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On Tuesday morning I got on one of these (I'm such a kid; I still love the window seat):
Karl and Nate (driving after work that day) met me in St. Louis and we stayed through Sunday. The trip was both happy and sad and quiet and noisy and strange and I can't seem to stop doing odd things like refusing to throw away the (used) tissues that are still in my coat pocket from the funeral mass and tacking my bright orange funeral sticker from the procession of cars on to my refrigerator.

I don't really know what to say about the whole thing; I am thankful to so many of you for your kind words and thoughts.

Maybe I'll blog about how absolutely PACKED the wake (visitation) was from start to finish and how there was almost a joyful atmosphere (which is most assuredly how my grandfather would have wanted it) as people talked and we played our "family video" (Cue embarrassing photos of my cousins and I in NKOTB gear and with bowl cuts and super bushy eyebrows! Cue adorable pictures of my grandparents at their wedding SIXTY years ago!).

Or I could tell you how it rained from the moment we woke up to the moment we went to sleep (and NEVER let up and was FREEZING and TORRENTIAL) on the day of the funeral and how my uncle had to leave directly after to go take care of his child (emergency situation), missing the burial of his father.

Or I could mention the *seriously* 100 people at the funeral mass that showed up despite the horrid, horrid weather. (And I might tell you that the priest mentioned that "Drunken sailors were jealous of Jerry's adjectives" during his homily. Oh I liked that part.)

Or how it felt movie-like at the cemetery with everyone's breath pouring out in the cold air and the rain pounding on the roof of the enclosure. Or how they warned us the guns were going to go off (military salute) and how we all jumped about a mile anyway (we LOVE guns in my family). Or how I couldn't stop thinking silly things like "how in the HELL do they fold that flag JUST SO" when they presented the tiny, tight triangle with perfect corners to my grandmother.

I know this post isn't really about THE PERSON my grandfather was but I don't know how to write about that. There is too much there. I think the sheer amount of friends and family attending the various services and thinking about my family speaks volumes about him and the lives that he touched. His grave (did I just type that word?) marker will say: Gerald Cronin, One of the Good Ones. And he was.


and then there is this

There is this man (my grandfather), who passed away this afternoon.
He had the uncanny ability to sleep in a house full of these people: (These photos are from last Thanksgiving).

He was very much a part of all of our lives and he will be greatly missed. Blogging might be scarce as I/(we?) head to St. Louis.

I say I/(we?) because, additionally this afternoon, Karl's 96 year old grandmother has been admitted to the hospital here in Little Rock with pneumonia.

I know we are lucky to have grandparents that have been with us through our 20s and into our 30s but it doesn't make losing him easy.

Prayers and/or positive thoughts are appreciated for both situations.


and i will speak of it no more

So first and foremost, I want to thank you all for your input on the Blog About Blogs. I appreciate each and every word. I loved the discussions and Jenny's input about being nice like your mama taught you. There were several of you that mentioned you only read personal blogs of people you know - and I totally respect that. In fact, I mostly feel the same way. I also want to (as Lauryl said) stay in touch despite the miles that separate us. And that is the real reason my personal internet space started (long ago back when we wuz on the dial up... ok not really. You all know my husband would not allow dial up. EVER. I think we would move if that were the only option.). Without the bloggities, I would likely not be in touch with some of you. (Or at least not have the awareness that I do about what is going on in your life).

But I guess this is also where the lines cross and blur (at least for me personally) - friend of a friend that I fall in love with, bloggers with babies my babies age that GET IT (and by get it I currently mean: a two year old who refuses his sandwich when it's cut in squares and MUST. HAVE. TRIANGLES), friends or acquaintances from college that I didn't know as well while we were in school but now wish I had known better then and were closer (proximity wise) now, folks I meet at blogging events or random links that just leave me wanting to pick up the phone and meet them for The Coffee (since I've know been drinking it for an entire year I'm allowed to set Coffee Dates, right?). I like what Sarah said about exchanging Christmas cards with some of her blog friends - sometimes you just connect. And then my community becomes bigger and then I want to share all those blogs with all my other blogs because sometimes i have an insatiable and ridiculous need to connect people.

So mostly (to end my Blog About Blogs) you all just affirmed my point about negativity (there is room for all out here; we pick and choose who we want to read) and made me look at things in new and different ways (I also appreciated the cursing and genitalia references immensely) and that, my friends, is why I continue to put words in this space.

Oh and so I can share things like this (via damnyouautocorrect):


a reminder from YOUR MOM

Alternate Title: The Click Away Movement

I don't often talk about the actual topic of 'The Blogging' in this space. Partly because I'm more of a do-er than a let's sit around and talk about it for hours type of person. (Read: I am a blogging MACHINE. Don't mess with me.) Partly because, in the five plus years I've had this particular space, I've seen a lot of trends and people and spaces come and go. But, mostly, because, frankly, I don't care what you blog about. I'm not interested in labeling myself or you and your words. In fact, if I don't care for it or I'm not interested in it, then I will probably do this little thing that I've entitled 'CLICK AWAY!' (We should start a movement, yes?) (And you must say it like the krill in Finding Nemo when they tell Dorie to 'SWIM AWAY!')

I have been wanting to get this thought off my chest. I know it is not a new thought/topic and that many before me and after me will write about it, but lately it's been under my skin. Mostly it stemmed from someone saying something along the lines of "I normally hate mommy bloggers but I like your blog."

The Label... gah. Why must we bring up The Label? I (try to) ignore it. In all honesty, it does not bother me (I enjoy being both mom and blogger and, undeniably, a mommy blogger) except (as in this situation) when it's used with such a clearly negative connotation.

Because what I am interested in out here in the big bad Internetland: getting to know you, reading about your life and building our own little corner of the internet. I don't want to come across your blog or your writing and think "mommy blogger" or "career blogger." I want to read your words and you think "Yes. Follow. I think I might like this person." (Or, in some cases, LOVE might be a more appropriate response and I can't subscribe fast enough.)

Use the word AUTHENTIC if you will. Take that word and then BE IT. Authentic might be a buzzword but I think it's a good one. We're building a community here on the Internetz - in a strange and new way. We choose to be involved in it. Don't misunderstand me: It's NOT a replacement for real life interaction but it's a place to get to know each other and real friendships can be formed.

So this is my call to be yourself in your own online space (even on the Book Face and the Tweeters) and to tell the friends and bloggers that take the time and energy to put themselves out there that it's lovely that they do so. Do we occasionally get boring or repetitive with our words? Why, yes, yes we do. Is our grammar always PERFECT? No, no it is not. (Mine especially.) But guess what? SOMETIMES I LIKE READING ABOUT THE MISSPELLED COLORS OF YOUR SNOT. Sometimes those little, boring and glaringly human details make me like blogging the most(est).

monday funday?

I took three photos this morning on my phone.

Camera 1:

COFFFFEEEEEEEEEE. This morning I had mine as I stumbled from under my blankets in my bed to the blankets on the couch. I let Nate watch a little Toy Story 3 and tried to drink slowly AND WAKE UP.

Camera 2: Why yes this is my child eating a hot dog at 7:30 AM. Oh, wait what's that? It's cold. Why yes, yes it is.
Camera 3: After dropping Nate at school, I dropped some lasagna off for our friends Kelley and Ben, who just welcomed their baby boy, Gus, to the world. How cute is this pan? It was a gift from my aunt and I love taking it places and dishing out food!

I am trying to put a positive spin on things lately and really participate in The Everyday. I think maybe my Seasonal Affective Disorder is in full affect. COME BACK SUN!


i wanted to take pictures but i didn't

Nate and I went to St. Louis this last weekend.

We left Little Rock on Thursday after work and returned on Monday afternoon. (Mostly) the purpose of our visit was to see my grandfather who has been having quite a few issues as of late and is stuck in bed. I don't know what my expectations of this trip were; I just knew that I couldn't remember what I said to him the last time that I saw him and, this time, I wanted to make sure that I did.

We had a great (though exhausting) trip.

I wanted to take some pictures of Nate with my grandfather, but that just didn't happen. And you know what? I'm okay with that. I got to see the people that I needed to see. I got to hear him call Nate a "cute little fucker" and, well, that makes me smile (And is also the first thing he said upon meeting Nate as a newborn). I got to meet sweet baby Lucy Anna (four months later).

And I did get some quality shots of Nate at the amazing City Museum and the St. Louis Zoo.

The toddler area. The whole place is six stories with a ferris wheel on the roof!
You can climb up in there:
Little Lucy:

The geeeeeee-rafs.
I'm slightly pissed off at the world this week so it's best I keep quiet! Have a great weekend!


grinchey green

This is me at work this morning.

Happy Thursday from The Grinch Hand.



So... it's November. Here are some fall pics before it starts SNOWING or some such craziness. I saw a decorated Christmas tree at The Krogers yesterday.

Camera 1:
Camera 2:
Camera 3:
Since I'm sorely lacking in the WORDS department, here are a few of my other favorite fall/harvest/patch blogs this year:

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Let me know if you posted about The Patch and I'll add you to the list (and give you an unsolicited style of my own choosing).

Additionally and unrelated, if you would be so kind please "Like" my page on the Book of the Face.

I promise to make you mashed potatoes FOR LIFE.

(Well, at least for Thanksgiving, the Forgotten Holiday.)

That is all.

Good day.