Getting an EARLY start on those bday wishes

i talked to sarah tonight and wished her a happy early birthday. she said "just twelve more hours until i am 26..." and then we joked about how neither of us would be awake at midnight... tee hee. true story. i know i won't. i'm TIRED. old ladies. who. love. meeeeeeeeeat. quite possibly my favorite picture of the engagement party!

Let's see... here is what is going on with us lately.
  • karl and i went to trivia night at the flying saucer last night... we did better than we thought! not the winning team but good. it was like (gasp) a date! (yes, mom, in a bar. my mom is convinced - based on the pics on my blog - that all we do is go out and party... i swear we are much more boring.)
  • sammy sosa just hit his 600th homerun... and his first homerun ever against the Cubs!! (545 of 600 homeruns were hit as a Cubbie)
  • i have almost won a free tshirt for completing "The Amy Challenge" at my gym. Amy is the GM and her challenge is pretty hard core... including 300 MAN pushups, 600 crunch/bicycles, four three mile runs, some yoga (yuck), four 45 minute cardio sessions, a bunch of classes... thirty minutes of jumpropes... lunges... um... there is more. You have a month to do it and my spidey bite threw me off so i am currently completing "two-a-days" to finish. BUT I WILL GET THAT FREE TSHIRT. and loose absolutely zero pounds in the process. how does that HAPPEN?
  • i am looking forward to a quiet-ish weekend. maybe getting SOME SUN on my pale skin.
  • work is insane. i like the deadlines though - turn in a publication - it's DONE. (put a fork in it.)
  • the NBA draft is soon. i don't even like the NBA that much but i have recently become addicted to watching ESPN. well re-addicted really.
  • um... roxy and arlo say hi?!?!
  • these two-a-days are killing me. i can barely walk. AND i have a blister. life is rough.
  • just kidding - i love it!
  • but i am tired.
  • good night
  • moon


Chandle said...

I hear you. I started working out an hour five times a week after doing nothing. I would run on the elliptical and do pilates. I gained 14 pounds. I hate those infomercials, "20 minutes, 3 times a week." Boo to false weight loss claims. Good work though. You rock.

melissa said...

300 man push-ups...I could never do that...or the running...or the jump rope...okay, I'm just going to stop here and go start crying. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

coming to the rock soon kat! care to join me and batgirl for some gansta style trouble???

melissa said...

dude you are tough stuff. i can barely squeeze in "one-a-weeks" let alone two-a-days. kat = badass. sounds like you had fun on your bar date. i personally think those are the best kind. : )

Jennifer said...

that picture makes me want to vomit, but I love it!!! Happy Bday Sarah Bug!!!

Susan said...

Muscle weighs more than fat!

Jax said...

Muscle may weigh more than fat, but I think that's someone's sick joke of pissing me off when I start working out HARDER and get on the scale. Yeah. Pieces of shit.

Love love! Get your tshirt, yot hot beeoch!