Famous in Tees


what is happening?

we haven't been HERE so much as other places amongst the world wide like

HERE (Arkansas Business article featuring entrepreneurs in Arkansas - Karl was on the cover (albiet a teensy tiny 'see page 28' shot but the cover nonetheless!) in a Pandamonium T-shirt....standing in front of their whiteboard painted wall and next to the foosball table.) Rocking.
and HERE (Featured in Sync Weekly with my new friend Sarah from April's Little Rock Tweetup. Yep, a tweetup. To which I also wore a STL shirt... which, embarrassingly, is the EXACT shirt I have featured in my twitter profile picture. And I wore it. To a Tweetup. Yep. THAT, my friends, is bad. In my defense, I was on my way to a local baseball game.) Rocking.

Additionally, my group class on Monday (at my gym) had our pictures taken for an upcoming article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. (And, SURPRISE, I was ALSO wearing a t-shirt in that shot! Appropriately, it was a Little Rock Marathon shirt.) The article was about outdoor group fitness and I know the photog got a stellar shot of me huffing up some stairs! I will feature it if it prints. The photog also took a class shot of us running hill sprints - the class is mostly men in their 40s and 50s. I am one of (probably the) youngest, one of two regular female attenders, and SOLIDLY one of the slowest! You would think that would bother me but I'm just proud to be able to finish most days. (Downtown Athletic Club, I heart you and your punishment.)



AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDD speaking of t-shirts and workout PUNISHMENT, I haven't forgotten about my Virtual 5K (10K?).

If you are interested, I would like you to complete this here SURVEY! I'm thinking that I will provide free tshirts for the first 25 entrants (if there are that many) and then email the tshirt design to anyone else willing or wanting to participate. Oh, wait, here's the SURVEY! (And for those of you new to the blog or new to the concept, the virtual race is literally that... all of us running in different places on the same day...and I would love for you to run with me.)




are you ready for some football? or baseball?

We ventured to the park to play ball. What kind of ball? We're not really sure.

seeeester is here

One more Mac to add to the pile.


The Offenders

I think it's safe to say my child is not the biggest fan of change.

I bought him the shoes pictured above and made the HEINOUS mistake of putting them on his feet. (God forbid.)

He cried the whole time I put them on and flailed around trying to kick them off. We finally got them on his feet and he absolutely refused to walk in them. He held on to one of my hands and one of Karl's and stumbled between us, literally tiptoeing/awkward walking to the car, gingerly putting weight of them, crying the whole time. We strapped him in his car seat (for his panera favorite treat - pumpkin muffies!) where he dried his eyes, waved at his feet and said "bye bye shoes" over and over again. (in a very sad, quiet little voice.)

We had to carry him into the restaurant and he didn't move once seated.

Yep, I'm thinking these are his restaurant shoes.

two showers

When I tell you THE PREGNANCIES have infiltrated our circle, I don't mean it lightly!

This weekend we/I attended two showers (one of which I helped host but not at my house - yeow!). One was Saturday for TWINS daylee and hayes and one was Sunday for BABY GIRL sadie kate.

Here is pretty mama Su, round and gorgeous with two little aliens inside. (And her son Setler showing his tummy as well.)
Here are a few images from the shower.

I put flowers in boots and watering cans (One more image here):
We DEVOURED the spicy corn dip (and burgers & hotdogs from the barbecue pit. Er, the grill. WHATEVER.):
Aaaaaaaaaand then some cupcakes:
We opened presents:
And here is pretty mama Jaime on Sunday surrounded by her goodness. This girl is decorating her nursery in OWLS and I droooooooooooooooooooled all over all of her owl-related gifts.


what the truck?


(Baby Frances Katherine)


(Baby Parker)

(Shower for Baby Max)

As Nate would say "Oh the BABIES." (He like to add "oh the" before naming certain objects. It's pretty stellar. Oh the tree! Oh the car! Oh the bird! Oh the squirrel! (and with enthusiasm!) Oh the truck!

Except it sounds like 'oh the fuck!' Oh, yes, you have read that correctly. His mispronounce of the word truck sounds exactly like the f word. It's my karmic retribution for a lifetime of cursing. I have to walk around repeating really loudly "That IS a big TRRRRuck...t-t-t-trrrruck" so the people in the Kroger parking lot don't think I am raising a trucking heathen.


dear soda, why can't i quit you

So there's this thing: It's called Lent. People give things up for forty days in preparation for Easter, right? Right. I decided to participate this year. And, if I am going to be completely honest here, it wasn't really in prep for Jesus, it was for purely selfish reasons. (Like weight loss.)

Point: I gave up Coca Cola. It's definately the longest I have gone since, uh, childhood without a soda. Even pregnancy didn't really hinder my habit. (I cut back but didn't stop.) I don't drink diet anything, I don't drink Dr. Pepper or ANY other kind of soda (yucko!), I don't drink tea of ANY kind... nope, just the REAL DEAL COCA COLA CLASSIC.

So, for forty days, nothing.

I started refusing to eat at certain places because I knew the food just wouldn't taste as good without a Cola. (Yes, I'm one of 'those' people who can tell you which restaurants in Little Rock have decent soda - Purple Cow, I'm looking at you! Yum! Though I miss your old ice.)

Side note: (You would think this combination no coke and less eating out would help me loss weight, but that's didn't really happen. Eh.)

I felt so much more awake without soda (The lack of sugar crash!?) but continued to crave it pretty CONSTANTLY.

BUT AND BUT AND everyone told me it would taste gross and sweet and blahbity blah blah but you know what? I had one on Saturday.


And all I want to do is drive to the Kroger, buy a 12 pack and guzzle them all RIGHT NOW.

(I'm really trying to just have them for special occasions (like, say, Lunch.).)



he's like 25.

Holy Baby Fever.

I have it.

(She says as she sips her 3rd glass of wine today.)


everyone needs an alice

So, this post is going to be about The Internet and, in particular, a site called alice.com. Alice (the company) did not in any way prompt or contact me to write this post. I've been using the site for awhile now and am still enamored so I thought I would share.

Basically, it's a site that you order your, uh, home supplies (??) from (read: toilet paper and paper towels and tampons and deodorant and cleaning supplies and toothpaste, etc.). These are all items that annoy me to purchase and haul to the car to the house. (Read: I hate shopping. I promise I'm not lazy. And, I'm not complaining about erranding with Nate in tow BUT it is easier to order things online (free shipping!) than to corral an energetic-would-rather-be-running-around-and not-in-a-cart child.

I will say I emphatically and COMPLETELY disagree with their "everyone needs an alice" (simply b/c of the female factor) slogan, but it does communicate what they do (and it's so damn catchy) so I look past it. As a general household/life/marriage rule, Karl and I split shopping and cleaning pretty evenly b/c neither are tasks we particularly enjoy. (Read: So now he uses Alice too.)

Plus, ordering online eliminates my dangerous Target trips! That alone saves me money. I am in love with their black and blue toilet paper-filled boxes on my doorstep.
So, yea, check it out if you so choose.


Nate had his first (and second) popsicle ever today to celebrate April!