thats what she said thats what she said thats what she said

today i had a meeting about why we don't need to have a meeting tomorrow.



we unplugged for a bit (gasp!) and headed to st. louis for the holidays.

here are a few christmas shots.

the holidays were oddly quiet this year. there were some sick kiddos this year that were unable to attend the normal family festivities.

i did not get much of what i wanted to get done over break, but i did enjoy my time with my family and friends. nate got loved and kissed on, and recieved some wonderful toys and clothes. we ate too much, drank too much, slept too much (nate too! yea!), and now we are home to start another work week! the holidays fell very oddly this year. i feel like we should be off work all next week as well.

i haven't felt much like writing these past few weeks. i have just been soaking up the time off and playing with nater!

also, over the break, we are officially weaned and formula fed (i bought my first can of formula- did you know that shit is expensive?!). it was a bit bittersweet but less dramatic (and less painful) than i thought. i am happy about the decision and proud that i was able to give him nothing but breastmilk for 5 and a half months and half bm/half formula until 6 months. it is NOT easy to exclusively breastfeed and it takes a lot hard work and dedication! i do feel a little guilt quitting now, but maybe only because i am not meeting my original 1 year goal. nate seems unaffected by the change and continues to thrive. 6 months was a good healthy start!


before i tell you about the gorgeous wedding i was in...

let me tell you about my GLORIOUS friday morning.

i wake up. late. semi-exhasted. (as the baby has decided that sleeping through an entire night is a ridiculous concept.) run around doing normal morning things (but in fast forward). karl has a dentist appointment and has to leave early so I am on my own. that afternoon, there is a christmas party scheduled for the babies and parents at nate's daycare. they are supposed to wear christmas outfits... i don't have a christmas outfit per say, but I do have these adorable guitar jeans and this cute rock star onsie with red stripes... i thought it was super cute. i put it on him. i have an 8:30 mandatory meeting at work (complete with christmas bonus so you know i can't be late!) so i am FLYING around the house looking for my car keys. i stick the baby in his carseat and run out to start the car. i come back in to a strange yet completely identifiable smell. i pick the baby up. UM, i am not going to go into a TERRIBLE amount of detail here but let's just say the phrase BLOW OUT does not begin to describe what happened friday morning. EVERY. WHERE. up the back, like waaaaaay up...in his hair, in his EAR. disgusting. i use about 12 wipes before i finally throw him in the sink because i can't be sure the wipes did the job, trying not to get anything on my coat... he is screaming... i am gagging... (i may have wrapped a sweater around my mouth and nose)... i am panicked because i am late... it was hilarious. (well, admittedly, not AT ALL funny at the time.) i finally get him into another semi-cute (BUT NOT CHRISTMASey in the slightest) outfit and fly out the door. i seriously threw him into his teachers arms and made it with one minute to spare to my meeting. (and got that bonus. that's right.)

the rest of the day was similar to this... for some reason NOTHING went according to plan on friday!

i finally called it quits around 3:30 and headed over to daycare for the party. nate had ANOTHER accident (ten whole minutes before the party started of course!) and was in his ugly clothes (the ones i leave at daycare in cases of accidents.)

Ahh... well, what are you going to do? Hopefully his outfits aren't indicative of my parenting skills. ;)

moral of the story? it's time for bigger diapers?


alright stop collaborate and listen

so here is how i spent my first ice/sleet of the season:

i huddled outside in said sleet, wrapped up in a blanket, waiting for my dogs to puke. why did i need my dogs to puke? oh because one of them ATE AN ENTIRE CHRISTMAS SLEIGH FULL OF CHOCOLATE KISSES and MINI CANDY BARS. Every single choc-o bite and wrapper... there was nary a shiny foil kiss wrapper and not even a fleck of a little flag that said 'kisses' or whatever on our living room floor.

(i will give you one guess as to which dog.)

since we didn't know initially who the doggie culprit was we decided to induce vomiting in both.

we gave them one dose of hydrogen peroxide.

arlo puked it up - no candy bars (CANDY BARS!). no wrappers.

we gave roxy another dose of the peroxide. no upchucking. much running around happily in the yard, chasing around sleet, still trying to eat everything. finally we gave up and came in with her.

she never threw up, never acted weird, ate dinner and breakfast this morning like normal. a-parent-ely chocolate has no effect on her. aparentely the women in this family are tough.

oh roxy. what are we going to do with you?

(yea, some of you probably think we are bad doggie parents for not calling a vet. BUT GOOGLE SAID (haha) that it actually takes quite a bit of chocolate to harm a dog her size, and she honestly was acting just fine and our instincts said the 'wait it out method' would work just fine for this case.)

(flame us if you will.)

(there will be no roxy #2 for Christmas this year!)

(i know. i am a horrible 'animal person.')


sunday pics gone wrongs

food is messy. and the camera should probably not be a part of mealtime (for anyone!) as most of my pics look like the middle two. but they are funny, no? i think so!

potential news on the horizon. stay tuned.

11 days till Christmas.
Zero presents purchased.
The blogosphere is quiet as everyone else is probably out shopping.

this weekend jenny (it's her birthday!) and jeff came to visit. we had the best time. doing nothing but hanging out. playing with the kiddo. eating. attending a christmas party. perfect. it is fun to watch your currently pregnant friends look at your baby with different 'this-will-be-me-soon' eyes.

My mama in law gave me the best present - she decorated our house for the holidays!
i admit to feeling some christmas cheer when i pulled up to a gorgeous christmas wreath on my door.
pics of nate's stocking to follow. (and the advent calendar - i promise!)

long blog ahead...


whatcha whatcha want

i am having a bit of blogger's block. any burning personal questions you would like me to address?

maybe it is because lost season 4 arrived at my house yesterday via netflix and i can now only think of the island and the people getting off the island. (SHHHHHH - don't tell.)

i just got an email from Nate's daycare entitled "Health Advisory." The first line went like so: "Today, in one of our Early Childhood classes over 50% of the student population is experiencing at home or at school repeated and persistent vomiting, some to the point of possible dehydration."

ummmmmmmmmmmm. what does that mean!?



i am not sure whether to die laughing or order one.

i think our family would look good in the blue, don't you think?


sunday: it's for pictures

rocking the fohawk, my friends.

5 months, 1 week, 4 days


oh baby i wanna get wit-cha and take yo pict-cha

four things:

one, karl may have said to wait for him to eat dinner (he is wrapping up a b-ball practice and should be done around 7:30). i may have translated this as "open the fridge and polish off the rest of the sweet potato casserole - straight from the pan; don't bother with plates... just grab a fork." (loosely translated, you see.)

two, i like to entertain myself with some more google analytics search terms/phrases that hit on my blog. i don't check too often but they sure do make me giggle. here are some fun ones (and my commentary in the over-used parenthesis) i love thinking about the folks sitting in front of their computers tping in these EXACT phrases:

beer flavored toothpaste (please, mom, can i?)
how to keep your pants up when pregnant (i don't know if this is intended to be dirty or not, but i am guessing not. in a non-dirty fashion, it IS really hard to keep (some) maternity pants up!)
i sure am tired (yep. sure am.)
paint by numbers rat (wha? that dirty paint by numbers rat.)
what should i wear to work today nov. 12, 2008? (ha! this one makes me giggle.)
wear more cloth (PLEASE. just add cloth.)

three: some nuggets of internet goodness (very random):

advertising at its worst/(best?) (can you believe this? i don't know whether to be horrified or glad that these programs are finding money.)
christmas fetus cookies (yep, fetus.)
christmas giving video. (thanks angela)

four: nate's teachers at school are OBSESSED with this onsie. they crack up every time he wears it. it is pretty ADORABLE! (from my dear friend melissa down in NOLA where the red beans and rice run a-plenty.) and, sadly, he is outgrowing it and many others.

that is all. run along.

5 months, 6 days


so this is the post about christmas and how excited i am about it

and blah blah blah.

why am i the only one who doesn't love the holiday season!? it nate's first one so everyone (no one really) is pressuring me to get a tree and have my presents all wrapped and ready to go by, like, tomorrow. what if i don't wanna tree? what if i don't want to spend hours untangling the lights i simply threw in the box last year? whatcha gonna do? hmph. (hating holiday decor makes me speak like a petulant child.)

i do hate shopping.
and i do suck at decorating.
and i am terrible at wrapping (like, terribly horribly suck at wrapping. and it makes me angry to spend money on bows. karl and i are THOSE PEOPLE who give each other gifts unwrapped or in the store bag/box- gasp - the horror! whatever will our children do if we continue this way!? we are also those people found wrapping things on christmas eve in a panic of 'WHERE ARE THE SCISSORS? CRAP - I RIPPED THE CORNER AGAIN! (just flip it upside down when you place it under the tree.) HOW DO YOU FOLD THIS?? DO WE EVEN HAVE ANY GIFT TAGS?! DO YOU THINK I CAN USE DUCT/PACKING TAPE?').
and i am not a big fan of baking. (see how i am so not meant to be a holiday person? i would much rather cook a large meal for 30 than bake a cake. although i have seen some pretty awesome cookie decorating crafts out there i MIGHT like to try... but the cookies would most likely taste pretty average.).

but i am pretty good at microwaving water for hot chocolate (ha!).
also, i kind of rule at eating an enormous and delicious meal and drinking wine (yum).
AND i guess i am pretty good at loving on my family.
and i do appreciate the whole gathering aspect of the holidays.
and i do love that whole baby jesus thing.
(though i still don't understand why we prep for months to spend mere hours.... i guess its like any good event! just with the same cast, crew, and family drama every year.).
i also love christmas cards. but i think that is only because of my love of paper and snail mail.

and, finally, as a sign of slight hypocrisy, i do have a christmas craft (ADVENT CALENDAR!) that my MIL and I made and is SUPER DUPER adorable. and, i admit it, i am ridiculously excited to hang it in the Room of Baby. pictures to follow. i will say that there is lots of felt involved. (and clearly felt crafting is the new knitting.) jealous? you will be when you see it.

5 months, 5 days


aunt j

nate. snow. check.

we journeyed to the northern land to see my sister this holiday.

it was quite a nice holiday.

the baby has decided that sleep is for the weak. (he used to be such a good little sleeper... what is with the regression?)


nate says

gobble gobble.


back to the land of the living

hello friends. i live. i work. i breathe. i can now swallow without jumping b/c it feels like my ears might pop off my head (big improvement!) and/or my lymph nodes might burst out of my neck (just say no to exploding lymph nodes.). all in all, i would say i am going to make it. (there were a few hours there....)

that. was. intense.

i would go as far as saying Labor & Delivery was an easier recovery. (not kidding.)

anyway, enough about me. what is going on with all of you!? hopefully you are prepping your potato pots and turkey basters. ahhhh thanksgiving. how i love you. you are one of my favorite holidays. you give me the perfect excuse to shove my face with food.

thank you, fake mono, for putting me back below my pre-pregnancy weight. and thank YOU, mr. turkey lurkey, for, i am certain (and looking forward to!) pushing me back over.

what is your favorite turkey day dish? my mother in law makes some mean stuffing and rutabaga and my momma makes some sweet, sweet sweet potatoes with pecans and brown suga.

i am pretty sure i could eat turkey day dinner EVERY day.

4 months, 4 weeks, 2 days


that is all.

1. Check this out. Then go show your friends.

as a woman that has always been pretty comfy with my own body and never that into dieting and/or beauty products, this ad campaign frightens and inspires me. at the same time. promoting real beauty is important. we need to do that more.

2. any days of our lives watchers out there? Get a load of this. (Who says that?) - John & Marlena are being FIRED! i am not so much current on DOOL happenings, but really? who will they get to make crazy eyebrow faces? who will become possesed by the devil & levitate? the horror.


so i have been doing a lot of this

in between doctors appointments and NOT WORKING. the docs - they don't know what is wrong with me. but, unless i am symptom free for over 24 hours they don't want me to go back to work until NEXT WEDNESDAY. they still think i might have mono and that it isn't showing up in any of the thousand vials of blood they took. the ladies at daycare jokingly told karl they thought i was pregnant. ha. that is not even funny. wow. how do moms of more than one child or single parents even get sick? i mean, seriously? i can't even function. and i have to wear a scary mask around the baby. it frightens him.

additionally, all these antibiotics and the sheer volume of fluid my body is requiring me to drink have been seriously messing with my milk supply. freezer stash is gone. baby is still hungry. we are still experimenting with the whole solid food thing.... so it stresses me to introduce too many new foods or too much food at once. so, sadly, tonight i broke down and ripped open a can of the dreaded formula (dun dun dun) some marketing gods at Enfamil sent us and I wouldn't let karl throw away. it is really only sad to me b/c i have my goal of 6 months exclusive w/o formula and now that is shattered. plus, i am cheap and don't want to pay for formula. i am pretty sure i can get the supply back up if this illness EVER goes away, but for now, he is getting a little supplement. i only cried about it a little. he took to it happily - like it was a big ole bottle of breast milk. it was a bit sad. i am not anti-formula (you gotta do what works for you), i just choo-choo-choose breastmilk and i work REALLY hard for it and i am too stubborn to quit BFing until I reach my goal. also, if he sleeps through until the morning, he might forevermore get a bottle of formula before bedtime and bm the rest of the time. crap, this paragraph (all this talk about breastfeeding) is making my boobs leak.... does that ever stop?!?!

also, as a treat to myself, because i am sick (6 days straight of fever people. i am really, really sick of the whole freezing/sweating combo about now.), i recieved Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 to watch from my friends at netflix. there is something about being sick that makes me want to curl up (ALONE! no one is actually allowed to touch or be near me when i am sick. which is very difficult with an infant.) and watch teeny bopper movies. and eat pecan sandies and mashed potatos. (because that is what grandma and grandpa always had for me.)

what do you crave the most when you are sick?


am. alive.

still running fever on and off. (back to 101.7 last night - what the hell?) all my blood and throat cultures came back negatory, but my lymph nodes are so swollen on one side my face looks lopsided. so i think i am going back to my favorite place in the world - THE DREADED DOCTORS OFFICE.

gosh i am a baby when i finally give in to sickness. poor karl. he has taken care of so so much while i have been out of commission. what should I do for him? Something.... think on that.

i have more, fun, happy things to blog about... lots of internet goodness i have been stockpiling to share with you all.

4 m, 3 w, 3 days - almost 5 MONTHS of that baby being on the outside. nuts.


the weekend out of town did not go as planned

so, first of all, thank you for your overwhelming support and commenting from my last post. i appreciate it. and i will keep you posted.

secondly, i had my first girlie weekend away from karl and the baby planned for this past weekend - my dear, darling elizabeth's bachelorette party at a cabin atop Mount Nebo... a little place about an hour west of LR. It started out alright... the house/cabin we rented was a little dated and dirty (and possibly looked like a set for adult films. what?!?! it was!) there was dinner, and singing into spoons, and catch phrase, and general debauchery. i wasn't feeling so hot, but pushed on. i had a rough night of freezing/sweating, but felt better in the morning. however, throughout the day, i started feeling worse and finally had to throw in the towel - i get real stubborn about being sick you know? i deny it till i can't deny it anymore - generally i think my immune system is made of steel. i got home and took my temperature. 102. sweet. please god let me not get anyone else sick. i have no idea where it came from or what it is. i haven't run a fever in a long while - i hate being sick. it is mostly in my ears and throat. i am sure it will pass....but super annoying for the time being.

here are some sunday night images! the smiles (from me) are for sure mostly fake! nate was not so happy his mommy was home but not holding him. but i had to rest!

so, what is on the agenda this week for everyone?

4 months, 3 weeks


busy like a bee: or am i?

so it's weird to think about what I was doing this time last year because this time last year I was just barely pregnant. (can you be just barely pregnant? i think not.)

this is an image from the weekend we found out we were pregnant when i accidentally had four beers was SO SURE i wasn't (oh those cramps! tricksters!) and we were preparing to go on a mexican fiesta vaca. (for the record, karl and i had a big(ish) fight the night before we found out about something stupid that i don't remember.
we were too shocked to continue that fight! instead, i made him buy me multiple brands of pee sticks. ah, marriage.)

things are weird lately. i feel very out of touch with everyone and everything. when i am at work, i can barely concentrate on work. when i am at home, i stress about the work i didn't get done or need to do. i bring work home but never do it. when i talk to people, somehow conversations find their way back to labor and breastfeeding and babies! i try really hard to remember birthdays and anniversaries like i normally would, but find them slipping by. it feels like any task i set out to do, i get distracted. my bathroom is filthy. (good thing i don't have to deliver any babies in there this week.) i have conversations with people but have the odd feeling that i have had that EXACT conversation with that person before. (but i can never be sure so usually i just keep going!) i forget to call people back (personally not professionally.) i take days to respond to emails (again personally not professionally) and sometimes trail off in the middle of IM conversations and forget i was talking to that person. sometimes i forget to shower. my list making skills have gone to the wayside. i don't even write things down just to cross them off anymore. i barely write things down at all. (and i am kind of a list freak!) sometimes i panic if i realize i haven't thought about the baby in a certain time frame. i have all these ideas i want to blog about, but then forget them when i sit down to blog and worry that blogging is cutting into my time with karl, time with nate, time with my pillow and blankie. i want to work out and know i could make time, but it feels overwhelmingly impossible. (and I KNOW it's NOT because somehow i have managed to finish almost three of the twilight books!) i dream about all these random projects i want to work on, but never start them. when 3 p.m. rolls around during the work week, ALL i can think about is leaving. then when i get home with the baby, i think i should have left him at daycare longer. i worry i am not pulling my weight at work. i worry i am wasting my precious time with the baby if there is a show on i really want to watch (i know, ridiculous, right?). i worry people will think it is odd if i tote my child with me to dinners and movies and parties and weddings and vacations.

how do i get back on track!? how do i focus!?! or am i forevermore corrupted by this crazy mom-brain thing i have going on? will i always feel this scattery and boob-focused? (i swear i think about them more than my husband. for the moment, i have readjusted my exclusive breastfeeding goal to 6 months.)

(i do, thankfully, remember to pay the bills.)

see? this blog is even weird and all disconnecty. HELP!

i am now going to shut my eyes and shut my brain. i know a panic, scattered post like this is not that entertaining to read. (AND that i wrote a similar one a few weeks ago - again with the repeating!) please forgive this crazy woman who has taken over my brain and body. i guess i can't really promise the old kat will return, becasue i seem to have morphed into some new, different version of myself. (who needs to learn how to relax and enjoy herself again!)

also, the astronaut with a diaper? that is my cousin anna - she is preggo my leggo and having a boy! (current name: rocco. love it.)

4 months, 2 weeks, 4 days


reality tv - you are having a good week

biggest loser this week: good triumphs over evil. amy c., you're awesome. vicky, you're crazy. you are NOT what BL is about. i may have become myspace friends with some of the contestants. don't tell anyone. i don't even like myspace.

antm this week: marjorie - you are bananas.
"this is high fashion toilet paper" -paulina, one of the judges.

mostly i watch them via dvr at 3 am when little nater is hungrypants.

more soon.

4m, 2w, 4d


baby toys are scary

please note: when putting together a new toy in living room, make sure it can fit through the other doors of your house. because, apparently, this "rainforest jumperoo" will forevermore be in our living room. taunting me with its monkey chatter and parrot squawking.


sunday pictures: ok when not preggo?

so, i was contemplating going back to Sunday Night Pictures even though i am no longer showing you my growing belly. now they shall feature a growing baby. with me. to give you an idea of how big little nater tot is compared to big people. like his mama. what do we think? good idea? bad idea? i whipped out some of my favorite belly pic clothes for the first installment (alright, fine, i was already wearing them. those damn maternity yoga pants & ON tanks are THE most comfortable lounging clothes EVER. it's my sunday uniform.)

and, yes, we have started a little cereal with a spoon. i was hoping to make it to 6 months on exclusively 'the milks' (karl likes to say... 'is nate-nater ready for the milks?'), but he is ready. so we are going with it. not sure what to introduce next... there are many choices. maybe sweet panaters. seems appropriate.

4 months, 2 weeks


what happens when two TU alum lose a bet in AR?

so, yea, i lost a bet. resulting in me (and audra) both wearing hog noses to happy hour. (happy hour resulting in me (and keely) wearing sunglasses in the evening and throwing up
gang, er, peace signs.)

at least our team doesn't require grown men (and women) to go "wwwwwwooooooooooo" in a high pitched little girl voice while waggling our hand digits in a spirit-finger kind of way. three times.

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... pig sooie.
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... pig sooie.
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... pig sooie.

(there. we are even. i even called the hogs in internet-land AND held the "woo" part for the traditional 8 seconds... you can tell by the # of o's i have given the word. clearly that is eight seconds.)

happy friday. (finally.)

nater patater measured in at 26.5 inches at his doc appointment. yea, that is almost half my height.

4 m, 1 w, 5 days


do you think it's too early to use hair gel?

so here are some things that have happened to me recently:

1. someone got ahold of my debit card and charged $300 - $400 in the past two weeks. yea! bank of america is taking care of it. i still haven't figured out HOW my info was scammed but i do know they have my phone # and address. i got some nice coffee in the mail that i didn't order, and, aparantely, i have ordered many things from stamps.com and mydirectbuy something dot com and some other dot coms. (i am betting it's SOMEHOW related to babies r us, but, really, that is just because i hate babies r us.)

2. my iphone went ape wild. (ape wild? is that even an expression? what?) it kept saying "this device is not compatible with an iphone. (WHAT? it IS an iphone!) would you like to turn on airport mode?" and then i would touch "no" and try and turn it off. then it just kept auto-starting over and over and over until it died. it would not charge and blew up my radio it docks into. (creepy.) and the great state of AR does not, in fact, have an apple store. anywhere. in the whole state. (so if you have tried to text or call lately, sorry. i DO have karl's crackberry now and my # is forwarding to it so please call me. i have only tried to touch the screen to answer, oh, i don't know, a million times. WHAT ARE THESE BUTTON things? do i have to PRESS them? i don't get it.) i shipped the ole iphone off to the iphone elves for a (hopefully) speedy repair.

3. nate is having a great week at daycare this week. we worked out some issues. sigh. (and then today he accidentally got another baby's breastmilk! yea!)

4. i voted today. not that it mattered as the electoral college is the most ridiculous thing ever. pretty sure arkansas' 6 votes were red before i even left the polling place. on a plus note, i had no line/wait at the polls. and we had scantron-ey bubbles this year! (usually we have the arrows.)

5. i MAY have started reading the twilight series. and by MAY i mean the first book is almost done. DAMN YOU POP CULTURE. i can't resist!

6. i have over 400 unread items in my google reader. eeks. time to un-subscribe to some feeds. my inbox is just as messy. the baby has been sleeping for an hour and i am dedicated to catching up, commenting, updating.... all the internet funsies!

7. we are working on naterade's mohawk. (don't worry. the rat tail is still there.)

more soon.... will these pics tide you over?

nom nom nom those cheeks.

4 m, 1 w, 2 d


hambooglers & cheese please

nothing says "let's get married!" like a wedding shower with costumes! too much fun.

i have been jealous of everyone posting adorable halloween costumes and pictures - i need to play too! so here they are. karl and i were PIRATE VS. NINJA this year. my costume is indeed for a 12-14 year old boy, and karl's costume included one week of letting his face get scruffy to get into character. oh, and an arm parrot.

i have oh so much more to blog about, but i will leave you with these for the momento. i have to get to work! BEFORE NATE i always took for granted ten or fifteen minute 'breaks' at work to blog and/or hang out... now i just want to do my work and leave - is that horrible?

the ole bloggity went under a wee bit of construction - i will be updating my header soon with another floating nater tot.

we have 4 month shots this week for the baby. (a little over due.)

4 months, 1 week, 2 days


trick AND treat

q: why are graveyards so noisy?
a: Because of all the coffin!

let's go through the same torture i go through every halloween.

i ask the kids (the five that come to our door!) here to tell a joke for their candy, and they look at me blankly and hold out their candy bags.


AP-arantely, the joke-telling-for-candy ritual is not commonly practiced in this part of the world.

is it in yours?

Okay, one more:

q: what did tennessee?
a: the same thing arkansas.

(do i get a twix now?)

(somebody get me a damn twix bar.)


life can't be all that bad

when i have this beautiful babe to snuggle with in the morning. (and in the night and whenever possible in between.)

HOWEVER, life can be busy, and stressful, and downright crazy. prioritizing is difficult. clearly, The Baby and The Husband get top priority. and then The Job? and then what? The Friends? The Blog? I have a list of fun things to blog about; please bear with me in this time of insanity.

I feel a ridiculous amount of anxiety and stress. somedays i am glad to be back at work and other days i am so anxious about the baby at the daycare that i feel too disoriented to focus on work. (OR ANYTHING.) i also have a problem feeling the same 'go get em' attitude as i had BEFORE NATE. if my client doesn't like the blue in thier ad, i find it really hard to care as much. but, overall, i still enjoy my work.

and then there are days like monday.

on monday, a certain female coworker in the office unnecessarily lost her temper (with me) and MAY have been plain RUDE (to me) re: something that was not my responsibility (and, for the record, if it was, i would own it.). she was VERY IMPORTANT & VERY BUSY and on her way out the door for VERY BIG appointment, and I couldn't get her what she needed AT THAT SECOND. five minutes later she was back in the door because her car battery was dead. karma. it is a bitch.

on that same day, i had an advertiser pull on "press day" (very bad... messes up entire pages of a publication... must find filler text or move things around or do SOMETHING to go in its spot) because she wasn't happy with the ad we worked on for her. a teeny, tiny ad that i loved very much had to call her about EVERY day for two weeks because she had neither internet nor fax at her place of business. (don't get me started on clients that approve advertising through fax...ALL FAX MACHINES SHOULD BE BURNED ala office space style.) Let's not name names (ahem, kris & sams cookies on bowman road) but let's just say i will never eat another cake ball again from her establishment. they go on THE LIST (of advertisers i work with that i would NEVER give business to.) this list is, unfortunately, quite long.

some other things happened monday, but none are important.

let's just say i have a whole new respect for working mothers. i am NOT complaining, but, wowzers, it is more challenging than i anticipated. the days fly by and my laundry pile never decreases.

the baby has had a few issues at daycare. they say he is 'gassy' after he eats... but he never is at home.... so i just don't know how they are feeding them and i don't know how to tell them to feed him... and the thought of him screaming makes me cringe. plus, one of the FT teachers left and they haven't hired a new one yet... so there have been several folks in and out of the classroom. that stesses me a little. it isn't because i miss nater so terribly i can't handle it, but it IS difficult to leave your child in some one elses care. especially when that person rotates.

wow, ok, please don't feel sorry for me because, despite the recent negativity, things really are great. (oh, and my baby fevah is gone. like, way, way, way gone.) this past weekend with the baby was SUPER FUN - he is rolling a bit and obsessively chewing his hands and finding his feetsies. oh, and giggling. my baby talking skillz are becoming top notch and the other night i tried to burp karl while we were watching tv.

stay tuned for a fun post...also the blog will be going under a very SLIGHT maintenance. slight.

4 months, 2 days


seriously disturbing

i don't normally post re: news, but this story has touched the Little Rock community; it is both terrifying and heartbreaking.

Anne Pressley, a 26 year old anchorwoman, for a local channel, passed away this evening after being attacked last weekend. HERE is a link.

there is not much to say. i just can't believe it was an act of random violence.

please pray for her family and friends and this community.


that is all.

more blogging coming soon.

i can't believe october is almost over.

3 mo, 4 wks, 1 day


i would like to express my hatred for babies r us

oh. my. god. i hate this place so much i can't even tell you. i hate them, i hate them, i hate them. there. i expressed it.

i am not going to go into the mundane details, but the last two times i have been in that store i have left either in tears or shaking and cussing (a combination of both, really.).

then i wonder why i even bother letting piddly little things such as REALLY CRAPPY CUSTOMER SERVICE bother me. ugh. never mind. i am just getting annoyed all over again. not worth it.

if i had tons of cash, i would shop strictly online or in cute little baby boutiques. (ah, who am i kidding? i hate shopping in stores. so, yea, it would be online only. if i could, i would buy everything online.)

AND so i don't have to listen to you all say "he looks just like karl!" or "your husband must be so happy he looks just like him!" and blah blah blah KARL. here is one of MY baby pics. you tell me you can't see my baby in there, you be a LIAR!

here is karl (who nate, admittedly, does share some traits with. ha.):


and though i find it offending that the FATTER our child gets, the more people say he looks like me, i'll TAKE IT!

3m, 3w, 3d (333. i like it.)


little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky

so, it's totally weird to do the 'cliche' things i never thought i would do, but now find myself participating with total compliance. case in point: pumpkin patch pictures. why must society require parents to drive to a patch, place their child on a pumpkin, and snap an image or 4,000? WHY!?

whatever, i am going with it.

because it was fun.

and, because, dear god, the pictures make me nauseated they are so cute. i mean, is he really cute, or am i just ridiculously biased? you know what? don't answer that. i don't care.

additionally, pig races? really arkansas? really? (they painted a little spot on them. i picked the green one. his name is hamlet. he came in dead last. every race.) (and, for the record, i did not see my first real pig up close and in person (that i remember) until the oklahoma state fair in college. they most certianly do not 'oink' - who even came up with that?) nater boots slept through his first pig races. shame on him. how will he ever grow up to be a proper country boy?

also, apple gourds? coooool. billy goats named billy? feisty. tank tops? yes, the weather was warm enough to wear a tank top to the patch. awesome. and? the owl hat? compliments of audra.

in conclusion, i swear to god, (ya'll) if i put a picture of my child in a santa hat or inside a present box with some sort of bow anywhere on his body on this blog, shoot me dead. (let's not remember this line come december, hmmm? i don't THINK it will happen, but just in case, ok?)

and, finally, the dodgers. yea. let's make a come back, and let's kick some phillie arse. nice post-season work, joe torre. the yankees must miss you. ( i can NOT believe i am cheering for manny ramirez.) (we're talking baseball here, friends.)

3m, 2w, 3d


16 pounds of baby

arkansas' race for the cure was this saturday.

ms. melissa and i rocked it. and, by rocked it, i mean we walked in the enormous pack of 50,000 women with nater in his sling. we did the 5k and i must say, between that and to and fro parking my should is a leeeeeetle sore from carrying him. he's getting awful big. (that last sentence is to be said in a baby voice while making a 'smile-pleeeze"' face at the baby.) nate did fabulous per usual. he slept most of the race.

melissa and i once again entertained ourselves by making our own t-shirts. this year i had to work around my sling.

some other favorite slogans we saw: Fighting the War on My Rack. (This one was printed on a huge banner that overhung the 'Harley corner.' A bunch of bikers get together, dress in pink, and rev their engines the whole race. it's very sweet. in a manly, biker way.

there were many camo t-shirts. i particularly giggled at the "hunt for the cure" slogan. in pink. on camo.

there was also a man on the corner praising the Lord. He got a lot of "Hallelujahs" and hands raising to the sky from the crowd of walkers. only in the south!

and the usual marching bands, mayors, fire trucks (complete with dancing fireman), radio stations, and political supports. it is the same every year and i love it.

this is my 3rd year to participate in this race. and my first year to walk. (boo.) i race specifically for my grandma pat, my aunt chris, and my moms best friend joanne. all survivors. i am especially proud of my own boobies this year (with the whole breastfeeding thing) - did you know BFing reduces your own risk of breast cancer?

also, have i mentioned how much i love wearing my baby?

3 mo, 2 wk, 2 dy


why i am crazy; reason #4,653

i swear to god, ya'll

(and yes sometimes i actually speak like that now. once in a while i like to see how many ya'lls I can throw into one sentence. last week, at mcalisters, the girl standing in front of us said... and i quote.. "if ya'll know what ya'll want, ya'll can go ahead." no lie. THREE ya'lls. in one sentence. it was horrifying. and A-wesome. my 'yankee-ness' fades. )

ANYWAY, i am swearing and crazy because I think I might have baby fever. and by think, i mean I DO! (ish.) momnesia is REAL, people. i keep seeing all these cute babies everywhere (ahem- my own mostly) and at daycare and everywhere else and i just want to eat them up. and it feels like half of the people i know are either pregnant or trying to get pregnant. and, damnit, i was pregnant ALL ALONE (well, amongst my circle of friends) and now i want to be pregnant WITH THEM.

sigh. but not really.

but kind of.

it's easy to say when nate is past his initial fussiness and becoming so fun but not yet mobile. i know once he is crawling and running around all crazy-like i won't be as baby crazy.

remind self: bloody noses. fat cankles. puking (i had to make them take the needle out of my arm once at the doc's office so i could go vomit!). little sleeping (and never on the back or the belly!). overspending on toilet paper. obsessively watching baseball. kicks to the ribs.

but, but...

i kind of miss that baby moving around it there. that was pretty cool. (and, even now, is SO bizarre. nate was IN THERE. growing. eating. sleeping.)

ok, no more crazy talk.

3 mo, 2 wks, 1 day


why my life is like the perfect country western song today

the dishwasher broke.
we overslept. (by a lot.)
was, subsequently, late and didn't get to spend my normal AM time with the baby.
i lost my wallet.
and my car keys. (attached to my wallet.)
i forgot my lunch.
i forgot the caps to my bottles (for the pumping at work.)

is it friday yet?

3 mo, 1 wk, 4 dy (yo!)


homecoming 2008

homecoming really was wonderful. the weather could NOT have been better. campus looks crazy. it was a laid-back kind of day. which was nice. sweet pa-nater chilled out pretty much the whole day. (except when the camera was out. of course.) we got on campus around noon and stayed till the start of the game. (we opted to go back to jenny's and put the baby down for the night. next year he can go to the game.) TU "fried" Rice (so silly) 63-28.

it was fun (and odd) to be the only one with a baby there (well, at our tailgate for the most part. you know what i mean.) nate got a lot of attention and loving. next year. well, next year I expect there will be babies everywhere. or at least a lot of pregnant chicks.

also, the cubs are no longer in the playoffs. i know this is shocking to NO ONE, but it still makes me happy!

i am having trouble with words this evening so enjoy the images.

oh AND AND there is now a Chic-Fil-A in the 'student union' type place. karl was pissed. pissed. tee hee.

3 months, 1 week, 2 days old (is that too much? probably.)