Wee-wease the secwet weapon!

Crazy like a loon weather: HOT. Current temp at 2 p.m. is 74. SEVENTY FOUR!!
Right now weather.com says conditions are “favorable” for a tornado! And the winds are changing direction apparently (whatever that means! It sounds scary. Has anyone seen a wall cloud?!? I don’t really know what a wall cloud is I just like that phrase.)
Weekend Forecast: ICE? You just never know in this crazy world.

On to more important things:

• Karl. Website.

• Karl. Website he designed for a company: Simple Business Solutions. www.smbzsolutions.net (audra designed the logo)

• Kat: Blog www.cahra.blogspot.com designed for one of the associations my company manages - will be presenting to them next week! See MOM (and by mom I mean all of you who scold me about blogging) Blogging can be for work too!

• Survivor Night (themed Italian Olympics!) this evening!


the gloria family said...

good job guys!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Wow!!!! Very impressive. I need to take more time to look at those. I will do that soon. See you tonight!

Susan said...

Italian Olympics...I wish I had known about this before 4:45 Thursdya evening. I'd have been there fo sho! Where is it next week? I'm coming. I don't watch teh show, but it sounds like a fun shindig.

Leah Billings said...

Very nice work. (and fun music!)

Anonymous said...

Impressed...you lil web designers you! Great Job. Hope all goes well with the new site/company.