This Is What I Know About Snow


We're going on Day 4 of this ridiculous Snow Showdown (Storm Cleon??!!?) and, my friends, the weather is most definitely winning.  (WHAT even IS A FREEZING FOG?!?)

It's Sunday night and school is (for sure) cancelled for tomorrow, as it was Friday.

The last time I was not IN my house was Friday morning and that is only because we packed our bags and headed to the in-laws Thursday evening when the forecasts all called for Epic Ice Storm. (Visions of last years horrific week long Christmas present power outages were dancing in our heads; the in-laws have since purchased a generator. Our new neighbors warned us our street is a magnet for power outages and, despite having a wood burning fireplace and a couple of propane heaters, the call of electricity from a generator was too great.)

Per the usual Arkansan approach to snow, everybody did a little bit of panicking (ourselves included - see above). My company coordinates Little Rock's Holiday Parade that was to take place on Saturday; we cancelled it Wednesday. Karl's company work Christmas Party that was to take place on Friday night (complete with an overnight date night compliments of the inlaws!), also cancelled Wednesday.

Thankfully, the ice was not enough to down power lines (at least not in our area), but it was enough to cover the streets.  An inch, maybe? Definitely still grass peeking through in my front yard.  Mostly, all precipitation stopped Friday. And this, my friends, is where the apocalyptic type shutdowns begin, because, regretfully, the only thing Arkansas REALLY has to combat ice and snow is sun and warmth. Neither of which has yet to return.

We headed back home to our house Friday morning and, um, yep STILL HERE.  

Initially we were all YEA SNOW DAY! FUN! We let the kids play, we made hot chocolate, we remained IMMENSELY thankful to have a house (and one with power!) during the frigid temps.

Before she realized I was right about wanting coats and boots.
 We created a parade of snow people.  (See all that grass poking through? THIS shuts us DOWN!)
We hit the streets with the sled. (Because God knows NO cars would attempt to drive this street and definitely no snow plow!)
We let this kid play for hours and hours and hours. Literally hours. He definitely has some Yankee blood - the cold was his friend. NK... not so much. We spent more time getting her dressed than she spent in the snow. (Ice? It really can't be called snow.) Perhaps she will change her mind when she discovers how awesome sledding is.

Then, we got PRODUCTIVE.  I think I ran my dishwasher three times today. I cooked multiple meals. I cleaned out the fridge. I CAN'T EVEN DO A LOAD OF LAUNDRY BECAUSE I DID IT ALL. And put it all away. I almost ironed. (Gasp!)

Then, we gave in and watched like four hours straight of Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Yo ho mateys AWAY.

Then, right before dinner, school was officially cancelled for Monday.

And everyone sighed and dreamed of just last Wednesday, when it was 78 and we were at the park in shorts and t-shirts.

SIGH. MAKE IT COME BACK.  Or at least, you know, deliver our mail and open our schools!

Much love!