am. alive.

still running fever on and off. (back to 101.7 last night - what the hell?) all my blood and throat cultures came back negatory, but my lymph nodes are so swollen on one side my face looks lopsided. so i think i am going back to my favorite place in the world - THE DREADED DOCTORS OFFICE.

gosh i am a baby when i finally give in to sickness. poor karl. he has taken care of so so much while i have been out of commission. what should I do for him? Something.... think on that.

i have more, fun, happy things to blog about... lots of internet goodness i have been stockpiling to share with you all.

4 m, 3 w, 3 days - almost 5 MONTHS of that baby being on the outside. nuts.


Stacia said...

Feel better soon!

melissa said...

remember when you said you'd give karl $100 to get you a little ceasar's pizza and leave you alone when you were sick? that's how i like to think of you most days. : ) feel better, pigeon. let me know if you need anything. xoxo

Susan said...

Mary said she ran into Karl at the grocery store with many a gatorade in his buggy (yes, "buggy"), and he said you were sicky. Hope you feel better super quick!

Did you get your flu shot?