i bought my first pair of boots!

so, the verdict on riverfest: it was a blast! i had a great time. i do love country music and i got me some BOOTS - the real kind! audra also bought a pair (hers are the brown, mine are the black) so we can trade. we saw montgomery gentry, keith anderson, blake shelton, and surprise guest miranda lambert (who came out during blake's encore!). we didn't see too many fights - just some red neck loving! (as evidenced by picture #2 - i couldn't resist the shot - they were so happy!)

ALSO SUSAN & SETH WELCOMED LITTLE MAN SETLER TO THE MULHEARN FAMILY! I think we are going to head to Conway Regional this afternoon to sneak a peek at the wee one. Pics to follow (or you can check them on the Day Family blog in my links section). So exciting!


we are family

lots happening in the cronin family and stl world. send your thoughts and prayers to this guy (my cousin aaron) and my uncle who just went thru some extensive transplant surgeries. they are both in recovery but could use your thoughts and well wishes. surgery was expected but surgery is surgery and it makes us all nervous! i wish i was there to sneak them fast food and cell phones into the hospital. ;)

my aunt and my mom both celebrate bdays (aunt jayne was yesterday and mom is tomorrow!). cousin jake and his wife jenny found out they are having a BOY! cousin bridget finds out the sex of her baby next week. sister jen got a bonus at work and baby is coming to little rock in june! i think that is all the news and i feel removed from it and sad about it. especially since karl has been in chicago ALL WEEK. i want to go to yankee-land.

BUT on a positive note, karl got an earlier flight back and will now be arriving at 5 p.m. instead of 10 p.m. so i am very happy about that! AND we have a three day weekend so it's time to go to work around the house! riverfest (musical festival) is here this weekend with lots of musical guests (pat benatar! george clinton & the p funk allstars! ll cool j! blake shelton! um... some other randoms... smashmouth... UM. Ruben Studard. none that sound that appealing to me. when did i lose my love of outdoor concerts and festivals? Probably when i started drinking beer and having to use port a pottys - does that make me old?!? plus, the last time i went to a concert in Arkansas, i was a bit shocked by the sheer force of rednecks AND they sold spit cups for 50 cents. oh AND the child - yes, child - next to me puked in his beer cup. and my ears were assulted by hey ya'lls and yee haws! tee hee. :)


War of the Mascots

Go and vote for the Arkansas Razorback (Hog) to win the Mascot Challenge. We gotta win something this year, right guys? Vote for that cute little piggy. he's definately cooler than a stupid tiger. someone we know loves that hog so much they have permenantly tattooed the hog on thier body. i've seen the real live hog in person. it ain't right.



weekend of love

at the ball park! we attempted to go to Valentine's in the new Dickey Stephens stadium in NLR but it was unfortunately full on friday evening. however, we did sneak a peek at the new stadium and it is pretty awesome! and i'm pretty excited to go to some games this season!

we also hit the greek food festival (yum!) and ran around town. the time went by way too fast and now we are on to another exciting work week. i am not feeling the bloggy blog inspiration today so i promise a more inclusive and amusing update tomorrow.



sigh. the weather here. i can't even explain it. it is that perfect. it makes me look out the window and smile. GORGEOUS! i wish i could say that things in my yard are blooming and growing but alas gardening is so not my forte. i try to love it. i try to make it work but everything dies and i don't understand why. i would never cut it in the landscaping business. i'm more of a take a nap in the yard or read a book on the porch kinda girl. does that make me lazy? i promise to try harder. i even have tools!

things are crazy as always around casa de hills. i have the invites out for jenny and jeff's engagement party and as soon as jennifer gets it in the mail which will be soon i hope b/c the stupid auto machine at the post office is not yet spitting out 41 cent stamps and i am not waiting in line to buy stamps when i could just push two buttons and insert my debit card and the little magic machine does its business. more sighing. i guess i should just wait in the stupid line and get over it, huh? i know you are all dying to see the invites and you should be, really, because they are freaking adorable. soon, friends, soon. i will wait in line tomorrow. i promise.

oh, and, AND, i finally had a good experience at the Kinko's in Little Rock (three years later!) while getting aforementioned invites printed. My new BFF's name is Ramon at Kinko's. I will call ahead to make sure he is working next time I go there b/c the rest of the Kinko's Team pretty much can't print a document correctly to save their lives. If you have ever heard me talk about Kinko's you know this is an exciting development in my life! I promise to stop bashing Kinko's now that I have found Ramon.

michael and linda horan will be arriving in LR on Friday afternoon. (Rumor has it!) Any suggestions for events around town? I will invite you. I promise.

URG! It is officially midnight. 12:12 in fact. Kiss the clock, make a wish, do whatever you are supposed to do when there are double numbers on the clock! I'm turning in! Peace out.


Susan, Seth, & Setler

Um.. hello little Setler! Knock, Knock. Come outta there! We had dinner with Su and Seth and baby Setler last night. Yummmmmmmmmmmm. It was delish and little man Mulhearn is ready to come out. I just know it! I want to know who will win the baby pool! Definately not me - my mom, linda, was due with me - baby kathleen (or brian or kevin or matthew if i was a boy! they didn't know.) on May 26th (also my mom linda's bday) but i was obviously May 4th - so i picked May 4 in the Mulhearn baby pool; alas it has passed! If you didn't get to participate in the baby pool for Baby Setler please leave your time of birth, date of birth, and baby weight in the comment section. She is currently 1 cm dialated and 80% effaced - whatever that means! ;)

hopefully we will have pics from the hospital soooooooon!


Mama I'm coming hooooome

happy mama's day to all the mama's and soon to be mama's out there. i will be celebrating belatedly when my mama comes to visit this weekend!! this week is promising to be BUSY. updates soon including footage from upcoming travs games, friends in town, parents in town, bachelorette, and going away parties!


Retreat 2007

the annual company retreat happened my first week back - how lucky is that? this year we were in heber springs, arkansas on greers ferry lake. we had a two day conference, some golf playing (we were the only girl team and pretty loud on the course...oops. we tended to get excited after good hits! luckily, it was only other people from work on the course and they just laughed at us).

hole #2 was my favorite.... it is the top picture. the tee was on a bluff and you could see straight out to the lake! oh, and, it was only like 150 yards of the ball floating through the air. it was the only hole we almost made par. please note i said almost! we played the front nine (well i think we wound up playing like six since it was taking us a little long!) good times, good times.

retreat is always a good time. the beer comes out, the hair gets let down.... it's quite fun to see your co workers that way. good way to get to know them and all that!


Florida Pics as Promised!

Before we headed out on the town in Palm Beach - clematis street or some such name.
mere throwing up a goofy smirk and gang sign in honor of this video.
I am pretty sure half my Florida pics have fake gang signs in them. oops.
i am the bday girl and here is my crown.
on the beeeeeeeeeeeeach.

updates from work shortly.


things they are a changin'

i promise pictures and updates from florida soon. promise. my flights back to little rock were long and delayed. delta airlines is not my favorite nor is the atlanta airport. especially when one might be a teensy bit hungover. blah.

tomorrow is kind of a big day at casa de hills. karl and i will both be starting new jobs - on the same day. which is pretty entertaining. even more entertaining is that we will both (on the same day) be returning to companies who have previously employed us (respectively). yep, i know i have blogged about my own job change but I haven't mentioned that karl also will be changing things up a bit - starting tomorrow. he will go back to being a stephens employee and i will go back to being an arkansas business employee. kinda funny how things worked out like that, huh?


officially past the quarter of a century mark

and what better way to celebrate? we slept in, went to the beach, ate a late lunch (bloody marys required!), went back to the beach (took naps on the beach), went to the gym and worked out and are now on our way to eat again. eating, sleeping, and swimming. what more could a girl want?

thanks friends for all the warm bday wishes! love you all.


May Day! May Day! Everybody do Pole Dances!

i'm ready. packing right now. i am the worlds worst packer - always wait until the last second, throw random, non-matching things in bags/suitcases, have the mentality that eh-i'll just buy it or borrow it when i get there. so usually my out of town outfits are even less put together than normal everyday outfits. which isn't saying much!

i am wearing my signature peace pipe shirt (best 25 cents i EVER spent) and flip flops. i, of course, overslept and have to run a bunch of last minute errands on this cloudy, wet day! cross your fingers it is sunny in florida.

i am only 25 years old for two more days! OLD. I will be bringing my camera and mac book so you most likely will get a blog update of mere and me while I am there!