roxy helps with sunday pics

roxy wanted to dance with the baby. so i let her.

i have no words to share for now. i am buying my nursery fabric tomorrow. i will share soon. i am kind of in love with it. but not quite ready to share. i am also intending to share (prepare yourselves) our POTENTIAL NAME list later this week. one for boy baby, one for girl baby.

26 weeks, 2 days

happy 94th mimi

karl's grandmother mimi turned 94 today! we had a weekend long party - starting friday evening and ending with a bday lunch today. i must say mimi held up longer than me. i am exhasted! visitors from NC (aunt judy), NYC (phillip), and Mountain Home, AR came in town to celebrate.

pics: mimi with her grandsons, mimi with her daughters, and mimi blowing out her bday candles. i don't believe the candle count was accurate.


spring has sprung

this morning: first day i didn't have to wear a coat or jacket on my morning trek from the car to the office!

ten minutes later: check weather. it's going to be about 80 today.

five minutes later: find out the AC is, like, broke at the office.

I don't care! I'll take it. And appreciate it.

sign me up for summer. makes a girl not want to sit in her office all day, eh?

25 weeks, 6 days (please note: 99 days to go - er, well, approximately)


sunday night pictures moves to monday this week

well this picture kind of sucks - i am not sure it is an accurate representation. i am kind of having a pregnancy-sucks day - don't tell anyone. (everyone is allowed to have a moment, right?).

as previously mentioned, i failed my prelim gestational diabetes test. when one fails, one must take a three hour test. that i took this morning. the day after easter. (how stupid am i?!). anyway, three hour test entails them taking your 'fasting blood sugar', consuming a yummy orange glucose drink, and then taking blood (via fingertip pricks at my doc's lab) every hour for three hours. fasting blood sugar was normal, i failed the first hour, and then passed the second two. (if you care about #'s, my fasting blood sugar was 60, first hour was 204! (had to be below 190), second hour dropped all the way down to 140 (what i needed to pass the test in the first place!), and third hour down from there.) TALK ABOUT A CRASH. for me and for baby. next time i have a child, i think i shall decline this test. it was awful and i don't understand why they do it. unless you are OFF the chart, it is treated through diet anyway. why can't they just randomly test my blood sugar instead of making me eat a drink whose sugar levels are equivelant to like four candybars that i would never eat anyway. never mind, i am going to stop there before i launch into another speil about medicine and tests. argh, i am in too crappy of a mood to launch! (and if i failed, they gave my information to a diabetes clinic for yet more testing and "plans" and appointments. and stress!)

whatever, i guess i passed. i am thankful i passed. very thankful. it would have been okay if i failed also. talk about an emotional roller coaster. the lab tech said my test was "highly unusual" - i think she thought i somehow cheated - ha! i also had to go straight to work after my test, so i am spending the evening in recovery mode. everything can wait a little bit while baby and i sleep it off.

additionally, i have like 15 more guesses to add to the baby pool! will update that tomorrow! it's getting good!

25 weeks, 3 days


friday fruit moves to saturday

sorry, basketball is taking OVER my life. we spent all day friday passing out NCAA publications to the attendees of the first round games here in LR and then friday night, scored some free tickets and watched mississippi st. beat oregon (good game!) and memphis slaughter, um, whatever 16 seed they were playing. i left the memphis game at half to watch the Razorbacks - who had an awesome game! (a win). okay enough about basketball... most of you don't care! and karl and i are going back for more on sunday! oh, and let's wish marquette good luck v stanford TODAY - my sister picked a much better basketball school than me!

here is my TWENTY FIVE week fruit - who knows what it is? (some of the girls at work had never even heard of it!). It's RUTABAGA! not only fun to say, but also DELICIOUS to eat. i highly recommend if you've never had it. YUM.

i have more udpates; i have to take my GD (gestational diabetes) test on Monday morning. More news of this later (I failed the prelim test! and am pissed!). No doubt in my mind I will pass. (alright, that is a lie, but I really feel like I am going to pass just fine.)

25 weeks, 1 day



LOOK! I took this picture!! Sometimes working for THE PRESS is fun b/c you get an excuse to go spend your afternoon, camera in hand, watching teams gear up for first round play of the NCAA March Madness Tournament! (after you have spent the last week feverishly working to produce an extra special NCAA publication and web!)

Here is my fame: Arkansas Sports 360 Blog AND your place to go for NCAA Coverage! ;)

it's a beautiful, gorgeous day in the rock, and we walked over to the Arena where all the games will be taking place to watch Miami and Texas' open practices. (well, the games slated for LR - yes, Little Rock! got some games!). Karl and I have tix for a second round game on Sunday and possibly scored some for Friday night.

i have preggo news also (nothing big just an update!); i will update tomorrow with my Friday Fruit. It's a good one (the fruit).

24 weeks, 6 days



had a busy one! karl had some basketball games. we went to a wedding shower for our friend liza who is tying the knot in may. kristen and jr had a fabulous house warming party. we put together a crib. it now houses a yoga ball and some miscellaneous baby items people have given us (i haven't bought one thing yet!). i watched a lot of basketball. i took sunday belly pictures. they were all horrible (no lie) except for this one. next week i am going to prove that i do wear more clothes than tanks and POSSIBLY show you a belly pic in a normal outfit. maybe.

i can't wait to pick my final four! woo hoo march madness i love you. additionally, does everyone but me realize that cardinals season opener is MARCH 31! Wha!?! Baby Hills will be attending his/her first Cardinals game in utero in april. got to start the wee one out right.

we really had a good weekend. i apologize the pics just don't do it justice!

tomorrow is st. patty's day! my favorite holiday! someone make me corned beef and cabage. no? fine, i'll do it myself.

24 weeks, 2 days


friday fruit

i forgot to post my friday fruit for week 24. ono is now an ear of corn. yum, that sounds good. (s)he weighs roughly 1 pound. taste buds are developing. (read: must eat what baby says!)

speaking of corn, aparant-leee, (on GMA this morning) it is in everything and making us fat. sweet. one more thing to add to 'THE LIST' (of things wrong with the world!).

happy weekend! goal: RELISH my time off this weekend. and pluck my eyebrows.

(p.s. pregnancy has done some weird things to my hair. like, i don't have to wash it. ever. i washed it tonight for the first time since TUESDAY. and it has stopped growing on my legs. but started growing on my stomach. it's all bizarre. and like half of the hair on my head fell out in the first trimester - no complaints there; i have a crapload of hair. i don't even pretend to understand these things. long, shiny pregnancy locks have eluded me. maybe i will just cut it off. who wants to give me a mom haircut? HAHAHA. that's not really funny, actually.)

24 weeks


st. patty's day is just around the corner

i don't have a lot to say:
  • The Biggest Loser made me angry last night. Trainer Jillian tried to get all up in Allison Sweeney's face. DOESN'T SHE KNOW THAT IS SAMANTHA BRADY from Days of Our Lives. You don't want to make her angry!
  • Please send a warm welcome to our dear friend Ryan joining us in the blogorama. Here is his link. Add it to your google reader.
  • Also, our dear Karl is attempting the blogosphere with a new design over at 84boxes.com - it is fun! AND, if you don't click it because you hate me (or karl), READ THIS STORY. i know karl and i fall a bit extreme on the don't-use-medicine-eat-healthy-and-exercise-scale, (and getting further extreme every day!) but PLEASE. at least READ the AP article. it is interesting if nothing else. my soap box over. drugs aren't always the answer for every sniffle. our actions have consequences. (in more things than this i realize!)
  • st. pat's. that is all. break out the green and orange! team catholic and team protestant UNITE.
  • antm. tonight. it is going to be a good cycle. last week one model called another model 'big' (ahem, bigger) in her apple bottom jeans. hilarity and waist-measuring with one of those fabric-ey rulers ensued. i can't stand that show - it stands for so many things i hate - BUT I CAN't STOP WATCHING. Addiction.
  • basketball tourney for karls kids tonight.
  • um, i have a long list of things to do. going to get started NOW!
ready? go!

23 weeks, 5 days


the entertaining bending habits of pregnant women

i am looking a little larger - it's funny how you spend so much time wishing for a baby belly and then you are like WHOA slow it down. that being said, i still feel pretty small and comfortable. though i have been insatiably hungry the past few days. trying to eat good things - doing an okay job. i thought it would be fun to share a few pictures of the interesting bending and snapping movements i have going on. i know this is what i look like when i do squats in my step class and it makes me giggle.

i tried to find a 'fun fact' about development and growth for you guys to go "ewww" about. instead, i found this tidbit ("MOM TIP!" is what it was titled) that made me snort milk out of my nose.

"Some expectant mothers wear a bell on their tummy. Thus, the baby becomes familiar with a happy tinkling sound along with the noise of the bowels and the beating of his mother's heart."

DEAR GOD. that is wrong in so many ways. who are these "some expectant mothers"? are they seriously comparing bells and bowels as similar happy sounds? and how do you tie this bell on you? do you wear it all day - to work, to bed? wouldn't it just jingle every time you moved? I DON'T GET IT. it makes me have mental pictures of moms tinkling bells furiously in front of their screaming newborns in a desperate attempt to soothe them. Karl says he is going to buy me a cow bell. DREAM BIG!

that being said, onofre has been moving around a lot in there. i thought i would feel more relaxed when the baby started moving around. but, really, i just think, 'is (s)he moving enuf? too little? too much on one side?" hahaha. i wonder silly little things like that. then i eat some pineapple and ono goes crazy jumping around and what not. the increasing consistency of movement makes me smile. kick away. i love soccer players.

the weekend is almost over. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. why do they go so fast?

23 weeks, 2 days


this is what 1-4 inches looks like in little rock

hardee-har-har, weather man.

took this photo on my way in to work this morning. no snow day for us. (can't speak for the other no-shows in my office!) there are some flakes coming down; but it is also 36 degrees. this morning they said there might be "another" three to four inches today in lr. correct me if i am wrong but don't you have to have something on the ground to add "another" few inches?!?!? i don't get it people. GO TO WORK.

on a happy note, here is a nugget of internet goodness: CLICK HERE! (warning: it is six minutes long and about safe sex; pictures of condoms are shown in this very strange and entertaining indian psa. and you might be humming the tune for the rest of the day).

23 weeks EVEN!


especially good if you have seen juno

i have nothing pertinent to say about the presidential race 08. that is that boys and girls. enjoy the song.

i have been having a great week - jenny and her parents were in Little Rock and they graciously took me to Cirque du Soleil (yes, in little rock!). It was pretty sweet though my heart almost dropped out of my chest a few times. crazy trapeze artists swinging from the ceilings. it was a fantastic show.

last night karl benched one of the kids on his team (well, the other coaches team as he was filling in for another coach) last night and i was very proud. basically the kiddo lost his temper and there was a technical foul involved.... karl pulled him right out and didn't let him go back in the rest of the game (it was a
very intentional foul). Thumbs up, coach. Church league is not for fighting, right? Got to have some sportsmanship! What an upstanding man i have married. (good father material, really. man, our kid is lucky! haha!)

work blows this week. for many, many reasons.

it is supposed to snow tonight and, for once, i think it actually might do so. we might ACTUALLY have a legit snow day tomorrow.

more preggo news and pics tomorrow. i think ono might be going thru a little growth spurt b/c i have been extra ti-ti this week. sleep is good.

22 weeks, 6 days


the marathon that shalt not be mentioned

so the warm weather and the lingering illness didn't make for the greatest race ever. however, karl finished and we are all happy. well, we are all recovering anyway. he isn't feeling so hot. i'm not feeling so hot. happy marathon day! arlo was a great companion and cheerleader... he was calm and collected the whole time - though he did try and take off after karl a few times.

yea karl! thanks to everyone who cheered him on - in spirit or in person. sorry if we haven't answered your calls this afternoon - sometimes recovery means turning off the phones.

normal sunday belly pics will be delayed until later this week. baby ono is very happy and proud today.

22 weeks, 2 days