Weekend Agenda!!

so we got the BEST present from karl's work group - a fatty gift certificate to lowes. karl was excited. we can paint!!! yea!!! so i think we might try and do that this weekend! at least in our bedroom. rock.

i wrote like 400 thank you notes last night. and they still aren't finished so i must do that tonight! and i am slightly stressing about all the wedding decisions i haven't made yet. i need to make lists. lists are my friend.

saturday afternoon we are partying it up w/ the work softball/soccer crew at the Ortega household. ribs. yum. beer. yum.

and sunday i am working at the Little Gym. i think i have forgotten how as i haven't been there in like a month. literally. and it won't be much better through august.


Jenny got a new job!!

congrats to jennifer lenore barrow! (seen her on the right trying to steal a FREE publication box. what? it says FREE!)

anyway. she just finished up a round of interviews that took her to cleveland and boston w/ Sam Adams (real name = Boston Beer Co). Anyway, they offered her the job yesterday afternoon (regional sales manager position based out of tulsa)! More to come!

U.S. Pizza. Yum.

last night, after my day of CLEANING and UNPACKING and NOT working!, I took a short break to meet kristen and elizabeth and brooke and leah and liza and chandle and her sister kristi for some dollar beers at U.S. Pizza. Quite fun and quite delicious. Girls night needs to be reinstated on a regular basis!


karl drew this picture for me of me in front of our house. see what responsible adults do on their lunch breaks? =)  Posted by Picasa

picnic in the house!

much thanks to our friends! they are going to love this picture of our high class pizza party on our living room floor (hey i promised beer and pizza not a table to eat it on). patrick, brent, mike, and audra were amazing and helped a lot a lot a lot. in 100 degree weather. ew. beer and pizza were probably not the best food option after sweating that much. but we drank gallons and gallons of water.

backyard burgers.

back view. oh the excitement! i know you ALL CARE! our backyard is huge. we are totally putting badminton out here and having tournaments. let me know if you are interested. i would love to beat you!

kitchen view!

this attempt to give a virtual tour isn't going as well as planned. the pics didn't turn out very well so sorry for the crappy shots! it's a cute house i swear!

gymnastics room!?!

so the people we bought the house from moved next door, right? and they have two kiddos that are like 9 and 5. anyway the kids came over to see their old house with our stuff in it, and their son alan told us we should put our dining room table in the living room and make the other half of the living room a gymnastics room. i told him i would think about it (as i was dragging my trampoline and balance beam thru the front door) !

it's gettin hot in here.

this is me - dead - in the master bedroom! isn't it a hideous shade of blue? we will be painting! it was so HOT moving i think we all lost a couple of pounds. great weekend to do such a task.

jenny was moving from okc back to tulsa the same weekend and we kept calling to compare whos move was worse. she won hands down. her uhaul got a flat.


the boxes of our lives....

doesn't this look like a fabulous amount of fun? who loves moving? despite the pain of packing and moving, i am excited that today will be the first day we are able to move in! tomorrow, (hint to all you blogerific reader friends) we are having a moving party. Free beer and pizza will be provided. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

in case you are just looking at pictures let me reiterate:


cham - pag - ney.

audra and mike brought us a celebatroy bottle of champagne for the buying of the house and what not! thanks, friends.

i am a professional.

am i the world's largest nerd for taking a picture at the bank when we got our cashier's check for our down payment? yes, i think i am. nevertheless, here it is. the teller thought i was crazy.


hold your n Posted by Picasa

we've got to pray just to make it today Posted by Picasa

thirsty?  Posted by Picasa

emily jax and audra Posted by Picasa


bachelorette on the loose!  Posted by Picasa


take 3.  Posted by Picasa

couldn't resist!

I couldn't resist posting the most adorable picture ever of Simeon, Karl's nephew. my nephew? hmm... that's weird.

kim and sean just sent this email out. they will return from india in about two weeks!


we close on our house TODAY!


so the weekend was a smashing SUCCESS! how much fun did we have? A LOT. i will be posting pictures of the night as soon as they come in!

a few highlights:

  • jenny and kat singing i'm a little teapot and doing the dance in the middle of the river market via microphone.
  • the cousins head banging at the underground
  • some random bachelor party buying us like eight bottles of some beer champagne thing at the saucer AND providing us with some dancing... generous guys...
  • jenny stopping AND directing traffic in the middle of the road at the end of the night (well the bar part of the night!)
  • bridget bringing me the WORLD's LARGEST PAIR OF PANTIES as a gift
  • meredith eating a tortilla covered in red sauce and butter.. ew.
  • brooke counting people like the teacher on the field trip.. it was awesome!
My sister and Brooke were on top of everything and it all went perfectly. I think all 17 of us had a blast.

destruction that is my apartment.

you can't really tell that it looked like a sixth grade bunking party from this picture. but 10 of us stayed in my little one bedroom apartment saturday night. TEN. females. one bathroom. lots of beer and margaritas and daquaris. too much fun to handle for real.

Re-enactment picture!

This is the FIVE YEAR REUNION of this PICUTRE. mere brooke and i have this great picture of the three of us from our freshman year in college. we are seen here trying to recreate the shot. I must get the original scanned and put up so you may see them side by side.


i am a hyper hypo!

so i am at work.

watching the clock.

I have like 400 things to do at work but can i concentrate on any of them? NO!! Why? Because Meredith, Jen, and Brooke are at my apartment hanging out without me and I WANT TO GO HANG OUT! silly job!!

karl and i had our couples BBQ shower last night at the van dovers. it was SO much fun! the theme was holidays so we got lots of holiday presents - easter, christmas, fourth of july, ect. I will put pictures up soon. I forgot my camera so I will have to get them from mary kay!

what should we do tonight??? i might take off work a bit early to begin the festivities.


once upon a time...

isn't he the best? this is joe, bridget's little man and our ring bearer. how cute is he? this is Sunday night after the shower hanging out. Joe was telling us stories (ex: once open a time there was a boy named joe and he liked cereal. the end.)

Opening the best present ever!

my cousin bridget made me a scrapbook! a whole beautiful wonderful fabulous scrapbook of all of us growing up. it made me CRY! here is haley helping me open it! YOU HAVE TO COME SEE IT!


Work Shower!

Cake from my work shower! Isn't it cute? More pics of the shower on the wedding blog!

are we in mexico?

last night we went to the driving range w/ kristen and her husband jr and her brother brady. i sucked it up. the rest of them did well. golfing is totally going to mess up my power swing (sarcasm) for the softball tournament this weekend.

i found this amusing sign in the bathroom at the driving range...hmmm... anyone else confused? i didn't wash my hands!

i sent my wedding invitations out yesterday (trust me it was nerve racking! we spent some much time making them and i spent so much time addressing them and then i just put them in this little blue box and they magically make their way across the country to your houses? i felt like the dad sea turtle in finding nemo who lets his 'little man' go!) anyway the invites list our wedding blog address for our guests to look at (esp if they can't make the wedding) so i spent last night fixing that up a bit to. check it out if you have time! it is linked to this page.


double post: b's one year and mere's bday.

Ok so I missed the opportunity to post HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSERY TO BROOKE AND PAUL KNIGHT. Their first wedding anniversery was June 26 and they had a lovely eureka springs trip to celebrate. this is a shot of b and her bridesmaids at their wedding - took place at the University of Tulsa's Sharp Chapel 6.26.04!! (l to r: laura knight, p's sister, kimber, b's high school friend, b, the bride, ME, audra, and mere)

which brings me to my next reason for posting: today is MEREDITH's 24th bday! i remember her 21st where we ran around campus singing "god bless a-meredith-a!" happy amereditha day!

happy fourth of july! kroger was about the highlight of our day. and we only went there because we had to. we were L-A-Z-Y! it felt nice and we figured we wouldn't have many more opportunities to be lazy and hang out just the two of us since our upcoming weekends are packed!!

On the agenda:

this weekend: July 8-10: I have a softball tourney friday night and saturday if anyone wants to come (*this is an open invitation kristen!) friday night game is at 9:30. saturday game times depend on win/loss! Sometime on Saturday we are heading out of town to go to st. louis. I will probably miss the end of the tournament which sucks. karl, mary kay, and i will be going to stl for my st. louis wedding shower! we will return monday evening.

next week/weekend: July 15-7: BACHELORETTE party weekend. the festivities will actually begin wednesday when my sister gets in town! there is also a "bbq shower/wedding celebration event" for karl and i thursday night at the vandovers house. friday night some of the girls will be here and saturday night all of the girls.

monday july 18: close date on the house!!

july 22-4: this may MOVING IN weekend to our HOUSE!!

july 29-31: cronin family reunion! (don't know if we are going or not)

aug 6-8: my cousin jake and his fiance jenny's wedding in Stl.

aug 12-14: karl's bachelor party in memphis.

aug 19-21: weekend before the wedding. time to freak out! =)

aug 24 (wed): leave for stl and let the wedding partying begin!

k and audra at lake degray! we went to eric's parents houseboat and spent some serious time on the water. mike and karl went waterskiing and audra and i tubed. eric was a very nice driver and didn't flip us too bad. we also did some jet skiing - karl and i bit it hard doing some fancy turn and had a bit of trouble getting back on and balancing.

there was a big ole shrimp boil on the dock with all the neighboring houseboats. it was some fabulous fourth food.

see how they run like pigs from a gun..

mike is the el porton walrus! friday night we spent some quality time in hobby lobby looking for more invitation stuff. after an hour, we decided we needed el porton cheese dip and margauritas! then we went home early and went to bed!

all day saturday was spent addressing invitations. good lord what a process! and they are STILL NOT FINISHED!


yummy for your tummy.

susan enjoying one of our fabulous meal replacement shakes. don't they look delicious?

let the invitation making begin!

elizabeth, emily, and kristen sniffing glue. Posted by Picasa

fun w/ orange paper!

audra and her new paper cutter and the fuschia envelopes! Posted by Picasa

pre-folding and no reply card.

a brief look at the invites in the making! they fold inward. the reply card and white reply card envelope go inside here! colors are much better/brighter in real life! what do you think?