roxy helps with sunday pics

roxy wanted to dance with the baby. so i let her.

i have no words to share for now. i am buying my nursery fabric tomorrow. i will share soon. i am kind of in love with it. but not quite ready to share. i am also intending to share (prepare yourselves) our POTENTIAL NAME list later this week. one for boy baby, one for girl baby.

26 weeks, 2 days


jennifer said...

You look very pretty in this outfit. Cute!

the day's said...

oooooh...i can't wait to see the fabric. i am a fabric junkie! when i was pregnant with vivian, i found 1920's hankercheifs (reproduction) and had them made into curtains for the baby room...i was in LOOOVE with them. so much so bauer still has them! if you don't already know about it check out reprodepot.com. GREAT fabric. and btw, you look fan-freakin-tastic! :)

Maria said...

You look amazing!!!

melissa said...

Love the doggie picture! Looking forward to hearing the names...

Megan said...

Kat, you look awesome (so does Roxy)!

Megan said...

You yeah, I can't wait to hear the names.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Both you and that shirt are adorable! I can't wait to hear names!! ;) E-L-I-Z-A-B-E-T-H in case you needed the spelling.
Just kidding.
Since it's a boy. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Jennifer said...

Loving the new pics and can not wait to see the fabric!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're so maternal hottness. ;) And, I want the baby name list. YES! YYEEEEES!!!! :)))))

Susan said...

a. Yay for that shirt you have on. Cute!
b. Yay for Roxy giving some love to her sister!
c. Yay for baby name list! Biggest, most exciting yay as a matter of fact! You have to share now since you've teased us all!
d. Yay for baby fabric. Are you making the bedding?! My Mom and I did Setler's!

Sarah said...

i believe you are officially knocked up.
officially as cute as a little hippy mom could ever be.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You're dog is almost as tall as you. That's a big dog (and a little Kat)!


Lauren R

Lauryl Lane said...

you look adorable and i am PUMPED to see fabric and names!

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