dirty south.

my husband is going to an off-roading park this weekend in hot springs (let me reiterate: off. roading. park. they exist i swear it! i'm told there is dirt and four whellers and beer and rednecks...sounds SUPER safe and fun right?) for eric's bachelor party while we "women-folk" have a pink and black princess bachelorette party which despite the request everyone wear pink i am SO freaking excited about!

i hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend. look for party pics monday!


Sarah said...

have a fun party weekend.... talk to you when we get back!

Anonymous said...

you spelled whellers wrong, its wheelers


Susan said...

How do I not know about this off road park in Hot Springs?! Wow, I gotta check that out. It's now on my to-do list. As a well-rounded woman, I have to admit, I'd have enjoyed either bach party! :)