Frank the Tank.

My windows were frosty this morning and I had breathing puffs. BOO. HISS. I had to wear my blanket in the car. Just say NO to cold weather. (Though it has been ABSOLUTELY gorgeous here this week!)

Goals of this weekend:

  • Get the Guest Room NEW sheets and comforter put on the bed (cute and on clearance from tar-jey)
  • Run in the Big Dam Bridge 5K (http://www.bigdambridge.com/) on Saturday at 10:30. Attempt to NOT die trying to keep up with Karl. (his goal time: 28 minutes. Think I might do 28 and he might do a lot faster. Sigh. This is what I get for watching TV (good TV!!) while he goes out training! (Isn’t running MY thing? I suck at it now!)
  • Find a fourth for the Tulsa ROUTE 66 Marathon Relay! (http://www.route66marathon.com/) So far we have Karl, My Self, Audra, and…. (matt price? You in?) November 19th.
  • Take my dogs for a looooooong walk. They are so hyper with the weather change.
  • Reorganize the guest bedroom and the office closets.
  • I am sure there are many more and most have to do with CLEANING. BLAH.

Goals in THE NEAR FUTURE (like next week!)

  • Lose a million pounds
  • Get my hair cut and colored and my eyebrows waxed off (very exciting)
  • Go to the dentist (blah)
  • Buy a hutch to put the china from our wedding in (the same china that is mostly still in boxes and THAT is depressing! I am going to use it and SOON.)
  • Paint my living room! Any helpers? I will make you fancy dinner on fancy china as a reward!

Goals of my LIFE:

  • Start a business that makes me MILLIONS.
  • Be on Survivor.
  • Keep off the millions of pounds I lost in my NEAR FUTURE goal.
  • Um… there are more but I will not share them with you. (Sorry!)

Um.. these lists are kind of depresso. (in a we-have-got-a-nice-little-Saturday-planned-kind-of-way. Home Depot. Bed Bath Beyond.)

Let’s do something EXCITING. Thoughts?


more birthdays...

Today Google turns 8 years old. Hmmm what did you do in your first eight years (biggest accomplishment wise!)? Learn cursive or change the way the world thinks about the internet? Think about it. It’s kind of scary the things Google has done (please don’t delete my blog!)

(stop poking fun of me for being obsessed with google now)


karl is old.

hmm... this pic didn't turn out quite the way i had anticipated. my camera and karl's computer had a fight and it won. the pictures came off my camera like 15 megs large and then i shrunk them and they were too small and finally i just gave up.
today, september 26, 2006 is karl's day of birth. send him some loving. he is kind of nice.


ay yay yay weekend o fun

Fun FUN weekend! We had a great time at our neighbor’s birthday party (with and without the rain). I learned a lot of new cheers from my little cheerleading buddies. I particularly bonded with the one who said “I don’t cheer. I play football” and allowed me to paint those anti-glare lines under her eyeballs instead of pom pons and flowers.

We watched the Razorback game at Eric & Em’s – what a nail biter. I still feel bad for POOR TIFFIN… the Bama kicker who missed three extra points on three separate kicks and allowed the Razorbacks to win by ONE in OT!! Poor kiddo. As Audra said, “someone is keying that guy’s car!” It really was an exciting game and TU won (yea!) in OT as well and the Cardinals lost (boo) and Missouri and Oklahoma won (yea!) and the ND and Mich game was pretty yummy.

The weather was WONDERFUL after it stopped raining and we even made it DOWNTOWN to the Flying Saucer Saturday evening (Well Audra and Melissa and Matt and myself did anyway!) See pics. I am especially in love with the hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil posed pic b/c normally that pose requires SERIOUS faces and we all look quite haughty and silly and I have q-tips like fingers and A looks like she has a fun secret and Melissa looks like a little one playing hide and seek! I title it: Delightfully carefree.

Check tomorrow for a very special POST!


Here are some fun pics from my USGBC Arkansas Seminar at the Clinton Library that happened yesterday. This event was semi-high stress for me but it turned out to be very successful and everyone seemed pleased! (insert sigh of relief!) My review of the Clinton Library staff (both the facilities and the catering) is NOT favorable and I would like to call William Jefferson and let him know. Think he cares? Nah… he is probably worried about more important things than the quality of the food Café 42 provides. Not that big of a deal anyway now that everything is over and done with and everyone is happy.

The pic of the two guys “discussing” was featured in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette this morning (daily news here in the Rock) so we got a little press for this one.

All conferences are OVER (until next Friday) and I am going to relax ALLLLLLL weekend long (and do some laundry and clean my ENTIRE house… hmmm.. this is not sounding relaxing.) We are attending our neighbor Alan’s 10th birthday party at War Memorial (football stadium) on Saturday. Karl is the “Arkansas Razorback” coach and I am going to be the head cheerleader for the little chicas. (Though for the record I think the girls should be playing football if they want to.) I think I am going to bring face paint and tattoo their little faces with footballs. Any thoughts on where to buy face paint?

Did you SEE survivor last night? Most hilarious episode ever. One of my all time favorite survivor moments.


lost in conference land...

i am lost. in. conference. land.

today i had the following problems at my conference:

  • My morning food order was short.
  • My AV was HORRID and the speakers PowerPoint slides were ITTY BITTY.
  • Everytime the conference center messed with the lights in the adjacent room it was like a freaking disco club in my room.
  • The Peabody would not let me bring in the bottled water that was part of the sponsorship package for one our vendors. Instead, they charged $3.50 for the EXACT same bottle from the EXACT same company. That is $3.50 before taxes and gratuity. And let me tell you about tax and grat at the peabody - it's hefty!
  • The adjacent room was host to a rotary club luncheon event that played the loudest and most annoyingly rotary-riffic music ever that carried thru the walls while the keynote speaker was speaking during our lunch. (not. good.) i mean how do you fix that??!?!? i can't just sound proof the walls on a dime and I certainly didn't schedule the other luncheon!
  • My brown wedges = no longer conference shoes = swollen ankles.
  • I got up at like 5, was at work at like 6 and got home at like 6 (p.m.). This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to do it all over again tomorrow... and Thursday.

I might die! But I am verrrrrrry excited about my Thursday seminar (it's at the Clinton Library!) and all and all things - though crazy - are actually going pretty well overall... sorry if you don't get quick email responses or phone calls from me!


carol wee witwack...

tin doggity dog... stopped there friday night when we got in town for a beer! ahhh.. tin dog. my favorite hole in the wall in the hole (whole) wide world.

the female portion of the tailgate

some girls - all chi-o's - we were aiming for the let's be as sorority-tastic as possible. pretty sure we succeeded. i didn't have my camera so i stole this picture from wacqueline wells. tailgating was fun. i am sleepy now and have 80000000 million things to do at work this week - three conferences.. yikes!
our tailgate was fine - it was quite hot and sweaty but we had a good time anyway.


Sorry this picture is ugly!

I just accidentally deleted my whole blog entry so I am rewriting and it can’t possibly be as funny as the first time b/c now I am pissy!

  1. Happy Birthday BAknight. You are an old lady. Normally Ms. Knight likes to say 10 Days till my birthday 10 days out and so on and so forth until the very day of her birth celebration. She did not do that this year so I must do it for her! I think it is because she is apprehensive about her aging OBLS.
  2. Ms. Wacqueline Wells – ATTORNEY at LAW. Congrats! Let’s start rehearsing for your commercials!
  3. Ms. Susan Day Mulhearn is celebrating her last week as an ABPG employee! Congrats to her! The ABPG Alumnae is an elite crew and cultural phenomenon! HH tonight!
  4. Homecoming = this weekend. Word. (insert sigh of happiness). Karl is playing the annual KA actives vs. alum game Saturday morning while I will be drinking a beer and setting up a tent. TU will be playing at 6 p.m. and they might even be (gasp) sold out.
  5. Karl ran 5 miles on Sunday and I am very happy for him. I am also very annoyed because it is supposed to be ME that is good at running and working out because HE is better than ME at everything else. Sigh. Please give him a slap on the booty (congratulatory sports slap on the booty) for me since my own booty has been glued to my couch for the past two months.
  6. People are moving in and out of houses all around the nation and I am very happy for all of them (and extra (selfishly) happy that we don’t have to help any of them move!)

Lots of changes, Max, Lots of Changes. There are many other things going on but these are the six that I chose for today, Tuesday, September 12, 2006: Brooke’s Birthday.

P.S. Go see Little Ms. Sunshine!


Immune system of steel = failure.

I will have you know I went to bed at 7:00 p.m. last night and slept straight thru till this morning at 7:00 a.m. And I just might do it again tonight. I have floaty head.

I told Karl yesterday I would give him $100 if he would buy me a Little Skeezers pizza and not talk to me for the rest of the evening. On a positive note, THE LAST freaking UNICORN (one of my favorite movies of ALL time) was playing on a movie channel last night so I ate my Skeezers and watched the Last Unicorn and Sprout network until I sweat myself into sleep under four pounds of blankets!

I am very glad it is the weekend! Anyone else kind of like Kayne’s dress on Project Runway? Call me TACKY but I did!



WOW!! We did a lot of touristy things. At first I was worried about looking too touristy and well, small town, but EVERYONE had maps and there were toursits everywhere especially on a holiday weekend! so i just gave in to it! the weather was great (excluding saturday when it rained from morning to night and we got soaked running around!)
Some highlights:
- sitting on top of the bus and taking the hop-on and hop-off tour thru both uptown and downtown
- the producers (broadway musical)
- the Met and MOMA
- Central Park (quite possibly my favorite thing about the whole trip - just the concept of it is so wonderful
- Ground Zero (not much there even five years later)
- Riding the SUBWAY. I found this cheapo and fun. Do you think LR will get public transport like that any time soon?
- Millions of different places and faces!
- THE FOOD! We spent way too much money on food. Oh well!
There are lots of pics! We tried not to go too overboard with the camera! (Trust me I have MORE!)

On a side note, the one thing that was annoying was people's faces when we told them we were from arkansas. i guess i never have really gotten the FULL on perception of the Natural State on the East Coast. It was somewhat ridiculous. We are smart and educated and have jobs and money and own homes and cars. (hello we function just like they do... possibly better!?!?!) I mean what do they freaking think? One of 'them' I told I was originally from Missouri and they were then ok.... somehow being from one state up *yankee town* made it all okay.

broadway super stars drink wine fast b/w intermission!

my $7 glass of wine from the theater... i wanted to keep the cheap plastic wine cup as a momento but my husband made me throw it away. we saw "the producers" which was quite funny and broadway-a-licious!

name that ARTIST... from MOMA (the modern art mus)

staten island ferry... it was chilly!

OMYGOD. STOP. It's freaking PROJECT RUNWAY at macy's. WHERE's MY CAMERA!?!
must break thru window for ridiculously cute pair of magenta hot pants that i would never have anywhere to wear.

chinatown. colors!

little italy has little pepsis. and delicious bread and food! little italy and chinatown and god i loved NYC. you could eat at a different rest. every day for the REST of your life!

badges and patches of fireman and policeman from all over the world

church at ground zero that received NO structural damage. I took pics of the pews because they got all scratched up by the firemans and police equipment and garb (they would come here to sleep and refuel) and the church left them like that. i thought it was cool.

karl kicking the crap out of the ugly duckling!

hans christian anderson reading to me in central park about the ugly duckling. i'm a swan people.

why does this tunnel smell funny?!?

ok these updates might not be the prettiest but here we go! the very first morning we went running thru central park. Central Park + Kathleen Horan Hills = LOVE.


We are alive!

Mucho traveling. Mucho cleaning and laundry yesterday and some yummy Damgoode pies with Matt and Melissa and then some hanging out in the GORGEOUS weather on the front porch with Kristen and E-beth! So. Nice. out. Must run MILES AND MILES.

I will update with pictures from the NYC trip soon. In case you were wondering I am IN LOVE with the NYC. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. I would live there in a heart beat.

Careers I wanted while in NYC:

  • A hot dog stand owner
  • A dog walker in Central Park
  • A Wall Street broker (on the 900th floor please!)
  • A crack dealer
  • A Broadway Musical STAR
  • A Street Artist
  • A Starbucks employee
  • A writer (in a cyber café of course)
  • A cab driver (HAHA just kidding!)
  • A person that yells at other people to STAY IN LINE. (these people are everywhere!)
  • A firewoman and/or police woman.
  • A stroller mommy in the stroller mommy workout club (there were like 100 women with strollers in one big group workout in the Park. It was hilarious and wonderful)
  • One of those models that gets in the pictures that are on the side of buildings! AAAAH! scrary thought. A 12 story picture of ME!

More details tonight! Get ready to feast your eyes on some pictures!