happy labour day

catch you on the flip side.

don't you love his old man eyebrows?

9 weeks, 1 day



2 months: damn i was going for thoughtful

did i tell you we have a daycare? did i? well, we do. and we are happy about it.

aparantly in little rock, you need to begin calling for infant care before you get preggo. i called one place around 20 weeks and they may have laughed at me and said "we'll put you on the waiting list."

nate even got an acceptance letter. addressed to him. that began with "Congratulations..." just like getting into college.

anyway. that is done. work is looming. sept 22 is my scheduled return date.

i can't blog. the cardinals and brewers are playing and the race for the NL wild card is getting intense. got to go. it's very stressful.

2 months (HOLY CRAP!)


taggies... you're it

Aubrey, Melissa, Leah, Meredith and some other folks did this a bit ago. I am catching UP!

my six slightly off but totally normal (errrr) things:

1. i eat garlic salt straight out of the bottle. i pour it in my hand and lick the tip of my opposite index finger and lap it up. like fun dip. when? whenever. when i am cooking, when i am wandering around talking on my cell phone, when i need a snack. i also lick bullion cube wrappers. and eat copious amounts of shelled sunflower seeds. i love salt.

2. i am obsessed with notebooks (i adore 3 subject college ruled spirals)/journals (lined, unlined, covered, uncovered)/blank pages. new ones that is. this is not normal b/c i don't keep a written journal or sketch. at all. i pick them up in the store, smell the paper, WANT to buy them (desperatly), sometimes do. i like to buy them, write a few things.. make a few lists, then generally they sit in a drawer until i pick them up months (OK sometimes years) later and laugh at what I penned.

3. i save useless crap. no, like really. that note brooke left on my door freshman year of college that says someting like "beer at hut? 7pm?"... yep, still got it. i saved all the gift lists from all my wedding showers. one of them was ripped to shred and i had spilled a chocolate shake all over it. i found it in the nursery closet when we were cleaning out that room. it smelled. i cried when karl convinced me to (made me) throw it away.

4. i am not really hard core. i do believe giving birth au natural at home has given everyone a slanted picture of my pain tolerance. last week, i put my hand in the ice cube bin to get some ice. i had just washed my hands and the ice cubes stuck to them. it hurt. i cried. (i guess i support pain with a purpose - is that considered hard core?)

5. most of you know this, but i HATE to drive. (this MAY be a large part of my desire to move to NYC.) if i never had to drive again, i would be a hap-hap-happy girl. i would sell my car in a heartbeat. i have never really had an accident (well, except for that one time i wrecked that dude's car on our first date but THAT, my friends is a story for another time.) also, i am direction retarded so there is that. really, if we are going out, you should probably drive. you might see me spazz about turning left... we are talking hour long waits here. and if it's raining? dear god don't even get in the car with me.

6. i was president of a sorority. hah. that feels funny to even type that now. it feels so long ago. a sorority which brooke and i decided "participation with a sideways glance" was the mentality to have when we signed up and then wound up being president and vice president. ha. truth? i think i liked it...like a lot of it. not all of it, mind you, but a lot. i love having friends (sorority or not) and being a friend and going out and partying and, gasp, having a beverage or two (or 3 or 4) while (clearly) figuring out the secrets of the universe and solving all the world's problems. guess i am just "OVERLY SOCIAL" like that.

i tag, um, whoever has not participated in this yet.

8 weeks, 2 days


the beast is awake

the beast is awake so i should, like, entertain him, right? (harder than one would think really.)

sometimes we have concerts. i sing. he either cries. or not. he loves the beatles. he hates avril.

sometimes we read books. he really likes the one about the baby bear. and by likes i mean he will focus his attention on the page for, oh, approximately 5 to 10 seconds.

sometimes we walk around the house and i introduce nate to all the light fixtures in the house. he REALLY likes lights. his favorite is the kitchen. (possibly b/c it is both light AND fan. amazing when you think about it. i mean really.)

sometimes we go outside. if it's not too hot or raining. the leaves on the trees are PRETTY interesting.

sometimes he just hangs out by himself. kicking. waving. starting to make some noise. i feel i should not inturrupt his "nate time."

sometimes i have ABSOLUTELY no clue what to do with him. so we just stare at each other. that gets pretty boring. or he sleeps while i scarf food, attempt to shower, or attempt to nap!

sometimes i call all my friends in a desperate attempt to feel sane! or we GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! (which is becoming easier. ish. i just wish his head was less wobbly already!)

sometimes we cry. mostly him. sometimes me.

sometimes we laugh. these are the best times. well, i laugh. he smiles. hopefully laughter will happen semi-soon. i like laughter. laugh it out.

sometimes we practice our rhythmic gymnastics. with our huuuuge heeeeds (like an orange on a toothpick!)

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what do you think? first mother son team? (Beijing here we come!)

today i took out all his clothes. i seem to stick him in the same onsies over and over b/c i am "saving" his other outfits. i am not sure what i am saving them FOR exactly, so it is time for some new outfits.

family (karls) wedding this weekend. lots of people wanting to love on little nater.

7 weeks, 6 days


my hand is freaking AWESOME

more pictures to follow with jennifer lenore. for now, we must eat DAMGOODE PIES. Spicy Five Stuffy with Pink Sauce please and thank you. (that's a lot of cheese - 5 kinds and a combo marinara/spicy alfredo sauce. in a full on stuffed crusty pizza pie. yea, you're jealous.)

7 weeks, 2 days


happy arms for hugging!

big hugs to all our teacher friends who are going back or starting school this year.

nate and i have an appointment with kim, our midwife, tomorrow. so, we'll let you know how it goes.

i don't have anything terribly exciting to report.

have JUST NOW started to feel like a normal, functioning person again. kind of. 'they' (other parents) tell you it's hard to explain and MAN, it really is. i have never experienced anything as crazy, demanding, emotional (oh the tears!), and awesome (all at the same time) for such an extended period of time. i still can't believe YOU JUST GET TO KEEP A BABY once it comes out. unsupervised. no directional manual. ;)

i am ridiculously glad my maternity leave is 12 weeks and not 6. i can't imagine being back at work just yet. (if only b/c i leak through every shirt i put on.)

WOULD like to say (sorry all i talk about is nate) that karl and i have been big supporters of sleeping in our room (either in the pack n play or cosleeping). we didn't even put nate in his crib/nursery until two days ago. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? the little BUGGER loved his stupid crib. LOVED IT. he stretched out, kicked his little legs, flailed his little arms, smiled a few times, and proceeded to sleep FOR FIVE HOURS. so, his crib he will stay! (well, we can't resist bringing him to bed for an early morning cuddle! he's so far away across the hall!) he has gotten into SOMEWHAT of a nighttime routine.... i probably shouldn't type it for fear of jinxing myself. BUT he will eat around 11pm, then around 2-3, then around 5-6. Cross your fingers it stays that way for us for awhile! He is also nursing much better at night (former PROBLEM time) so it makes getting up with him almost seem, dare i say it, enjoyable. (i am going to laugh at how stupid that sounds when i re-read this at 3a.m.... as i have only had this 'enjoyable' feeling ONE NIGHT.) we don't really 'schedule' him at all - he wakes, eats, and sleeps on demand. i know many disagree with this 'method' but he really does seem to follow somewhat of a natural schedule... he naps in the morning and the afternoon, he is awake and alert a lot now during the day... i feel okay about it. scheduling can come later. though i do wish i could schedule his diapers as breast fed babies can have a BM (tee hee) EITHER ten times a day or ONCE every ten days. NICE RANGE THERE, right? TALK ABOUT STRESS/OBSESSION! (and THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS, i have officially broken my blog rule of never talking about baby poops (poopS with an 's' makes it sound more professional) on the blog. I AM SORRY! I will make up for it with more interesting and adult topics (oh la la) at a later date.)

6 weeks, 5 days


nate's first hold-up

or just some delicious bbq in one of little rock's finer neighborhoods. so yummy. (nate loves chopped beef, potato salad, greens, & cornbread.)

yep, that's about the extent of my saturday. we bought a microwave. life IS exciting.

nate had a rough night last night (read: i THINK we got about three hours of sleep.) it was a rough go - the worst night we have had since he came home, er, was born. want my happy, chill baby back. anyone? anyone? let's chalk it to a growth spurt. er. i hope. please.

6 weeks, 2 days


bringing home baby!

did you have a coming home outfit for your child (definition: a specially selected ensemble by the parents for the baby's first ride home from the hospital.)? karl's momma found KARL's coming home outfit in all its 1980 GLORY. there were shoes (with laces!), knee high socks, a blue collared onsie AND a HAT!! the hat is quite possibly the funniest and MY FAVORITE adorable part.

nate was a good sport and let us play dress up. we couldn't resist. we laughed a lot. it was stinking cute. then we looked through some old photo albums - i must say nater hater looks A LOT like karl. (don't they ALL look like their daddies!!??! we scanned a few pictures which i will post soon.)

with that little cap, he kind of looks like a fake baby doll. (of the scary movie variety.) in the cutest way ever. (Of course.)

baby nate didn't have a coming home outfit - i just threw some onsies (and a HAT!) in his diaper bag. but, after it was all said and done, i suppose his coming home outfit was his birthday suit!

6 weeks.


breastfeeding and freakshow toes

1. happy world breastfeeding week! if you know any ladies, that breastfeed, well, it's the week to talk about it and support it! i think i have complained enough about nate and my rough start to the breastfeeding world (STILL working on it, but, it has, in fact, gotten better. BUT i didn't believe anyone when they told me it got better. but it is. it still sometimes takes nater tater FOREVER to eat (drink?). and his latch isn't always perfect. and we can only 'eat' in like one or two positions. and we are still working with weaning from nipple shields (you don't want to know!) i can't wait till it becomes "second nature" but i must remind my impatient little self he is only 6 weeks old and we had a few bumps in the road, so we are both working toward the relationship so baby nate can have some delicious, nutritious, and free MILK. (why do they call it milk, really? it's not pasturized, it doesn't really look like cow's milk and it certainly doesn't taste like cow's milk! (HAHAHA. yea, i tried it.) (and, no, he is not really eating in that picture.)

looking back, i think i was too concerned with scheduling and him eating every 2-3 hours but really i should have just PUT HIM UP THERE all the time that first week or two and let him lead more than me. (and not pumped myself into having an oversupply that left me so swollen and engorged i could do nothing but cry in pain for a few days. and apply frozen cabbage leaves and/or other cold things.) but, hey, well, i was all sore AND a bit of the control freak in me took over (shock) and i really wanted to quantify everything that was 'going in' to my child. our society is # obsessed. (ME for SURE.)

to date, i have nursed in my car and at friends houses. i still feel nervous about public nursing. i might try the hooter hider for awhile. yep, the hooter. hider. it's a real product.

i would like to extend a special thanks to MARIA for supporting me and checking in with me these past few weeks - i hope i can do that for my future boobie mommies. it is much needed.

2. see that CHUNK starting on his legs in picture #2? i don't have a weight for you but he is getting bigger and loooooonger and chunkier. nothing like a chunky baby!

3. i like my men to have freakshow long toes. nate's feet look JUST like karls (whos toes look like my fingers!) it's bizarre to see yourself and your husband in this little person.

i have another fun post coming soon. stay tuned.

5 weeks, 6 days



yesterday was 105. (that is degrees F.) i JUST checked weather.com and it said "97. feels like 111." (AT 7 PM!!)

i want to use my kick-ass stroller and get some freaking exercise. but it. is. too. hot. to. take. a. one. month. old. outside. (for an extended period of time.) (i mean, seriously, i checked the temp when i was up feeding this morning at like 6 and it was already in the 80s!) hopefully i will be cleared for exercise this week at my 6 week post part vistit! ah, well, i still love the heat. maybe i will be cleared to swim as well. what else do you get cleared for at 6 week post partem? i guess you get the all clear to do anything you want and your uterus is no longer at risk of falling out! and we get to talk about birth control. NO IRISH TWINS please and thank you. (though, secretly, i think it would be cool, but, logically, rationally, mmm, not so much.)

nate survived his first get together (dare i say party?) at casa de hills this weekend to celebrate blake being in town. he slept most of the time and then entertained us with his old man faces & ways (eating, farting, dozing) for the rest of the evening. sheer amusement.

THIS is my favorite thing ever (of the day): CLICK HERE! I AM THE GREATEST PITCHER IN THE WORLD! it makes me happy! i hope smashed-naters-n-gravy has this attitude about life.

the cardinals need to STEP IT UP.

oh, and i ate a taco. (granted, it was taco beuno so not REAL mexican food. yet. baby steps.)

5 weeks, 3 days.


wanna dress you up in my love

now i understand why mommas dress up their children and take pictures of them.

how adorable is this sleep sack? (and useful! nate is napping in it RIGHT NOW!)

aunt kristy was in town this week. she likes nate.

blake is here for the weekend to visit his parents. he likes nate too.

we played SCRABBLE last night. (and i won somehow!)

crap. i just heard some funky noises coming from the direction of nate's swing (which he is in; i swear the swing makes him GO). i forsee a diaper change, um, right now.

babies let out some massive gaseous noises, right? having a boy baby somehow makes this seem ok. (is that weird?) i mean, what would i do if i had a sweet little girl? karl says SURELY i never passed gas or had dirty diapers when i was a child. i agreed. roses, people, roses.

oh, AND, check this out!

it's kind of WRONG and AWESOME all at the same time. they are 'milk screens' strips to test your breast milk for alcohol content. so i guess you pump after you drink and dip the stick in there to test it! so nate can't get wasted when mommy has a few drinks. HA. honestly, i haven't had the urge to drink (except i did want a beer RIGHT after delivery! and we didn't have any beer in our house if you can believe that!) and honestly, if i had a drink or two i probably wouldn't worry too much. still, entertaining, right? who knew?

5 weeks, 1 day