It’s 5 o clock somewhere.

Sigh. Get me out. I had a conference yesterday and it was long and stressful and I am tired! Jenny is here; Brooke is coming and I wanna go home! Yes, I am whiney!


(this is what we used to say in college while we jumped up and down on each others beds when we were trying to convince people to skip class! Which we, surprisingly, didn’t do that often. Maybe we should have done it MORE! )

call me.

SATURDAY is our TU AlUM Picnic and (of course) the chance of rain is about, oh, 90%. NIIIIIIIIIIIICE.... that might affect attendance just a little since it is OUTSIDE in a PARK. granted, under a huge pavillion, but you know how people are when it rains. and saturday night we are going to a Casino Night benefit thing for Ronald McDonald House/Arkansas National Associaton of Women Owned Busines/ LR Garden Council. It's at Hilcrest Hall which i am excited about because i have never been! have a good one!


does it look like i'm doing it right?

no, it looks like i am playing softball, doesn't it? which is how (ap-a-rant-ly) i swing a golf club.

sunday we golfed with kristen and jr. it was AWESOME outside but we all pretty much sucked it up on the course. kristen won i think. i got a 7 on every hole. 7 being the cap. EVERY. SINGLE.ONE. golf really is slightly infuriating (the ball is so small!!) especially when you are relatively decent at most sports. Must practice. Sigh.

Let’s see.

If you know ANYONE interested in the US Green Building Council of Arkansas please tell them to come to the conference we are planning for May 16th at the UALR Donaghey Student Center!! PLEASE! Send them a link to this website: www.usgbcar.org. The website sucks but it is informational! It’s called SUSTAINABLE ARKANSAS: BIG PICTURE, LOCAL IMPACT. We will teach you how to build environmentally friendly buildings... anyone? anyone? bueller?

Jennifer Lenore is coming to LR this week to work and play!

I am not currently planting or baking anything. I suck as a domestic-type-person-thing. Anyone want $1 Beer at US Pizza tonight?


Happy weekend.

Do something interesting and tell me about it! (like make a baby!) because my weekend (thankfully!) looks like a boring one!

One weekend of semi-calmness before the busy season starts! I am excited for this year’s weddings and showers and picnics and graduations and anniversary parties! I will, naturally, keep you all abreast of details. Abreast. I like that word. Unlike ointment. GROSS. Ointment. Shudder. What word do you hate?


bitchiness scale o the day.

the one on the left represents my bitchiness today and the one on the right represents me normal. i am increasingly bitchy b/c i can not get this stupid chart to look right in blogger (it was only supposed to take like two seconds!)

i could go into the MANY reasons for my attitude today but i will spare you the gory details as all of them are mundane and pretty inconsequential to most of your lives.

just know that it is a terrible, horrible, NO good, very bad day!


moxie rox says 'happy easter!'

roxy had a good easter weekend and so did we. we spent easter sunday going to church with mary kay and rea and mimi at st. andrew's and having a scrumptious easter meal at their house *you know the kind that requires a mandatory nap afterwards!

we both worked a lot this weekend and found some time to hang out with friends (friday at katie's party and saturday at the rose).

additionally we began some much-needed renovations of our dining room/office/bedroom/we don't really know what kind of room. the carpet has been pulled up in there for a while and there is this (i.love.karl.hates) linolium that you can see above. it's a little overwhelming for the whole floor but i think it could potentially be cool with the right walls/furniture/color scheme. we shall see.

multi tasking... it's what we do.

karl painting and talking on the phone... i will admit i felt a slight bit of guilt sanding and painting over the wood panel. it's pretty ugly (the paneling) but the painting is not really something easily undone. not sure when wood paneling will ever come back "in" but, hey, you never know!

i hate painting.

painting sucks. we haven't actually picked/purchased the color for this room, but it now has two lovely coats of Killz primer stuff. so we are good to go... will keep you updated... i know you are all on the edges of your seats just DYING to know if i pick antique white or parchment. or maybe popcorn ball, smooth pebble, or cracked wheat. the decisions are ENDLESS.. i am sure you can't WAIT. reminds me of....

escuela vieja quotation:

Frank: I told my wife I wouldn't drink tonight. Besides, I got a big day tomorrow. You guys have a great time.
College Student : A big day? Doing what?
Frank: Well, um, actually a pretty nice little Saturday, we're going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don't know, I don't know if we'll have enough time.


and so it is .....friday.

  • I stayed up way too late with some old friends from Arkansas Business last night at a bunkin' party. i didn't "bunk" because i have to work today! and they don't, but I sure did oversleep right thru the alarm this morning. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice work team karl and kat.
  • This week has been fast.
  • I sleepy.
  • I no want to work.
  • Email me and distract me.
  • This blog sucks!
  • HAPPY EASTER to everyone.
  • I can eat pizza again. (gave it up for Lent)
  • Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm... kay. I will work now.
  • What is everyone doing this weekend for the HOLIDAY!?!


hey baby let's go to vegas...

kiss the same ole life goodbye....

the aforementioned pics from karl's vegas trip. who knew that if you win money in vegas you get... guess what? an ipod! karl is happily carting his new nano all around the town. yee haw!

now we broke.

anyone want to donate to our house payment fund? hehe.. i jest. (moms and dads, we in fact can and will make our housepayment! stop worrying!)

not much else, i am in the midst of planning a HUGE convention at work and karl is traveling all around the country for work and we are working on two new web projects.. i have a new (operational) cellular that i am taking back b/c it sucks.

that's all for now babies and mommas!



Karl is coming back today from VEGAS where he has been all week - AND AND he has 200 extra dollars.. AND AND he has some pictures for us to see.. AND AND that's it. he went to teach a training class to a branch his company has there and got to enjoy some night life. (gambling. he. loves. gambling. i. hate. it.)

last night i joined matt price and some others on the deck (love.that.deck.gorgeous.weather.) at Cajun's for $2 beers then headed to the Cross Eyed Pig with my good friend mike pirnique to play some darts and eat some piggy. someone should seriously consider making a documentary of this dart league he is in. it's hilarious and crazy.

that's it for now. i need some blogging inspiration this weekend so i can entertain you all monday!


speaking of family & friends in faraway places...

and bragging about them... because that is what i do...


I would like to take a moment to send some love to ms. meredith hampton frampton moore... we love her and miss her and are happy that she is writing! who wants to go to vero beach to see her? I DO! I DO!! this link is to one of her many articles on this site... browse around if you so choose and then email her: ilikericecakes@hotmail.com and tell her how fabulous and wonderful and amazing she is!

additionally, we are getting some more RSVPs for the TU Alum Picnic! YEA!! Any of you Tulsa kiddos want to come? It's only a short drive!!! PU-LEEZE COME!! I promise it will be FUN!

let's see.. what else.. my sissy had an interview...karl won $200 bucks in vegas... elizabeth and i watched the WB last night...

if anyone else would like to be bragged about please email me (h.kathleen@gmail.com) and let me know!


off roading, birthday parties, and daylight savings

pmp on our big "off road" friday night... too dark to see lake maumelle behind us. the weekend was relaxing... nothing much to report! we didn't really "off road" as we only left pavement one time (which was one time more than i have ever been).

saturday i worked at LG and we headed to the faded rose sat night... um... today is sunday and we are cleaning and preping ourselves for an all new grey's anatomy! oh the excitement of our lives... kristen, elizabeth, karl, and i had an "old" (older) moment when we realized last night that we were discussing which morning news show was the best.

mimi's party!

family time - mimi's bdady celebration took place thursday night at Fantastic China and then back to MK and Rea's for some fabulous Italian Cream Cake. Karl's aunt Judy made the celebration from North Carolina! So good to see her and hang out! she got to brag on Phillip who we love and miss and hope to see SOON!

Check out some of his stuff here (he prolly wouldn't tell you but his momma would - he has been quoted in USA Today and on the ever beloved NPR! yea for him!):

Wachovia Announcement!

Housing Market Quote

Don't you think he and my sister should hang out... hmmm.. too bad he has a girlfriend and that might be a weird family thing... :) maybe he can just help her get a jobbity job!!