Who are WE?

about me: {kat22stl}

Claim to Fame
My husband and I accidentally had our baby unassisted in our bathroom.  Oops! 
You can read the drama here
I even got Karl to write his ‘midwifery’ version here.

And then I made him take my photo. (best. post. ever.) 

AND THEN.  Oops!  We did it again.  (Different bathroom.) 
(We only have two bathrooms so I guess we're done having kids.) 

I love:
The Internet and all things associated with it.
Cardinals baseball. 
Eating in restaurants. 
Reading books. 
(Aaaaand sentence fragments.) 

I adore technology, design, and connecting. 

I like putting words on paper (er - typing words on this blog?).

(I also use PARENTHESIS.)  

(A lot.) 

I dig photography though my own skills are sub-par. 

My team:
Husband (1), Karl, lover of all things geeky.  A developer for an internet startup.  
Children (2), Nate, age 3, our blonde ball of energy.  A hater of sleep and lover of playgrounds.  And NK, the baby, lover of boob juice and sleep. 
Dogs (2), Arlo and Roxy. 

I grew up in the great city of St. Louis, a child to two liberal, working Irish Catholic parents who never gave me a curfew and let me read Stephen King novels at age 12.   I went to a private, all girls high school and transitioned to a small, private college in Oklahoma.  When Karl and I met, I was the president of my sorority and he of his fraternity.  (Which entertains me to NO END because we are of the more laid back variety and always have been. ) Honestly, it feels like a long, drunken lifetime ago. We moved to Little Rock after college to begin Our Story. 


Currently I work part time for a PR/Web and Event Management firm.  The rest of my days are spent with my babies.  In my pre-kid days I worked in the ad design department of a local niche publishing company.  Prior to that I was an event planner and web/PR guru for a non-profit association.  My husband and I also own a web design business - 84boxes - but he does all the work. 

Parenting Style: WHATEVER WORKS.  Motto: Never Say Never.  I support home births and breastfeeding but do not judge those who don’t align with my style. 

Additional claim to fame: My 2005 wedding was featured on The Knot website and a regional print edition.  HA!  The article references things like “as the sun set over the wine garden” which I don’t remember happening but must have since it’s IN PRINT AND ON THE INTERNET.  

Future:  More writing, more balancing, more interneting - same as most of us out here in the world wide web. 

Here are the places you can find me on the internet (I warned you.  I love the internet.  There are a lot.)

(There are more but I shall stop here.)

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