chicken and biscuits for breakfast

well, the quest for free chicken sandwiches was unsuccessful. there were tents and cops and a crap load of people last night who were in it for the long haul so karl just settled for a nice chicken breakfast biscuit (ew) and some free sandwich coupons. i guess his love of chic-fil-a isn't that strong after all.

in other news, we are having family over for dinner tonight to play the wii. yep. the wii. another item we weren't willing to stand in line for but somehow it made it's way to our living room due to some persistent phone calls to the best buy, toys r us, and others. shipments come in on sunday in case you want one and they go fast. grown men inquiring if nunchucks are in stock makes me roll my eyes in fake disgust.


beware: hilarious reading ahead

karl and i have strong words about chic-fil-a. he loves it, i hate it. (sorry c-f-a lovers but blech!) anyway (try not to tear your eyes away from the following very important information about our exciting lives in little rock).... a free-standing c-f-a is opening. across the street from the mall. yea. the mall - as in one and only in town. the mall that already houses a chic-fil-a within its food court. the grand opening of said stand alone store is tomorrow morning (yes, chic-fil-a has breakfast. ew.) and they are promising "FREE CHIC FIL A FOR A YEAR" to the first 100 customers. Karl really really wants to go and for some reason i find that absolutely hysterical. in a fun, off the wall who-really-wants-to get up at like 6am to go to freaking Chic Fil A kind of way. (I refuse.) I will keep you posted on the race for a whole year of nasty chicken sandwiches. If you like in Little Rock and are thinking about going, don't. Karl Hills will hunt you down.


Golf for Charlotte

some of you know my lovely Susan and know that her family is praying very hard for one of its littlest members - ms. charlotte mulhearn of conway, arkansas. baby charlotte (born just two days after su and seth's little boy) is in need of a heart transplant. to help support this brave little girl and her family the mulhearn family is hosting a golf tournament on august 6.

even if you don't golf, prayers and donations are welcome.

check it out here: www.golfforcharlotte.com.

AND TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!! (or your companies for hole sponsorships!) every little bit helps! suggestions welcome on spreading the tourney dates and details in the comment section!


if you know me well enough you may have seen me in this position before

i was looking through some old pictures to try and find something fun and different to update with and i found this shot. a little slice of silence, a book, a fuzzy robe, multiple blankets (one of the hello kitty variety, one of the stl rams variety in this case), my trusted David sunflower seeds & a spit cup (my addiction - sunflower seeds; just typing this blog has forced me to go dig through the cabinets to get to my secret stash - i am eating them as i type), and (gasp) a DOG at my feet. sometimes i am still shocked that i own two monstorous animals - i used to run screaming from the smallest of dogs. i hope your weekends (respectively) have a few quiet moments with some of your favorite things before another hectic week begins!

i did play some softball this morning (we lost terribly & it was freaking hot at noon o' clock) and now we're getting ready to hit the trav's game this evening!


Getting an EARLY start on those bday wishes

i talked to sarah tonight and wished her a happy early birthday. she said "just twelve more hours until i am 26..." and then we joked about how neither of us would be awake at midnight... tee hee. true story. i know i won't. i'm TIRED. old ladies. who. love. meeeeeeeeeat. quite possibly my favorite picture of the engagement party!

Let's see... here is what is going on with us lately.
  • karl and i went to trivia night at the flying saucer last night... we did better than we thought! not the winning team but good. it was like (gasp) a date! (yes, mom, in a bar. my mom is convinced - based on the pics on my blog - that all we do is go out and party... i swear we are much more boring.)
  • sammy sosa just hit his 600th homerun... and his first homerun ever against the Cubs!! (545 of 600 homeruns were hit as a Cubbie)
  • i have almost won a free tshirt for completing "The Amy Challenge" at my gym. Amy is the GM and her challenge is pretty hard core... including 300 MAN pushups, 600 crunch/bicycles, four three mile runs, some yoga (yuck), four 45 minute cardio sessions, a bunch of classes... thirty minutes of jumpropes... lunges... um... there is more. You have a month to do it and my spidey bite threw me off so i am currently completing "two-a-days" to finish. BUT I WILL GET THAT FREE TSHIRT. and loose absolutely zero pounds in the process. how does that HAPPEN?
  • i am looking forward to a quiet-ish weekend. maybe getting SOME SUN on my pale skin.
  • work is insane. i like the deadlines though - turn in a publication - it's DONE. (put a fork in it.)
  • the NBA draft is soon. i don't even like the NBA that much but i have recently become addicted to watching ESPN. well re-addicted really.
  • um... roxy and arlo say hi?!?!
  • these two-a-days are killing me. i can barely walk. AND i have a blister. life is rough.
  • just kidding - i love it!
  • but i am tired.
  • good night
  • moon


from your bratty teenagers with love

this one is for dad on father's day. i think he must have seen "the glare" often when we were in our oh-so-angst filled high school years. it. was. withering. people were scared. really.

sisterly love up and down all the way and all around

we didn't take too many pictures. i took this one this morning before we left for the sprawling little rock national airport. i misses her already.


Prayers and Thoughts Everywhere

i had another reaction to my second antibiotic and puked all morning and had blurred vision all day. it was AWESOME. i made the executive decision to stop taking them (the bite is fine) and just go buy some natural immune boosters (like cheese fries and beer. er. vitamins.) in case there is any reaction left. stupid drugs.

that being said, there are lots of friends and family members in need of prayers lately... not sure what is in the air lately... waves of things seem to be happening. i have gotten several emails in the last few days asking for prayers for friends and friends' family members and have several family members fighting illness. we were talking at the party about how we were all having medical issues and falling apart.

makes me feel lucky to just have a little spidey bite and some vomiting.

AND my sister is coming tomorrow!!! All the way from MILWAUKEE where it is only 80 degrees as opposed to 94! ;)

Cantina Cantina Cantina

i didn't get many shots. i wish you could be there to see the cuteness b/c i don't feel it is portrayed appropriately in the pictures. specifically, you can't see the beer tubs, the cute chili pepper lights (you can kinda see them in the second pic), the beautiful tacky-ness of the silk flowers, the bright colors of the mexican blankets and color everyWHERE, and brooke's scrumptious margaritas. we didn't get to sit at these fab tables too long before a small storm blew in. weather man said chance of rain was about zero percent; karl swears he saw rotation! hahaha. the sky was slightly greenish... eh.. well....what can you do?


pictures to follow

um. yea, so the nacho average party was dampened slightly by my trip to a Tulsa Urgent Care center, and, subsequently, another trip to the GP today (I finally have one in Little Rock!). I got bit by a spider or some sort of insect or something - no one could really tell me but they did give me some antibiotics that i had a nasty reaction to (read: the left half of my body = completely numb, specifically my left arm and lots and lots of nausousness). no fun but my drugs *yuck* are now switched and my leg is considerably less swollen (read: i can now almost walk without limping), so all is right with the world again.

the party was awesome. pics to follow. though i didn't do a very good job taking many.



No, this is not your invite! If you are invited, you already have it. So don't you go showing up on us or anything crazy like that. Sorry.
I just realized I had forgotten to share the sheer cuteness of the Nacho Average Engagement Pary Invites. Adorable, yes? I am bragging but I love that little hat guy. Too funny. I was going for the mexican blanket meets margaritas look.


playing softball in the rain is the best

saturday included a double header with the old ABPG softball team (karl & i both played) - my first game of the season (we won the first, lost the second - close game though!) it rained pretty much the whole time, and i must admit, i love playing sports in the rain. (well, when it is warm and there is no lightning anyway! i think i remember one time playing a soccer tournament (back in the day) in the snow and i don't remember that being very pleasant) the field was dirty and muddy, we got dirty and muddy: it was fun. i didn't have to pitch (yea! the pressue!)... but i did catch (and get hit in the head with the ball!). Pretty much I played like crap. The above pics - Mark on deck & posing for the camera and me and Pirnique covered in mud and rain! Don't we look pretty!?!? I sure felt pretty... well, alive anyway!



well the weekend is here! what to do, what to do. I DON't EVEN KNOW YET. I just know

Doesn't he look so natural?!!? HAHAH. Karl and Little Setler - his first newborn, newborn holding experience. Mine too. HAHAH - yeah right! his little head smelled so yummy.

june = summertime = blogosphere kat gets all scatterbrainy! congrats to jax on her new job!