my background was a sunset and i rocked a side pony

I have a list of The Serious to blog about (including - but not limited to - are we going to have more babies? what do I  think of aurora, colorado? what are some of my favorite apps right now? AND is being a soccer mom fantastic or no?)  (I know.  You can hardly wait to hear them ALL, right?  Right?!)  Unfortunately, instead of writing any thing other than a 'blogging topics list', I've been wasting time (where else?) on Pinterest.  

And, sometimes, I find a funny on the internet and I keep on going back to it to giggle over and over and over again.  And, occasionally, I find it SO entertaining that I can't resist the blog-share.  

Like so:   

Raise your hand if your school provided such AMAZING backgrounds for picture day.   



Me:  "Nate, I have a secret to tell you."
Leans in, whispers: "I love you."

Nate: "Mommy, I have a secret to tell YOU."
Leans in, whispers: "You have poop in your hair."

(FTR, no, uh, excrement in the vicinity.  THESE are the things he pretends?!? Sick.)


i'm on a boat (for 8 hours with a 4yo and 9mo). help?

When Karl asked me if I wanted to rent a boat and take the kids to the lake (all day) I said (as you all can imagine) 'Hell no.  Absolutely not.'  And then HE WORE MY RESISTANCE DOWN (file this under/see also: the enormous, mounted TV in our bedroom after an EXPLICIT NO TV IN THE BEDROOM RULE from me.) (See also: convincing me my four year old child (then 3) is 'ready' to ride something called 'The Cyclone' at our local water park.  FTR, Nate loves waterslides.  THANKS KARL.) 

He's subtle in his persistence.   See, in our relationship, he's the spender and the, uhhhh, non scardey cat (I wouldn't go as far to call him a daredevil; he's just has more drive to get out and try new activities than I do.  Particularly with kids in tow.). It's no wonder the kids love him best.   He takes them to New Activities! AND buys them ice cream after. 

(Don't worry, it's in our marriage contract that he 'gets' to teach both the kids to drive. They'll be lucky if I get in the car with them.  Ever.) 

ANYWAY (veered way off there) I reluctantly agreed to boat.   

Mostly, I was worried about NK's naptimes but she was a trooper.  

Her first nap looked like this:  (Sad, right?) 

And her 2nd was like this:  

Ladies of Luxury. 

Neither were fantastic but it is what it is.  Keeping that life jacket on for 8 hours was NOT an option.  (We were with some friends and stopped often to eat and swim.)

Additionally, we did a little tubing.  Clearly.


I want to point out here that I adore tubing and was only a LITTLE (read: ohmygodithurts) sore after flying off this thing into the lake.   (But oh so fun; next time we ski!)

Nate was pretty unsure of swimming in the lake and WAY less sure about tubing in it.  But someone (ME! ME! ME!) convinced him he could try it and he did. 

All in all, not a bad little adventure.


you can't handle the cute




i'm in my room, it's a typical tuesday night

Yes I just titled my post with Taylor Swift lyrics.  It's one of Nate's favorite songs.  He sings the "she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts" part with abandon.

Anyway, I was attempting to do an hour-by-hour with photos of a typical day, but, of course, the day I picked was NOT that typical and prior to a holiday (read: a little crazy).   Also, my photography skills for this post = sub-par even for iPhone standards.  But, still, I managed to actually TAKE a photo every hour so I'm going with it.

I present to you:  TUESDAY.

6:30.  Ugh.  Before 7 children, REALLY?  Here, play on the floor by the side of my bed while I try to prop my eyes open.   Nate, make sure Nora doesn't eat my shoes.

Get in my closet. 

7:30.  An attempt at Breakfast.  NK hates food.  Also, she has my gag reflex.  So it makes most meal times with her, um, interesting.  She REALLY hates baby food so, mostly, anything pureed is a no-go. There is one oatmeal she deems worthy of her time and that's what I'm attempting here.

She looks a little blonde and a little boyish, no? 

8:30 Loading kids up in the car.  Neighbor (who rents his house from other neighbor, we'll call other neighbor Stan) pulls in screaming to neighbor's lawn guys.   It went something like this:  WHERE THE F (insert full word there) IS STAN?  WHY IS STAN USING MY GD (again with the real words) TRASH CANS?  Proceeds to open his trash can and throw full bags of trash in the street.  Like a good nosy neighbor, I loaded the kids up REAL SLOW to hear the full altercation.    I tried REAL HARD to get a photo but chickened out and just took a picture of the bins.  (The lawn guys picked up the trash.)
Neighborhood DRAMA

9:30  I've made it to the office!  Hooray!  We just moved in and don't have file cabinets yet so excuse my mess.  Also, neither of those phones work.   THANK GOD.

10:30  Appointment at the Apple store to learn how to set up a VPN on our Mac-Mini for the office.  Yea, I'm still trying to figure out what that means too.

What the fuck does this screen mean!?!  
11:30.  SUBS SO FAST YOU'LL FREAK!  (Does no one else remember that Jimmy John's tagline?) 

Veggie sandwich on wheat w/ regular chips and a Coke.
12:30 Attempting to connect ALL THE MACS to the mac-mini back at the office.  Failing.  BUT THEY LOOK COOL right?  

Pile ON!

2:30 Summer time school pickup!  No carpool line in summer - boo hoo.  Nate took this picture but it really doesn't do justice the amount of bags I was carrying.

That's a 4th of July flag.  

 3:30 NORA KATE HAS HAD ENOUGH WITH THIS DAY.  (Did I just make a dead baby joke?)

Not funny. 

3:30 Double-eye patch pirate.  Special.  Ah-mazing.  

Super funny. 

4:30 Hanging out with Pepper, our neighbors sweet little one-eyed doggie.  I think it was literally 103 so we didn't stay out too long.

6:30 Despite our professed happiness in our house, we DID see a house we were interested in and went to take a peek.  It was way too fancy and expensive for us but this master bathroom was fantastic - tub in middle of the room with multiple-faucet shower behind (sinks on each side of tub).   I've always wanted a shower that blasted me from multiple locations (am I even saying that right?).  Dual heads?  But there were three here?  My inner 13 year old boy is snickering.  

7:30 Drinks with Karl's dad (who went with us to see the house and offer his Professional Opinion).  While they were drinking I dressed both kids for bed and put Nora Kate down for the night.  (Well, down until her next wakeup anyhow.  TEETH.) (I usually don't cry 'teeth' but she legitimately is getting one more - bringing her total to SEVEN which, in my opinion, is way too many teeth for an 8 month old.)   

Please excuse my mess.  

8:30 AHHH Karl is putting Nate to bed... sit down on couch and flip open my laptop for some harmless internet roaming and BAM.  Text message from the other room.  Karl had a server go down with a few websites (Web Emergency!) our internet at the house has been having modem-related problems.  He wanted to work on it after Nate went to bed.  


9:30 After heaving myself off the couch, decide late-night is a fantastic time to run some errands.  Get the modem from Best Buy, hit the bank to deposit some checks and grocery store for (what else?) milk.  Get gas at this classy little establishment - The Big Red Fina with attached McDonald's.  Fantastic late night crowd here.  Only a little scary pants.  

Great picture, right?  The blur gives it a little something I think... 

10:30 While out and about, talked to friends who were hanging out and, since Karl is working, decided to stop by briefly.  I told Karl it was to bring Jaime this yellow Bumbo for her consignment sale but mostly it was to drink some of this beer.

Beer tastes better from a Bumbo. 
 11:30 Oh those girls so glamorous.  Snuggling in for a chit chat.

12:30 Home sweet home.  (Yes, the baby is sleeping in our room again.  Once she started consistently waking Nate, we decided to park her in here a little longer before trying room-sharing again.)  

Like I said, day before a holiday.... so a little atypical.   (As in, I usually don't stay out past midnight on a week night... well... other than book club which is only once a month.)

On a plus note, the 6:30 a.m. picture took place at 7:00 a.m. this morning!   Hooray!  I'll take it where I can get it!