the quickness is kind of freaking me out BUT whatever - come on indians - on to the race for the Pennant!

f star star star. i am jinxing the indians yankee game. the yanks are coming back.
i gotta go stress out about it now. COME ON CLEVELAND. UGH. JOHNNY DAMON I HATE YOU!! (though i hope you aren't a terrible human being). OH MY. looks like this series might not be a clean sweep after all. i guess someone had to make the post season exciting. who can concentrate on football when BASEBALL IS STILL HAPPENING? (oh. wait. what? i can't hear you. what? oh, that's right. EVERYONE else in america. daaaaaang.)


negative nancy begone!!

today will be my listing of all things positive (positive patsy? there seem to be many negative nancys and nellies (carrie!!) out there so here is my positive side shining through:

A#1. BABY Daniel Patrick is here safely!! 9 lbs 11 oz, 20 inches long with a full head of black hair. Isn't that great?!?!?! It is.
b#2. my husband took me out for cheese dip and a LARGE margarita tonight AND on the way home he let me bust out my old erykah badu cd and sing very loudly - (you've got to pick your afro baby b/c it's flaaaaaat on one side). and if you know what cd i am talking about we are, in fact, kindered spirits.
c#3. one of the the geeks (on beauty and the geek) used pipe cleaners to decorate his "romantic gift basket" if thats not love i don't know what is! AND the basket that almost WON had stuffed animals unicorns and coloring books in it. that guy deserves many, many ladies, am i right? i am right.
d#4. this week at work is much less stressful. yea. big sigh of relief.

e#5. tomorrow is ONE MONTH TILL MEXICO. eeeeeeek.

f#6. so far the illness fairy has not cursed me for my horrid comments from yesterday. crossing fingers.

g#7. i have friends i can laugh with like this!! (see above picture! appropriate domestic beverage and camera in foreground; and, i think, brooke's grownup cranberryvodkawithlimedrink.)
h#8. two more babies due before family thanksgiving this year. that makes THREE new sweet heads for me to kiss on.


bendy wendy's gonna be a big sister

everyone send a little love to baby daniel - making his way into the world tomorrow via scheduled c. this little lady is going to be a fabulous big sister. (he might even be here by the time some of you read this. eek. i want to meet him NOW. sigh.)

i've been a little down and sluggish (ew - sluggish?) lately. you know why?!!? (AND i know you guys are going to slaughter me) BUT it's because summer is escaping. AND i know everyone is happy it isn't 900 degrees and blah blah we love fall and leaves and blah blah the outside BUT i always get depressed around season changing time. it's that much closer to winter. when. i. hibernate. it's true - i am a bad friend from december to february.

AND if i hear the word allergies OR see one more sick, sneezy person i am going to go batty. is that mean?! it is, i know. i'm sorry. AND i am right now jinxing myself with a cold or illnesss of some sort. i'll probably actually (probably actually?!?! what?) contract something fatal and die. er, too far? yeah. ANYWAY i promise i will bring all you sickies chicken noodles soup and sprite/7up just please GET BETTER SOON. thank you.

negative nancy signing out. i'm going for a jog to cheer myself up! (and by jog i PROBABLY mean watching my dvr'ed tv shows in dark room under my favorite fleecy blanket. hahaha.)