the beast is awake

the beast is awake so i should, like, entertain him, right? (harder than one would think really.)

sometimes we have concerts. i sing. he either cries. or not. he loves the beatles. he hates avril.

sometimes we read books. he really likes the one about the baby bear. and by likes i mean he will focus his attention on the page for, oh, approximately 5 to 10 seconds.

sometimes we walk around the house and i introduce nate to all the light fixtures in the house. he REALLY likes lights. his favorite is the kitchen. (possibly b/c it is both light AND fan. amazing when you think about it. i mean really.)

sometimes we go outside. if it's not too hot or raining. the leaves on the trees are PRETTY interesting.

sometimes he just hangs out by himself. kicking. waving. starting to make some noise. i feel i should not inturrupt his "nate time."

sometimes i have ABSOLUTELY no clue what to do with him. so we just stare at each other. that gets pretty boring. or he sleeps while i scarf food, attempt to shower, or attempt to nap!

sometimes i call all my friends in a desperate attempt to feel sane! or we GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! (which is becoming easier. ish. i just wish his head was less wobbly already!)

sometimes we cry. mostly him. sometimes me.

sometimes we laugh. these are the best times. well, i laugh. he smiles. hopefully laughter will happen semi-soon. i like laughter. laugh it out.

sometimes we practice our rhythmic gymnastics. with our huuuuge heeeeds (like an orange on a toothpick!)

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what do you think? first mother son team? (Beijing here we come!)

today i took out all his clothes. i seem to stick him in the same onsies over and over b/c i am "saving" his other outfits. i am not sure what i am saving them FOR exactly, so it is time for some new outfits.

family (karls) wedding this weekend. lots of people wanting to love on little nater.

7 weeks, 6 days


Jennifer said...

i just soiled my trousers i laughed so hard....thanks for that.

Now I have to go do laundry....

♥Joy♥ said...

lol you will continue to get suprised the bigger he gets. kids is my business, especially babies! not only do they LOVE lights and ceiling fans, they LOVE paper and boxes. among other things. =D i love babies and he is so freaking cute!

i added u to my blogger. because i rock that way. or i guess you rock that way. either way someone rocks! =D

brooke knight said...

i, however, was slightly alarmed by the jib jab thing. pretty funny.

beauuuuuuuutiful pics. i love them a lot. how sweet of you to photo him in things that are from people - firecracker, tie dye, etc. is that a conscious thing?

love you tons. i love nater and karl and lo-lo and rox too.

brooke knight said...

shit. i just looked at them all big-sized and now i am tearing up. the one in his swing he looks SO BIG and he definitely looks like KARLTHLEEN. SO MUCH LIKE BOTH OF YOU. its awesome.

Angela said...

I might have peed my pants watching the Jib Jab thing. He is so freaking cute!

melissa said...


thanks for the audio book link!

the day's said...

i almost peed my pants....ok, i did a little. that is the funniest thing i have ever seen. i LOVE your blog...it is my bit of adult sanity in my child-geared world. :)btw, thank you for the sweet, get well, kissy-nate wishes!

melissa said...

this is my favorite post of yours ever. i love everything about it. the pic of naterade in the swing makes him look so grown up. and his head is comically much larger than yours in the gymnastic routine, which is comedy gold. love you, sweets. call me anytime you need to feel sane. xoxo

Susan said...

Ok, I can't see the video on my stupid dial-up connection. I am very upset about that cause it is apparently HI-larious! All the other pics are great though. Life is so simple and cool for them, huh? Everything is new and exciting. What innocence!

kristen said...

ok that was freaky! haha. does the little one play with toys yet? the plastic ring with big plastic keys was always a big hit with drew. when oh when will he be big enough for me to play with him. i can't wait!

Aunt Becky said...

Kids love on the lights and ceiling fans. Want to watch him go insane? Go to Home Depot to the lighting department. ALWAYS a hit!

Chandle said...

I love your pictures. I think he is so freakin cute.

Sarah said...

i love him and can't wait to meet him!!!!!

in that second picture, i totally see a mix of you and karl. it is almost freaky. i guess that is what the two of you would look like as one person.

go gymnastics team hills!

this is my favorite post preggo post to date!!!!

Sarah said...

and jenny wrote trousers, but will not let me say blouse.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pics! I read your blog at work but I cant pull up pics there for some reason all of a sudden. AND IT MAKES ME MAD b/c I CANT SEE NATER TOT!

But..wow...what a cutie..and way to go for him not liking Avril. Good job Nate.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Google Reader did not allow me to watch the video, but I'm so glad it finally worked. ;) HIIIILARIOUS. Those leotards are incredible. Where did you get them? And where did you get those moves? I will be your coach. For real. Although it appears you do not need it.

Ben, Jeremy's friend, once got an entire video "starring" him, just like that. It was his imaginary birthday party. I swear I had never laughed that hard.