friday funnies...

i am not really one for 'animal' forwards but this one made me giggle... especially the harry potter one. it is called "why dogs bite their owners" and there are five pictures total. you might giggle. just a bit.

LINK: Why Dogs Bite Their Owners

tonight i am a cleaning machine b/c tomorrow we host audra and mike's couples shower at our casa. bring on the barbeque dresses and pray for good weather! must. have. pulled. pork. and. corona.

the blogosphere has made me very happy today. CHEERS all and have a good weekend!


brooke knight said...

1)linkie no workie!

2)i FORGOT that that was this weekend! have the fun and give audra and mike the good wishes!

katandkarl said...

it is a word doc... it takes a minute to open and load. a looooong minute.

try again and stuff.

the gloria family said...

that is hilarious. the harry potter one sort of freaked me out. jr and i almost bought that yoda one for tyson last year.

Anonymous said...

i like the superman one. have fun at the shower! We will be in LR next weekend and for the 4th of July!! We need to get together

Susan said...

Barbeque dresses? What kind of attire is this?

Leah Billings said...

This will be my first official bbq of the summer. Can't wait!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Love the Yoda. I need to get one for Arnie. Although with the ears... don't know if he could pull it off. :)
Hooray for the bbq!!

brooke knight said...

why won't it open for me? i tried several ways. :( - i cant believe su hasnt heard about BBQ DRESSES!!!!!

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