Famous in Tees


what is happening?

we haven't been HERE so much as other places amongst the world wide like

HERE (Arkansas Business article featuring entrepreneurs in Arkansas - Karl was on the cover (albiet a teensy tiny 'see page 28' shot but the cover nonetheless!) in a Pandamonium T-shirt....standing in front of their whiteboard painted wall and next to the foosball table.) Rocking.
and HERE (Featured in Sync Weekly with my new friend Sarah from April's Little Rock Tweetup. Yep, a tweetup. To which I also wore a STL shirt... which, embarrassingly, is the EXACT shirt I have featured in my twitter profile picture. And I wore it. To a Tweetup. Yep. THAT, my friends, is bad. In my defense, I was on my way to a local baseball game.) Rocking.

Additionally, my group class on Monday (at my gym) had our pictures taken for an upcoming article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. (And, SURPRISE, I was ALSO wearing a t-shirt in that shot! Appropriately, it was a Little Rock Marathon shirt.) The article was about outdoor group fitness and I know the photog got a stellar shot of me huffing up some stairs! I will feature it if it prints. The photog also took a class shot of us running hill sprints - the class is mostly men in their 40s and 50s. I am one of (probably the) youngest, one of two regular female attenders, and SOLIDLY one of the slowest! You would think that would bother me but I'm just proud to be able to finish most days. (Downtown Athletic Club, I heart you and your punishment.)



AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDD speaking of t-shirts and workout PUNISHMENT, I haven't forgotten about my Virtual 5K (10K?).

If you are interested, I would like you to complete this here SURVEY! I'm thinking that I will provide free tshirts for the first 25 entrants (if there are that many) and then email the tshirt design to anyone else willing or wanting to participate. Oh, wait, here's the SURVEY! (And for those of you new to the blog or new to the concept, the virtual race is literally that... all of us running in different places on the same day...and I would love for you to run with me.)




Lauryl Lane said...

WHOA NELLY! When did your hair get so long? And how do I make mine do that???

Leah Billings said...

Confession time: I bought one of those C25K apps about 2 months ago and have yet to get started...but this gives me the perfect reason to have something to work towards. Training will commence tomorrow. 5K here I come!!

brooke knight said...

fun times, kitten. tell sister i adore her haircut. that is a really good length for her.

Maria said...

t-shirts are nice. ;)

melissa said...

i really love this post. it's nuts. and i miss you. PLUS you and your sister are super hot. xoxox

Richmond Rookie said...

You are two very busy young professionals! I love that you do the outdoor fitness with all those tough dudes. If I said things like, "you go girl," I would say it now.

Angela said...

I love your dress-- and your long hair!

Audreya said...

T-shirts are among the greatest inventions ever. I'd say a good 80% of my pictures are in t-shirts. I wish I could wear them to work. The polo shirt would probably be as close as I could get away with, but I still can't bring myself to wear those. Recovering from Catholic school, you know...

The Smiths said...

Ha. Go read the post I just did about C25K. What is the date of the virtual 5K, before I commit. Post is also about my alice.com trial thanks to you. Anxiously awaiting a big box on my door step.

Stacia said...

If I am not at work I usually have on a tshirt..love them and I love your hair long!

sdhorton said...

ummm. is it bad to sign up for the run just for the t-shirt?

Jennifer said...

You know I'm in for the racey race. Also i love the pictures of your sister and you. HOT!

Amy B. said...

I love knowing famous people. You're famous.

Since you posted it, I want to mention something about that Arkansas Business picture that has been bugging me. The caption says they're BEHIND a whiteboard filled with brainstorming. No they're not. They're in front of it!!!

Where are their editors?

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