Everyone send lovely thoughts and prayers to my friend Caitlin who hasn’t been feeling so hot lately! She is so sweet and we are sad she is feeling so bad! My weekend plans might have just changed and I may be going to say hello to my loverly lady and her husband in KC. Audra was planning on going to Tulsa anyway so I might just hitch a ride tomorrow and head for the tri state region. I do love hitting many states in one weekend!


  • Town Pump (pump pump it up) with the old ABPG crew! (happy happy hour)
  • Matt & Meredith Dill = staying with us TONIGHT at the Hills casa.
    This is where the tentative starts (still not sure) Sat AM = leaving (possibly) for Tulsa
  • Sat PM = Laura Knight (brooke SIL) going away party (moving to CALI)
  • Sun AM = go to KC. See Caitlin.
  • Sun PM = back to Tulsa and hanging out.
  • Mon AM = back to LR. Nooooooooo worky! WOO HOO!
  • Mon PM = food w/ john and leslie??… SOMETHING WITH JOHN AND LESLIE! Fourth of july party/fireworks? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

There. that doesn’t look like so much now that it is all down in writing.

Happy Fourth.

NO FIRECRACKERS… all the crazies are out! Wear your SEATBELTS!


what shall i blog about today?

since ms. jennifer barrow is a tad sloooooooow when it comes to the blogosphere i thought i would do her a favor and post a picture of her new baby abby (before she got ENORMOUS) that she and jeff picked up at the humane society last week... head on over to her blog - www.jenniferbarrow.blogspot.com - and send abby some lovin.

let's see... what else?

  • my parents bought a house. on the south side. (more details to follow... everything pending...) they may finally be leaving noco. (north county!)
  • karl's mom & rea left on their six week JOURNEY across the country... to salt lake city, washington state, and cali to see family! they are driving roughly 8 or 9 THOUSAND miles. road trip extraordinaire.
  • we have a day off next week! yippi!


i had a bbq stain on my white tshirt!

bbq couples shower for our friends mike and audra. there were about 25 people and everything turned out pretty well if i do say so myself. we ate bbq and played washers and opened presents and drank some beer... good times. we played catch phrase for a bit afterwards... haven't done that in a long time!

opening GIFTS - VERY importante!

the happy couple opening presents - they got some good loot!

enjoying a lovely evening of bbq and beer.

friends and family hanging out and chowing down! does it seem weird that everyone seemed to be wearing blue?

from the garden of mary kay....

the "outdoor" tables - aren't they beautiful? my mother in law helped with some details - tableclothes, centerpieces... seriously wonderful stuff! i could not throw any of these parties without her help. these flowers (i used some old sparkly bracelets of mine to hold together!) are from her backyard!

more MIL help!

the "indoor" table - shower-rific! now the weekend is over. boo. hiss. i don't want to go back to work! i am enjoying just hanging out.... must. do. laundry. and. reorganize. closet.


THANKFULLY dirty dancing is on tv tonight.


friday funnies...

i am not really one for 'animal' forwards but this one made me giggle... especially the harry potter one. it is called "why dogs bite their owners" and there are five pictures total. you might giggle. just a bit.

LINK: Why Dogs Bite Their Owners

tonight i am a cleaning machine b/c tomorrow we host audra and mike's couples shower at our casa. bring on the barbeque dresses and pray for good weather! must. have. pulled. pork. and. corona.

the blogosphere has made me very happy today. CHEERS all and have a good weekend!


s.j.h.g. b.day 06.

i would like to send some birthday love to ms. sarah jane hobbs gray. (far left).
mucho <3ing .="" span="">
additionally, i got this funny email link: North vs.South (as a wretched transplant yankee from the midwest i was slightly amused)


new blingity bling bling...

anniversary pressy... early! i know... we can never wait. either of us. we SUCK at surprises. karl bought me a diamond/saphhire band to wear... either with my ring or without (currently have no band). he had it for 5 days and couldn't take it anymore and gave it to me sunday at our picnic dinner at the river (following a funny-now-not-funny-then arguement... hahahahahah.) it's only two months early! i lurve it and stuff... i had to brag! sorry about that! i can't decide if i should wear it with the ring or on my right hand or just sometimes... i know... i lead a very rough life...all these VERY pressing decisions.

i am a lucky girl.

hottie whistles unite.

put your hottie whistles away... it's time to go HOME! alexis and i as the hostesses got these funny whistles that said "hottie whistle" on them (which were actually bought for emily's bach party but we forgot them that night! and i just couldn't let something like that go to waste!). they provided mucho entertainment. these are our sad let's go home now faces.

the leggo my eggo girls minus a few letters... heh.

the cutest - su and su and su rocks.

um... are you sure about that?

um.........the funniest picture ever.... you can caption it yourself but we were going for "what the hell is going ON?!?!"

token picture.

on stage at the piano bar... and stuff.

the group at bosco's.

the bachelorette group... sorry i am tired and this update might not be the best ever!


Nugget of Friday GOODNESS.

I know you are all out there blog surfing thinking WHY DOESN’T ANYONE UPDATE AND ENTERTAIN me??? It’s Friday for the love and who is working for real for real?

And then you thought maybe I would like to see more of Kat and Karl’s wedding pictures… those kids are so ATTRACTIVE that they were featured in the Missouri/Kansas Summer edition of the KNOT magazine as a “real” wedding.

I THOUGHT you might just be DYING to see it! So here it is...

Knot Feature: Karl and Kat


proof that we went to New Orleans.

Matt, Karl, and I decided to break up our drive home by heading to New Orleans for a night to stay with my friend
Melissa . My camera was alive to take this one, single picture of our beignets from Cafe DuMond! (yes, i had to look up the spelling of both of those).

She took us around NO to see some crazy Katrina destruction (still crazy and much more so in person than in pictures) and monday night we ate some jumbalaya and drank a hurricane on bourbon... the must do tourist things while you are there. FORTUNATELY for us, when we got up to leave at 7 am the next morning karl locked our keys in the car so that was SUPER fun... only a few hour delay waiting for Popalock or whatever they are called to break in.

all in all a fabulous road trip.... i am tired, my calves are sore (still!) from the beach, my abs are sore (still!) from laughing too much and i am (still!) severely dehydrated. thank god i am off work today! must. recover. before. audra's. bachelorette. this. weekend. jenny just got in town for work (staying thru Sunday) but she is sickly so send her some GET BETTER thoughts!

the rd & wedding!

the wedding was FABULOUS. the reception was F-U-N! i did NOT do a good job as photographer (sorry!!). my camera also died at the ceremony so i didn't really get any good shots. (we will have to wait till emily updates when she gets back... she looked stunning. seriously. seriously.) the top shot is of their "sand ceremony" which is essentailly the same thing as a unity candle.. kind of... they both took sand and put it in a jug and mixed it up. her dress was amazing. i wish i had gotten better pictures. patience is a virtue (and one i don't have).

the reception turned karaoke towards the end of the night and we all danced and jumped around and then jumped in the pool. entertainment.

fun in the sun...

okaloosa island/ft.walton/destin area has GORGEOUS beaches. gawd i love the beach! the sun, the sand, the OCEAN... beautiful. everything was great. matt, karl, and i decided to leave a little earlier than expected b/c we were TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP so we left at like 11 pm on Friday night and drove through the night... none of us slept.... we sang lots of songs and kept each other a wake... it was pretty fun for an all nighter! we thought we were going to sleep on the beach but then we were too excited to sleep when we got there and had a few drinks instead.... we did take a nap before the rehersal dinner for a few hours. on sunday afternoon blake took us all kite surfing (see top picture of blake with the kite) which was very cool.... i want to go back to the beach already.


what day is it? october.

www.ratelittlerock.com. tell me what you think about it. we took off the login stuff. i need opinions. real ones. if you are bored today this is the THING to do! then tell all your friends!

Funny karaoke story of the day:
Sing or Get Fired!
I found amusing.

Um, need to pack. the bride and groom (
Emily and Eric) have left for the beach and i can't wait to as well. matt, karl, and i are ROAD tripping it at 3:30 am on Saturday morning. there's room for one more. anyone? anyone? bueller? bought a cute new dress. know you can't wait to see pics.. haha. going to charge my camera battery NOW!


houses and horsies...

new pillows and lamp... pics of new curtains to come soon!

HELLLLLLLLLLLo... karl and i have been doing some work at home (with some HELP!) and it is cute and fun. My mother-in-law gifted us with these snazzy pillows and lamp.... ya'll just need to come over and see... the pic isn't doing the new look justice!

in other news, we are getting ready for the beach the beach the beach and the wedding the wedding the wedding.

cha cha now ya'll

roxy giving me some tongue. she's such a slut!


arlo is thickity thick.

roxy has a band (obviously) called "rox star and the pup pups" and arlo is her main man (dog horse person thing). i know - i am ridiculous.

p.s. i have officially resigned from the Little Gym. Time to party!


the sickly chair..

as promised the new chairs shall look like so...

wee-weese the seecwet weapon....

busy is good. right? right. some updates....

just wanted to update you on a few websites we (and by we i mean karl really) have RELEASED in recent history.

1. www.meatshoppe.com for a company in jacksonville who butchers their own meat and sells it for cheap. it is freaking good. check the pics of raw meat under products. totally hawt!
2. www.staffingark.org is for an association that my company helps to manage. (i did the blog... just released the site yesterday!)
3. www.mathewsandcompany.com (for our friends alissa and shane)

****4. and THE BEST and our most favorite (because we did it for fun!) is (drumroll please) www.ratelittlerock.com.
This is our fun time project so please get yourself a login and rate some stuff! I am going to do the editor's corner/pick thing so i will also be needing help with that little guy! Suggestions welcome to both of us at all times... you know how we do... we flexible!

and a redo of our company site: www.simpleclickdesign.com w/ these sites (and MORE!) under the profile!

In other news, we recovered our dining room chairs and we are getting new living room curtains thanks to my wonderful mother in law MK. I took pics last night but forgot them in the "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE" rush this morning!