taggies... you're it

Aubrey, Melissa, Leah, Meredith and some other folks did this a bit ago. I am catching UP!

my six slightly off but totally normal (errrr) things:

1. i eat garlic salt straight out of the bottle. i pour it in my hand and lick the tip of my opposite index finger and lap it up. like fun dip. when? whenever. when i am cooking, when i am wandering around talking on my cell phone, when i need a snack. i also lick bullion cube wrappers. and eat copious amounts of shelled sunflower seeds. i love salt.

2. i am obsessed with notebooks (i adore 3 subject college ruled spirals)/journals (lined, unlined, covered, uncovered)/blank pages. new ones that is. this is not normal b/c i don't keep a written journal or sketch. at all. i pick them up in the store, smell the paper, WANT to buy them (desperatly), sometimes do. i like to buy them, write a few things.. make a few lists, then generally they sit in a drawer until i pick them up months (OK sometimes years) later and laugh at what I penned.

3. i save useless crap. no, like really. that note brooke left on my door freshman year of college that says someting like "beer at hut? 7pm?"... yep, still got it. i saved all the gift lists from all my wedding showers. one of them was ripped to shred and i had spilled a chocolate shake all over it. i found it in the nursery closet when we were cleaning out that room. it smelled. i cried when karl convinced me to (made me) throw it away.

4. i am not really hard core. i do believe giving birth au natural at home has given everyone a slanted picture of my pain tolerance. last week, i put my hand in the ice cube bin to get some ice. i had just washed my hands and the ice cubes stuck to them. it hurt. i cried. (i guess i support pain with a purpose - is that considered hard core?)

5. most of you know this, but i HATE to drive. (this MAY be a large part of my desire to move to NYC.) if i never had to drive again, i would be a hap-hap-happy girl. i would sell my car in a heartbeat. i have never really had an accident (well, except for that one time i wrecked that dude's car on our first date but THAT, my friends is a story for another time.) also, i am direction retarded so there is that. really, if we are going out, you should probably drive. you might see me spazz about turning left... we are talking hour long waits here. and if it's raining? dear god don't even get in the car with me.

6. i was president of a sorority. hah. that feels funny to even type that now. it feels so long ago. a sorority which brooke and i decided "participation with a sideways glance" was the mentality to have when we signed up and then wound up being president and vice president. ha. truth? i think i liked it...like a lot of it. not all of it, mind you, but a lot. i love having friends (sorority or not) and being a friend and going out and partying and, gasp, having a beverage or two (or 3 or 4) while (clearly) figuring out the secrets of the universe and solving all the world's problems. guess i am just "OVERLY SOCIAL" like that.

i tag, um, whoever has not participated in this yet.

8 weeks, 2 days


♥Joy♥ said...

You could have tagged "JOY" and whoever else has participated yet. THEN I would feel OBLIGED!


jennifer said...

I will vouch for the low pain tolerance..screaming in pain BEFORE i even hit you, hopefully nater salad grows up a little tougher!

Sarah said...

i love his button nose.

i hate to drive too!!!!! I HATE IT. i should have put it on my list.

Kelz World said...

yeah i totally agree on the hate to drive thing and being directionally retarded.

melissa said...

I also, love notebooks/journals...really all office supplies (it's actually kind of an obsession...seriously)! save everything and hate to drive!

You used to drive us everyday! You were so good at it :)

melissa said...

holy frijole, kat. you've driven to and from tulsa p-l-e-n-t-y of times, even when i said i would take the wheel. hate it you may, but do it you will. : )
p.s. your kid is getting cuter every f*cking day! xoxo

Unknown said...

Love the middle picture. Seth's coonass relatives call that pouty lip a "bobin" pronounced [Bob (like the name)- in]. By the way, it took me forever to find [ on the keyboard just now. Anyhow, Setler can still bust out the bobin sometimes. Love it. I MIGHT try this 7 odd things about me, but I'm afraid I'm really not that interesting. I'll see what I can come up with.

Susan said...

That was obviously not Seth, but Susan. I don't know how that happened! He doesn't even comment/look at my blog!

brooke knight said...

i JUST got rid of the note in lipstick that said (on torn pink paper)

"Hut beer

and of course, i obliged.

ahh, hut beer.

Maria said...

I love the pouty face pick. The lip out is adorable. :)

the day's said...

my little demons started school today :( it might be time for me to take nate and his mom to lunch...don't worry i'll drive.

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