i'm taking my ball and going home!

say good bye ab stabilizer ball/chair! (susan and i use our balls as chairs at work sometimes in order to work out our abs while we work! haha! i know - freaks!)

so, it is my last day! i am kind of freaking out! look how clean my area is!

T-minus 1 hour till my going away lunch at the hog! (what the heck does T-minus mean?)

My parents are ON THE ROAD on their way here... any suggestions of where karl and i should take them? i can't wait to see them... even though they are slightly unhappy because
a) I quit my job without a new one!
b) the cards lost last night!
c) they hate/are allergic to doggies too and don't want to meet ours!


WELCOME TO ARKANSAS (again) Mike and LInda!


Elizabeth Spann said...

Take them to the fair! Nothing says "Arkansas" like rodeos, turkey legs, and deep fried Twinkies! There are also TONS of people to laugh at.

katandkarl said...

i don't know if they are QUITE ready for that..

(considering when audra took me to the Oklahoma state fair in college i didn't even know what noise a pig REALLY made because I had never heard it before... same with cows...)

i wish the razorback game was here this weekend...now that would be an experience!

brooke knight said...

t-minus i thought meant takeoff, minus whatever time...

love to mike and linda!

Jax said...

I need an ab ball at work..hmm.. would that go over well at the law office?? haha. :)I'm still so happy for you! Have an awesome last day of work!Have fun with the 'rents!

Susan said...

Well, they just gotta see the Clinton Presidential Library. They can't come to Little Rock and not scoot by there. I also recommend the River Market (Saturday morning when they have little booths set up...or are they still doing that?...or at night for the bars.) You could eat at Gators on the River (NLR side)....just some idears.

Susan said...

P.S. Don't leave me! Stay. "Don't you know where your home is!" Jk, good luck. Don't forget me! Email me, visit my blog, call me; we must remain in touch!

LT said...

Kat, we love ya! Don't be a stranger! We'll need ya next year 'round softball time, too. But really, we'll miss seeing you 'round the office every day. Good luck with everything!

Lauryl Lane said...

Yay for freedom! And you are so damn cute you make me sick. Love you!

emily and eric said...

yea!!! for being with out a job!! i envy you right now!!..

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