bride emily on stage at the piano bar where they sang her some song about getting married. the bachelorette party was ever so much fun. we all had a great time playing games, eating, drinking, and hanging out in the rivermarket. (and taking four million pictures)... em looked HAWT and gorgeous and beatiful i know she is slightly stressed right now about her wedding but i can.not.wait!!!

pink and black colored people

the group at the piano bar. singing and dancing the night away.

emily and katie.

emily and katie. Katie is Emily's best friend and maid of honor and the other hostess of the bachelorette extravaganza. i think we did a pretty good job!

set em up take em down

setup shot - THE FOOD AND DRINK (clearly one of the most important parts of any party!) were scrumptious. We also borrowed a chocolate fountain for the event (back right) that didn't work quite as well as we anticipated! (but did manage to get chocolate over my entire living room and kitchen of course! oops.) all and all setup and take down wasn't too bad! despite the work i absolutely love throwing parties and everyone seemed happy at this one so i was quite pleased! speacial thanks (from me) to elizabeth and kristen who came early and helped with food and table setup! yummers. and to eric (from me) for the help getting the liquor and limo! that was awesome! and to katie (from me) for everything she did w/ the cake and the party favors and overall!


dirty south.

my husband is going to an off-roading park this weekend in hot springs (let me reiterate: off. roading. park. they exist i swear it! i'm told there is dirt and four whellers and beer and rednecks...sounds SUPER safe and fun right?) for eric's bachelor party while we "women-folk" have a pink and black princess bachelorette party which despite the request everyone wear pink i am SO freaking excited about!

i hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend. look for party pics monday!


cap and gown!

the marquette graduates 2006... well some of them. my sister and her friend jess (both down front) are moving into a loft in an old knitting factory in milwaukee... we got to check it out; very nice! wish her lots of luck interviewing... you know job searching sucks!

funny funny. this made me laugh. it is slightly blurry (sorry took it on the plane) but as you can see the pictures show how to use your seat as a flotation device. i L.O.V.E. the girl in the water. reasons why this is funny: her pink dress is perfectly ballooned out around her crossed ankles. her shoes are on. her hair is like fixed and laying straight. is her head underwater? is she underwater? what?

i also enjoy the smaller pic to the left that shows the plane gliding into the water. like you can't imagine exactly what a plane might look like crashing into the water. the older i get the less i like flying! we did layover in stl which was kind of bizarre! (not stopping to see friends and family in stl like normal was the bizarre part)


me being dramatic about the weather. in my own defense it was 90 when we left arkansas and 52 when we arrived. it was def in the 40s at night. brrrrrrrrr. that's like a brisk winter day in lr, right? hehe. (p.s. i didn't really wear the gloves and ear thingys.)

Milwaukee 2006! woo hoo!

mi familia prior to the baccalaurette (sp?) on saturday evening. we had a lovely time in milwaukee but don't let the picture (taken by karl) fool you - we were arguing fools all weekend. nothing like some family time.

additionally, we. ate. a. lot. (and it was all really scrumptious) and we hung out in some college bars. good times.


seriously. literally. clearly.

the. single. longest. morning. of. my. life.

getting ready to leave work and get on a jet plane.. (cue: don't know when i'll be back again) to mil-a-waulk-kay (as the algonquins used to say) to see mi familia!


linda sue..

linda sue. sorry for the belated mother's day post. i have been so stressed out with this usgbc conference (which in OVER praise the lord) that i didn't get a chance to post a momma's day post.

let's face it: we all know linda rules. i mean just check out the picture. how cute is she? i am so excited to see both my parents and my sister this upcoming weekend!

mother's day, em's shower, and my conference

the fajitas and margaritas shower was a success! hopefully eric and em enjoyed as much as karl and i did! :) the setup wound up being fabulous and i think sherwood, katie, and i did a pretty darn good job if i do say so myself!

these are a few pics from the extravaganza...sherwood, myself, and katie pre-shower, the bride and groom (to be) opening some gifts, and the setup... sherwood found the cutest margarita glasses and my mother-in-law just happened to have a mexican blanket collection that helped decorate our tables! so cute!


ode to ba knight

some reasons:
1. we used to stay in our pj's all day and eat mazzios pizza and drink pj (pepsi juice)
2. she had powerpuff girl sheets and i had hello kitty sheets when we roomed together (in college) - our room was fit for a 5 year old princess. (though somewhat UNsanitary)
3. she is tall.
4. she does art.
5. she likes to put goldfish on top of her spaghetti-o's.
6. she once threw a can of tomato soup at her husband (or maybe it was ravioli) because he wouldn't make her grilled cheese (or maybe because he burnt it) (ok maybe she didn't THROW it per say but she was PISSED. in more ways than one. and i don't REALLY remember all the details but it was funny.)
7. we have been friends since we met POT LUCK suitemate style freshman year of college. day one.
8. we email each other like 20 times a day. possibly more.
9. she says "riddle me this" and "rocktastic" in every day conversation.
10. she hates her feet.
11. she loves her doggies and her hubby and her family and her friends.
12. she goes to ok-arch-ee, oklahoma FOR THE CHICKEN. (when necessary)

i am going to stop there! we loves her. lurves her. <3.>

in other celebrity gossip, karl has been in nashville, tn all week and finally gets home tomorrow. i am really sick of the traveling for work thing. boo on that. i am busy at work. like really busy. like it's 6:30 pm and i just got done working and got there early this morning and didn't have a lunch. boo on real life. but the conference will be over by Tuesday at which point i will need some serious sleep!! and things will slow down a bit at work. or i might get fired. will let you know how the conference goes.

this upcoming weekend is the fajita and margarita party for eric and em! i can't believe their wedding is getting so close. we will be in florida in ONE MONTH exactly. count it down for the desjardins. woo hoo! and it's almost mommy's day. look for a special Linda Horan post coming soon.
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congrats wackalicious!

congrats jackie on your J.D. Law school is o.v.e.r. You looked so hot in your hood!

audra and i made our way to t-town to help celebrate the graduation. it was ever so much fun. we partied for cinco at jenny's on friday and made our way to campus on saturday for grad-u-mication!

new york and tulsa!

here are some pics from karl's new york city trip last week (mon-fri). he was there for work and some friends were there as well (ashley and brent just happened to be vacationing in the big apple... why is it called the big apple by the way? anyone? anyone? bueller?)


5.4.1981 at 1:42 a.m.

It’s my birthday and I got a raise.

Thanks to all of you that have called or emailed already.

It’s raining like CRAZY here; I think I deserve a b-day nap, don’t you?


$97,200 richer!!

casino night benefited ronald mc donald house. the whole thing was a bit strange. like homemade food, boxed wine, and old ladies in butterfly sweaters strange. karl and brooke and i played blackjack for a couple of hours and a bit of roulette. we won $97,200 among us which got us.... absolutly nothing.

oh and (i just remembered this!) some crazy lady came up and told karl he looked like dylan on general hospital and was petting (literally) his face. bizarro world!

anyway we left crazy town and had a drinkey w/ e and j at the fountain. i do like that bar.

this week is busy with work and then on to tulsa where ms. wacky jackie gets HOODED! and then we celebrate w/ food and friends and fun.
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prom 2006.

it's what we do - photograph.

friday night turned into a mini-party w/ costumes and beer. we stayed up late and listened to bad 90s music.

saturday it rained ALL DAY which meant that our TU picnic (30 RSVped) ended up being about, oh, 5. However, Anne Jansen from Channel 11 showed up b/c she is an alum - good to know! it also meant that Brooke got to stay an extra night and come to Casino night with us - which made me happy!

sunday we helped mike and audra move out to ferndale and then matt price move as well. spring must be the season to move.

oh AND i would like to welcome my good friend Mike Pirnique! to the blogging community... he just got back from Isreal so he has some awesome pics up right now! he is the photographer at Arkansas Business and pretty much rocks. i like to compete with him - pitching, running, darts... you know how it goes! Posted by Picasa