a tribute to "the secret weapon"

THE CARDS beat the ASTROS last night! (5-3) Moving on up....

this post is dedicated to the St. Louis Cardinals current third base coach and former player - jose oquendo! he played in STL 1983-1995 and he was ALWAYS my favorite!

this is why he was the SECRET WEAPON:

Position Games Played There

2B -649
SS -364
OF -63 - this included games in center, left, and right!
3B -58
1B -23
P -3 - he EVEN pitched
C -1

first national league player to play all 9 positions in a season!

i would show you his putouts, assists, errors, and other stats but you might get bored (like in '89 he had 106 double plays and a .994 fielding % - top in the NL) just know that HE is awesome and he and ozzie together were UNBELIEVABLE....(much like the brett hull and adam oates blues hockey phenomenon)

When i was little i wanted to be just like JOSE (yes a boy and yes a baseball player... later i wanted to be the first woman in baseball! haha! jose is the cause for my obsession with the number 11 for all MY jerseys had to be #11! ) My dad and i would keep score in the little scorecards at busch and there were frequently 6-4-3's! to report when jose was around!

i am happy the cards are going to win the WORLD SERIES THIS YEAR even if i am not there to see any of it! =)


Elizabeth Spann said...

You craaaaazy people that keep up with sports so well. My favorite sport is Survivor. Ha.

Angela said...

Kat, I totally understand! I wanted to be Dale Murphy- from the Atlanta Braves, hence the #3 for all my jerseys (even in college!!)

Leah Billings said...

What are sports?...J/k, I used to be a pretty big Minnesota Twins fan in my younger years. Too bad they stink now.

Susan said...

Wow, I'm impressed at your extensive knowledge of this dude, Kat.
P.S. I LOVE sports. When I was little, I wanted to be Coby Jones (though I didn't want his jersey #13)! He played forward for the Men's USA Soccer team. I actually met him in the London airport once too when I was 13! Got a picture and his autograph.

Elizabeth Spann said...

I haven't always been like this, mind you. I had an ENORMOUS obsession with Corliss Williamson and the Razorbacks cerca 1995. I have a couple autographs from him. I loved him.
Since then, the sparkle has faded. I think it's because I don't live with my dad anymore and because all my girl friends in college scoffed at my love of college basketball.
Ehh... What can you do??

emily and eric said...

ok.. i never wanted to be anyone in sports... i just wanted to be "WITH" Chiper Jones!!! my family are die hard "cards" fans so it always made them mad.. b/c he played for the braves... i don't know what he does anymore!!!

Jax said...