Florida Pics as Promised!

Before we headed out on the town in Palm Beach - clematis street or some such name.
mere throwing up a goofy smirk and gang sign in honor of this video.
I am pretty sure half my Florida pics have fake gang signs in them. oops.
i am the bday girl and here is my crown.
on the beeeeeeeeeeeeach.

updates from work shortly.


kristen said...

yay for for florida pics!!! looks like you had a good time.

Elizabeth Ross said...

Miss KAT looks gooooood! :)

melish the dish said...

kat you look awesome and totally relaxed. riiiight on mama. as a sidenote, white girls can throw gang signs from time to time... can't they? xox

brooke said...

nice....so rules. hi meredith!

also like the video. soooooooo true. freakin white chicks!

HOHO said...

the video? i'm diggin it. HARD.

Susan said...

I want to go on a vacation.... sigh....it's gonna be a loooong time before that happens though!