whoever said dogs can't take bad pictures...

definately has never seen roxy in a picture.... she looks like an old asian hillbilly dog (if we were to assign ethnicity to dogs that is!). this pic from the dog party for Winston and Luke we had on Sunday! There were doggie cupcakes and even scooby-doo doggie goodie bags to take home!

Pictured (L-R): Luke, Winston, Arlo, and Roxy.

arlo and rox - i had to put a cute one of her! she's spunky and unconventional, OK? so stop laughing now!

we celebrated our six month at graffiti's last night... karl snuck some of our wedding cake up to the restaurant earlier that day and they brought it out w/ chocolate and rasberry sauce for us to enjoy there! super sweet.

rox star: extreme close up!


howdy happy berfday.

jennifer marie turns 22 today. sigh. ain't she purdy? and today is also karl and my six month wedding anniversary... that was fast, huh? MUST EAT CAKE (for both occasions)!


planet look at me, look at me!

look! i am an arkansas business mover and a shaker. aren't you happy you know me? now i really am buying this tshirt: I'm kind of a big deal . (people know me)




I wanted to get an old-timey feel to this OBLS picture of audra, jackie, and myself at our first annual homecoming as alums (2004!) This year is our 3rd annual and the dates are set so mark them on your calendar. We will set up on our same corner by LaFortune, and our friends across the way (whose names escape me!) said if we bring meat they will make it on their big ole barbeque pit - i mean - grill! this years goal: bring tables and more tents and more people. More details to follow i am sure, but it's fun to get excited now, huh? Go out. Spread the WORD! GO TU! Chips and SALSA!!

Homecoming 2006 Dates Announced:

The Alumni Association at The University of Tulsa is pleased to announce dates for Homecoming 2006! Mark your calendars for the celebration, which will take place September 14 through 16 on TU's campus. Click here for more information about Homecoming 2006. Posted by Picasa


And it was glorious.

I did nothing all weekend. And it was glorious.

Friday was my daddy’s bday so HAPPY DAY TO HIM. I won’t tell you what year he was born (the oldest of six lovely and wonderful Horan children) but it begins with 195 and ends with 1. He is getting himself an IPOD. What a cool, hipster father I have. I am getting him, er, more regular phone calls?

Also Friday we went to dinner w/ MK and Rea (before the “storm” hit). We dined at Ciao Bacci’s. They took us out for helping set up their new home equipment. Um, we might owe them some serious labor after the price of that dinner. But the food was decent and there was a man there wearing this scrolling belt buckle:

(i believe you can find them at www.scrollingbuckle.com or google scrolling belt buckles!)

I got a lot of stuff done the rest of the weekend which leads me to think I should seriously quit the Little Gym. How sad. But maybe necessary? My W-2 from them was pathetic! And it is nice not to have to work after work… hmmm…


Wee-wease the secwet weapon!

Crazy like a loon weather: HOT. Current temp at 2 p.m. is 74. SEVENTY FOUR!!
Right now weather.com says conditions are “favorable” for a tornado! And the winds are changing direction apparently (whatever that means! It sounds scary. Has anyone seen a wall cloud?!? I don’t really know what a wall cloud is I just like that phrase.)
Weekend Forecast: ICE? You just never know in this crazy world.

On to more important things:

• Karl. Website.

• Karl. Website he designed for a company: Simple Business Solutions. www.smbzsolutions.net (audra designed the logo)

• Kat: Blog www.cahra.blogspot.com designed for one of the associations my company manages - will be presenting to them next week! See MOM (and by mom I mean all of you who scold me about blogging) Blogging can be for work too!

• Survivor Night (themed Italian Olympics!) this evening!


sisterly love.

sister love. it's the best. can you believe this girl will be graduating from college in a few months? let's all embarrass her by lavishing praise!

the weekend was great! we are still recovering. we did get to see the Robus' friday night at the good ole Dick Weber bowling alley. I believe (correct me if i am wrong) that mrs. leslie robus bowls just as well (or better) than her hubby! ;) we also got to see our cousins friday night for bridget's 25th bday party!

the beee-uuu-tiful bride!

kat, jen, steph, haley, and some other kids that i don't know of the five thousand that were there! haley is either 1. picking her nose or 2. telling us to rock on. After eight years together, matt and steph are now officially an old married couple! the bride was beautiful, the groom was happy and articulate, the maid of honor was knocked up! (seriously the girl (stephanie's older sister) was at least 8 and 1/2 months pregnant and she looked awesome!) the party was packed, and the food and drink were good! the short trip was very much worth it to see family (lots of family!) and catch up with some old friends! my mom said that is how all the weddings that they used to go to were (ie. ginormous!), and she felt time-warpish. she and dad even got out and danced with us!

the MASSIVE cake. that's all i have to say about that!


where is the snow patrol?

Hello all. I am mad right now because it is sleeting here in Little Rock, AR and I have to catch a flight to STL this afternoon. (and it is supposed to snow this afternoon!) I have a BAD feeling about this nonsense. Last time it started snowing in Little Rock (last year!) it took karl and me FOUR hours to get home from work (approximately 7 miles). Let me reiterate. Four hours. Seven miles. Little Rock freaked. The whole dang city!! No plows!

So, sigh, I have a feeling we might be spending some quality time in the car and at the airport. But that is okay b/c once we get there we will be celebrating my cousin Bridget’s 25th bday (today!! HAPPY BDAY brigeeta), seeing the lovely and wonderful Robus family at the bowling league extravaganza, and celebrating my cousin Matthew Dennis Horan’s big-ole Catholic wedding Saturday to his long-time woman Stephanie, and hanging out with as many friends and family as possible in one weekend! Pictures to come after this action-packed weekend.

Feel free to go play with roxy and arlo. They are probably cold and lonely in their doggie mansion. We are bad dog owners. They are going to hate us forever.


hungry hungry hippos.

so... guess what?

all our credit cards are payed off in full!! isn't that amazing? it only took years. i am sure we only payed a couple THOUSAND in interest. (and don't worry we still have student loans!)

small steps. progress is good. and neither of us are allowed to have immediate access to credit cards... they make us do crazy things!

what do you think we bought with all those cards? when we started dating we had eight or ten cards between the two of us. what company is their right mind would give 22 year olds access to thousands (and i mean thousands) of dollars??? we have no restraint. correct that. we HAD no restraint, right? ;)


like a knife that cuts me... the scar remains...

so sad at the rose - kristen with her empty beer from our saturday night. it was fun! we tried to make her stay out all night but she refused!! what??

weekend was busy but not exciting.

total loads of laundry done: NINE. yes, nine. and we complain we have nothing to wear! you think that's been building up for awhile now? i worked at the Little Gym both Saturday and Sunday... I really need to quit that job. we went to the rose sat night and sunday we watched the superbowl...kind of. we stayed at home and hung out in front of our tv... it was nice.

OH and i forgot that FEBRUARY 1st equals TWO YEARS of me living in Arkansas. My first weekend here was a superbowl weekend so it always reminds me! isn't that crazy? doesn't feel like two years. thank god i have my bloggity to archive it all. haha.

4-1. it's dance time.

the boys are in purple. too bad this shot shows ALL FIVE white players under the basket and no purple (or BLUE as the refs say) they are now 4-1 and will play in some tournament. Go St. James!

words of wisdom.

matt and karl coaching. =)


news and notes...

  • Sorry LEAH for no bday post… I was trying to find an appropriately embarrassing picture to post…I don’t have any so you are spared!! SO HAPPY BDAY a day late.
  • The groundhog in puxatawney (see below pic) saw his shadow = six more weeks of winter = boo.
  • We have flights booked to STL for my cousin matt and stephanie’s wedding next weekend (thanks mom and dad!)
  • I took some pictures of karl and matt price coaching last night (it’s cute; the kids (7th and 8th graders) call them both COACH. I’m not sure they know their real names (or what to call them… mr. hills and mr. price… ew… we aren’t old enough for that are we? Hmm… I guess all our teacher friends get ms. Ross and ms. Syron)
  • I got my Su fix in FINALLY! Yea! She and I went a-walking last night (for 4 miles thank you very much!) and a-talking. Refreshing to see you my dear! My legs might be a tad sore from running 2 miles on Tuesday and walking four last night… running three tonight.. must. Slather. Icy. Hot.
  • First SURVIVOR night is TONIGHT!! So excited. It’s at e’s and annie’s!
  • Karl is almost finished with his website for “Small Business Solutions”. I will provide the link soon. Audra designed some fabuluous-o logos… we might make our own website… but we need help coming up with a name. All we have so far is Innotech and Penotrod. (office space) Basic business concept is to provide tech support and web support for super small businesses. Simple Plan? Simple Solutions? Kind of blasé. We had a grand ole time trying to think of names last night. Simple minded. OBLS. Ford. What do you think? HELP!!!

Enough text for now. Enjoy your Thursday! Do some WORK! i know i am busy today!