seven bridges road...

halloweeen is past - thank god!

so the "holiday" weekend was good. unfortunately, my pictures were NOT and this is the only semi-decent one (as in NOT BLURRY!) out of the four i snapped! hopefully elizabeth and katie will send me theirs because i know we took some cute shots!

before the party, i worked at the Little Gym until 11:30 p.m. - there was a costume party for the kiddos - 24 children in costumes and two adults is not such a good idea! (costumes included lots of princesses, one buzz lightyear, a dora the explorer, a nascar driver complete with helmet, gloves, and patches, a hula girl, and a pop diva- just a few! cute!) so i didn't get to OUR party till late and i was in a not so nice mood (the kids were wild). the adult costumes were fabulous as well. (for us, karl = army guy. kat = football player. i borrowed my 9 year old neighbors shoulder pads and jersey. trust me, everyone else's costumes were much better!)

currently: it's sunday: karl and rea and arlo went to the deer camp to "get things ready" for the coming deer weekends and i am here feeling sorry for myself with my black football player marks still flaking off my face from last nights costume, eating peanut butter from the jar, drinking pepsi (NOT WATER!), and watching heart and souls (remember that 90s flick with the bus crash and the little boy? walk like a man, talk like man...) while my "to do" lists keep getting LONGER and LONGER and nothing gets crossed off because I AM JUST SITTING HERE being especially lazy! help! someone snap me out of it and find me a JOB!
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in other news & gossip...

my sister and momma kromer! Posted by Picasa

there are two other engagements to speak of and one baby born:

Congrats to:

  • the future chip and anne taulbee - engaged last weekend!
  • mike wallace's sister tiffany and her now fiance grif - engaged sunday! (say it: tiff and griff!)
  • ann and tim kromer (stl folk!) welcomed their first son Tyler Robert last week - to join his big sister Princess Haley who is one.
  • susan is pregnant!!! (hahahahha.. RUMOR!)

it's like three truths and a lie! susan is not pregnant (but it will be fun to announce it when she is!)

this weather SUCKS! i want my 90 degree days back!

OH! and i almost forgot this: the "STROS" lost AGAIN last night bringing the World Series series to 3-0. Take that Roger Clemens! (RETIRE ALREADY.. geez!) BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ no more! go sox!



i am a little behind with this BUT..

check this out:

Mike & Angela
Brooke and Paul

I am so happy and excited for these two! they are one of those couples were you just go "yeah - they go together!" CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS! i am glad to know you both!


Mimi makes her fashion debut!

mimi the model in her emerald suit poses with her fans! we went to a fashion show at andover this weekend... starring MiMi! Posted by Picasa

doggies...rock stars

arlo and roxy getting bigger... sunday night we went to patrick's house to play with luke and winston (patrick's dog is luke - 8 month old lab and ashley and brent's dog is winston - same age and also a labbie)... they were ginormous and our puppies were scared. it was hilarious. they looked a lot like arlo and roxy (winston is dark like roxy and luke light like arlo) doggie dates are fun(ny). Posted by Picasa


arlo & roxy doing the only thing they know how.

the weekend was good. friday we checked out a new bar - the fountain - in hillcrest... beer and wine only and shuffleboard with eric and em and elizabeth and melissa! decent place. $2 tallboys!

saturday we worked on the fence (well, karl did really.. haha.. while i cleaned and worked at the LG and what not) and went to Mimi's fashion show, and started our Band of Brothers box series (4 episodes in!) on our Saturday night date!

sunday i had the best 6-yr old party at the LG and then came home to go to a BLOCK PARTY with all our neighbors! it was nice to finally meet all the neighbors... we are definately the young-un's on the block. then on to the doggie party mentioned above. party-licious.


welcome baby carson!

this morning at 8:56 little Carson was welcomed to the world!

Here is the new family: Dad Chris, Mama D, Jeremy, and little Carson!

You can keep up with the little man on
Mama D's Blog !!


pic of the day...

just because it's cute.

eric, matt, blake, karl, john, mike


the cards win in houston!!

despite all the incessant BUZZING and towel waving, the cards win in houston and head on back to St. Louis for Game 6! the astros lead the series 3-2, but i have faith the cards will bring her home!! the poor astros have never been to a world series - they are getting all nervous.

as for me, the weekend with mike and linda was great.. we just hung out and ate a lot and showed off our house!

yesterday i had to make a doctor trip (i hate doctors) to get my ears irrigated. (doesn't that sound like fun? trust me, it is not pleasant...) they blast out all the wax "plugs" (ew) in your ears with water. fun stuff. (i can hear now!) karl also made a trip to the doctor - sinus infection... and he got some nice prescriptions so also good news. I am sure you all care about our sick little bodies!!

roxy and arlo say hi and they want you to come over and play.


i'm taking my ball and going home!

say good bye ab stabilizer ball/chair! (susan and i use our balls as chairs at work sometimes in order to work out our abs while we work! haha! i know - freaks!)

so, it is my last day! i am kind of freaking out! look how clean my area is!

T-minus 1 hour till my going away lunch at the hog! (what the heck does T-minus mean?)

My parents are ON THE ROAD on their way here... any suggestions of where karl and i should take them? i can't wait to see them... even though they are slightly unhappy because
a) I quit my job without a new one!
b) the cards lost last night!
c) they hate/are allergic to doggies too and don't want to meet ours!


WELCOME TO ARKANSAS (again) Mike and LInda!


a tribute to "the secret weapon"

THE CARDS beat the ASTROS last night! (5-3) Moving on up....

this post is dedicated to the St. Louis Cardinals current third base coach and former player - jose oquendo! he played in STL 1983-1995 and he was ALWAYS my favorite!

this is why he was the SECRET WEAPON:

Position Games Played There

2B -649
SS -364
OF -63 - this included games in center, left, and right!
3B -58
1B -23
P -3 - he EVEN pitched
C -1

first national league player to play all 9 positions in a season!

i would show you his putouts, assists, errors, and other stats but you might get bored (like in '89 he had 106 double plays and a .994 fielding % - top in the NL) just know that HE is awesome and he and ozzie together were UNBELIEVABLE....(much like the brett hull and adam oates blues hockey phenomenon)

When i was little i wanted to be just like JOSE (yes a boy and yes a baseball player... later i wanted to be the first woman in baseball! haha! jose is the cause for my obsession with the number 11 for all MY jerseys had to be #11! ) My dad and i would keep score in the little scorecards at busch and there were frequently 6-4-3's! to report when jose was around!

i am happy the cards are going to win the WORLD SERIES THIS YEAR even if i am not there to see any of it! =)


Ok.. so it is official now...

I have resigned from Arkansas Business Publishing Group, effective this Friday, October 14, 2005!!

No, I do not have a new job yet.

No, I am not sure what I am going to do.

Yes, I am going to take a bit of time off. BUT..

Yes, I am going to start job searching next week.

No, I am not sure what I WANT to do yet.
Yes, I am crazy.

and, finally,

NO, I am not pregnant! =)
(*this is the current rumor circulating around work)

I love the company, I love my boss, and love the people I work with. However, I am not interested/happy with my position anymore and it's driving me crazy!! there is no other department I can see myself in, so it is time to move on!

Susan is throwing me a going away lunch on Friday if anyone wants to come! If anyone is looking for a job in the IT/Research Dept of Arkanas Business as a database administrator, let me know!

More news on the job search to come... and so it begins.


matt and meredith dill!

the beautiful bride and groom getting ready to cut their cake at the petrolium club in tulsa, ok! the food was great, the toast made me cry; all in all, it was a PERFECT matt and meredith wedding! Posted by Picasa

groomsmen's wives club!

katy sheehan, meredith dill, and kathleen hills!

welcome to the club. hehe. Posted by Picasa


cheers to matt and meredith! blake, ryan, and karl in their tuxes! Posted by Picasa

my kappa alpha rose....

mere getting some kappa alpha loving! she ran a 10K that morning! love that girlie! Posted by Picasa

rehearsal dinner nonsence...

blake and karl in front of the farm lubricants sign at the spaghetti warehouse. just look at karl's face. out of control.

show me your guns!

friday night dinner. blake and ryan. Posted by Picasa


so we have some dogs now...

meet our new friends.

arlo he-man arcot "thorny" ramathorn blogspot hills (Left - little man pup)


roxy she-ra rod farva dotcom beverly hills (right - little girl pup)

pretty sure we are going to call them arlo (as in guthrie) and roxy (as in the name my sister wanted everyone to call her growing up) but not positive. their original names are Leona and Kukla. this is why we must change them! they are 7 week old lab mixes from the Humane Society (that place is sad and smelly by the way).

I still hate dogs! =) I threw up this morning b/c they smell icky! (most of you know i have a pretty weak gag reflex... and sometimes throw up taking out trash! so not such a big deal!)

OH and also mom, you were right, I am, in fact, slightly allergic to the little guys! Posted by Picasa


lunch blog: why kat hates dogs: part 1

1. they smell
2. they bark
3. they shed
4. they chew things
5. they jump on things (like beds and furniture and people)
6. they don't talk
7. i am allergic (according to my mom yesterday.. this is up for debate!)

i know, i am heartless.

that being said, we are, it appears getting a stinky dog..maybe dogs. and soon. before karl goes insane. My vote is to get TWO doggies so the dogs have a playmate that is not me... preferably a brother and sister or brothers or sisters... and then i won't feel as guilty leaving them outside (not all the time) b/c i was looking at websites yesterday and they all were like "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN OUTSIDE DOG" and saying how mean and cruel it was to not love on your dog and leave them outside all the time and that those dogs are crazy and i don't want a crazy dog... i don't even want a normal, well-behaved dog... why in the world would i want a crazy one?

anyway, here are some of the names we have come up with. Please vote for your favorite or suggest others.... i think you can vote once a day. good stuff!

What should we name our DOG TEAM?
Batman and Robin
He-Man and She-ra
Blogspot and Dotcom
arcot ramathorn "thorny" and rod farva
Kitty and Karlotta
Arlo and Roxy
Ursher and Luda
Eric and Emily! (KIDDING!)
wyatt earp and doc holiday
Other - please suggest below!

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Caitlin & Eric...we love them!

the happy couple dancing their first dance to an Elton John tune at the 1000 Club... it's no John Denver but it worked out well! their wedding was Saturday in KC.

Adjectives: beautiful, traditional, fabulous, and FUN! Posted by Picasa

umm...officer lemon.

umm... officer lemon. this is our picture with our new friend officer lemon (pronounced w/ a french-like slur... lem-moan...at least by us. pretty sure it was just lemon!). Taken after jenny's boyfriend jeff asked the nice officer to give us a run down of KC public intox laws for the walk home... a walk home i might add that jenny and I completed sans SHOES through the middle of downtown kansas city.. ew.

ashley (seen if foreground) was FALLING! and LAUGHING!!
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chee-cho chica's in a new city!

chee-cho chicas at the wedding... may look similar to below homecoming pic just a bit more fancy...

l to r: jax, aud, ash, caitlin, jenny, kat, lauren, brooke. Posted by Picasa

let the rock star weekend begin!

yes, i know i am silly. Posted by Picasa