aunt j

nate. snow. check.

we journeyed to the northern land to see my sister this holiday.

it was quite a nice holiday.

the baby has decided that sleep is for the weak. (he used to be such a good little sleeper... what is with the regression?)


nate says

gobble gobble.


back to the land of the living

hello friends. i live. i work. i breathe. i can now swallow without jumping b/c it feels like my ears might pop off my head (big improvement!) and/or my lymph nodes might burst out of my neck (just say no to exploding lymph nodes.). all in all, i would say i am going to make it. (there were a few hours there....)

that. was. intense.

i would go as far as saying Labor & Delivery was an easier recovery. (not kidding.)

anyway, enough about me. what is going on with all of you!? hopefully you are prepping your potato pots and turkey basters. ahhhh thanksgiving. how i love you. you are one of my favorite holidays. you give me the perfect excuse to shove my face with food.

thank you, fake mono, for putting me back below my pre-pregnancy weight. and thank YOU, mr. turkey lurkey, for, i am certain (and looking forward to!) pushing me back over.

what is your favorite turkey day dish? my mother in law makes some mean stuffing and rutabaga and my momma makes some sweet, sweet sweet potatoes with pecans and brown suga.

i am pretty sure i could eat turkey day dinner EVERY day.

4 months, 4 weeks, 2 days


that is all.

1. Check this out. Then go show your friends.

as a woman that has always been pretty comfy with my own body and never that into dieting and/or beauty products, this ad campaign frightens and inspires me. at the same time. promoting real beauty is important. we need to do that more.

2. any days of our lives watchers out there? Get a load of this. (Who says that?) - John & Marlena are being FIRED! i am not so much current on DOOL happenings, but really? who will they get to make crazy eyebrow faces? who will become possesed by the devil & levitate? the horror.


so i have been doing a lot of this

in between doctors appointments and NOT WORKING. the docs - they don't know what is wrong with me. but, unless i am symptom free for over 24 hours they don't want me to go back to work until NEXT WEDNESDAY. they still think i might have mono and that it isn't showing up in any of the thousand vials of blood they took. the ladies at daycare jokingly told karl they thought i was pregnant. ha. that is not even funny. wow. how do moms of more than one child or single parents even get sick? i mean, seriously? i can't even function. and i have to wear a scary mask around the baby. it frightens him.

additionally, all these antibiotics and the sheer volume of fluid my body is requiring me to drink have been seriously messing with my milk supply. freezer stash is gone. baby is still hungry. we are still experimenting with the whole solid food thing.... so it stresses me to introduce too many new foods or too much food at once. so, sadly, tonight i broke down and ripped open a can of the dreaded formula (dun dun dun) some marketing gods at Enfamil sent us and I wouldn't let karl throw away. it is really only sad to me b/c i have my goal of 6 months exclusive w/o formula and now that is shattered. plus, i am cheap and don't want to pay for formula. i am pretty sure i can get the supply back up if this illness EVER goes away, but for now, he is getting a little supplement. i only cried about it a little. he took to it happily - like it was a big ole bottle of breast milk. it was a bit sad. i am not anti-formula (you gotta do what works for you), i just choo-choo-choose breastmilk and i work REALLY hard for it and i am too stubborn to quit BFing until I reach my goal. also, if he sleeps through until the morning, he might forevermore get a bottle of formula before bedtime and bm the rest of the time. crap, this paragraph (all this talk about breastfeeding) is making my boobs leak.... does that ever stop?!?!

also, as a treat to myself, because i am sick (6 days straight of fever people. i am really, really sick of the whole freezing/sweating combo about now.), i recieved Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 to watch from my friends at netflix. there is something about being sick that makes me want to curl up (ALONE! no one is actually allowed to touch or be near me when i am sick. which is very difficult with an infant.) and watch teeny bopper movies. and eat pecan sandies and mashed potatos. (because that is what grandma and grandpa always had for me.)

what do you crave the most when you are sick?


am. alive.

still running fever on and off. (back to 101.7 last night - what the hell?) all my blood and throat cultures came back negatory, but my lymph nodes are so swollen on one side my face looks lopsided. so i think i am going back to my favorite place in the world - THE DREADED DOCTORS OFFICE.

gosh i am a baby when i finally give in to sickness. poor karl. he has taken care of so so much while i have been out of commission. what should I do for him? Something.... think on that.

i have more, fun, happy things to blog about... lots of internet goodness i have been stockpiling to share with you all.

4 m, 3 w, 3 days - almost 5 MONTHS of that baby being on the outside. nuts.


the weekend out of town did not go as planned

so, first of all, thank you for your overwhelming support and commenting from my last post. i appreciate it. and i will keep you posted.

secondly, i had my first girlie weekend away from karl and the baby planned for this past weekend - my dear, darling elizabeth's bachelorette party at a cabin atop Mount Nebo... a little place about an hour west of LR. It started out alright... the house/cabin we rented was a little dated and dirty (and possibly looked like a set for adult films. what?!?! it was!) there was dinner, and singing into spoons, and catch phrase, and general debauchery. i wasn't feeling so hot, but pushed on. i had a rough night of freezing/sweating, but felt better in the morning. however, throughout the day, i started feeling worse and finally had to throw in the towel - i get real stubborn about being sick you know? i deny it till i can't deny it anymore - generally i think my immune system is made of steel. i got home and took my temperature. 102. sweet. please god let me not get anyone else sick. i have no idea where it came from or what it is. i haven't run a fever in a long while - i hate being sick. it is mostly in my ears and throat. i am sure it will pass....but super annoying for the time being.

here are some sunday night images! the smiles (from me) are for sure mostly fake! nate was not so happy his mommy was home but not holding him. but i had to rest!

so, what is on the agenda this week for everyone?

4 months, 3 weeks


busy like a bee: or am i?

so it's weird to think about what I was doing this time last year because this time last year I was just barely pregnant. (can you be just barely pregnant? i think not.)

this is an image from the weekend we found out we were pregnant when i accidentally had four beers was SO SURE i wasn't (oh those cramps! tricksters!) and we were preparing to go on a mexican fiesta vaca. (for the record, karl and i had a big(ish) fight the night before we found out about something stupid that i don't remember.
we were too shocked to continue that fight! instead, i made him buy me multiple brands of pee sticks. ah, marriage.)

things are weird lately. i feel very out of touch with everyone and everything. when i am at work, i can barely concentrate on work. when i am at home, i stress about the work i didn't get done or need to do. i bring work home but never do it. when i talk to people, somehow conversations find their way back to labor and breastfeeding and babies! i try really hard to remember birthdays and anniversaries like i normally would, but find them slipping by. it feels like any task i set out to do, i get distracted. my bathroom is filthy. (good thing i don't have to deliver any babies in there this week.) i have conversations with people but have the odd feeling that i have had that EXACT conversation with that person before. (but i can never be sure so usually i just keep going!) i forget to call people back (personally not professionally.) i take days to respond to emails (again personally not professionally) and sometimes trail off in the middle of IM conversations and forget i was talking to that person. sometimes i forget to shower. my list making skills have gone to the wayside. i don't even write things down just to cross them off anymore. i barely write things down at all. (and i am kind of a list freak!) sometimes i panic if i realize i haven't thought about the baby in a certain time frame. i have all these ideas i want to blog about, but then forget them when i sit down to blog and worry that blogging is cutting into my time with karl, time with nate, time with my pillow and blankie. i want to work out and know i could make time, but it feels overwhelmingly impossible. (and I KNOW it's NOT because somehow i have managed to finish almost three of the twilight books!) i dream about all these random projects i want to work on, but never start them. when 3 p.m. rolls around during the work week, ALL i can think about is leaving. then when i get home with the baby, i think i should have left him at daycare longer. i worry i am not pulling my weight at work. i worry i am wasting my precious time with the baby if there is a show on i really want to watch (i know, ridiculous, right?). i worry people will think it is odd if i tote my child with me to dinners and movies and parties and weddings and vacations.

how do i get back on track!? how do i focus!?! or am i forevermore corrupted by this crazy mom-brain thing i have going on? will i always feel this scattery and boob-focused? (i swear i think about them more than my husband. for the moment, i have readjusted my exclusive breastfeeding goal to 6 months.)

(i do, thankfully, remember to pay the bills.)

see? this blog is even weird and all disconnecty. HELP!

i am now going to shut my eyes and shut my brain. i know a panic, scattered post like this is not that entertaining to read. (AND that i wrote a similar one a few weeks ago - again with the repeating!) please forgive this crazy woman who has taken over my brain and body. i guess i can't really promise the old kat will return, becasue i seem to have morphed into some new, different version of myself. (who needs to learn how to relax and enjoy herself again!)

also, the astronaut with a diaper? that is my cousin anna - she is preggo my leggo and having a boy! (current name: rocco. love it.)

4 months, 2 weeks, 4 days


reality tv - you are having a good week

biggest loser this week: good triumphs over evil. amy c., you're awesome. vicky, you're crazy. you are NOT what BL is about. i may have become myspace friends with some of the contestants. don't tell anyone. i don't even like myspace.

antm this week: marjorie - you are bananas.
"this is high fashion toilet paper" -paulina, one of the judges.

mostly i watch them via dvr at 3 am when little nater is hungrypants.

more soon.

4m, 2w, 4d


baby toys are scary

please note: when putting together a new toy in living room, make sure it can fit through the other doors of your house. because, apparently, this "rainforest jumperoo" will forevermore be in our living room. taunting me with its monkey chatter and parrot squawking.


sunday pictures: ok when not preggo?

so, i was contemplating going back to Sunday Night Pictures even though i am no longer showing you my growing belly. now they shall feature a growing baby. with me. to give you an idea of how big little nater tot is compared to big people. like his mama. what do we think? good idea? bad idea? i whipped out some of my favorite belly pic clothes for the first installment (alright, fine, i was already wearing them. those damn maternity yoga pants & ON tanks are THE most comfortable lounging clothes EVER. it's my sunday uniform.)

and, yes, we have started a little cereal with a spoon. i was hoping to make it to 6 months on exclusively 'the milks' (karl likes to say... 'is nate-nater ready for the milks?'), but he is ready. so we are going with it. not sure what to introduce next... there are many choices. maybe sweet panaters. seems appropriate.

4 months, 2 weeks


what happens when two TU alum lose a bet in AR?

so, yea, i lost a bet. resulting in me (and audra) both wearing hog noses to happy hour. (happy hour resulting in me (and keely) wearing sunglasses in the evening and throwing up
gang, er, peace signs.)

at least our team doesn't require grown men (and women) to go "wwwwwwooooooooooo" in a high pitched little girl voice while waggling our hand digits in a spirit-finger kind of way. three times.

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... pig sooie.
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... pig sooie.
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... pig sooie.

(there. we are even. i even called the hogs in internet-land AND held the "woo" part for the traditional 8 seconds... you can tell by the # of o's i have given the word. clearly that is eight seconds.)

happy friday. (finally.)

nater patater measured in at 26.5 inches at his doc appointment. yea, that is almost half my height.

4 m, 1 w, 5 days


do you think it's too early to use hair gel?

so here are some things that have happened to me recently:

1. someone got ahold of my debit card and charged $300 - $400 in the past two weeks. yea! bank of america is taking care of it. i still haven't figured out HOW my info was scammed but i do know they have my phone # and address. i got some nice coffee in the mail that i didn't order, and, aparantely, i have ordered many things from stamps.com and mydirectbuy something dot com and some other dot coms. (i am betting it's SOMEHOW related to babies r us, but, really, that is just because i hate babies r us.)

2. my iphone went ape wild. (ape wild? is that even an expression? what?) it kept saying "this device is not compatible with an iphone. (WHAT? it IS an iphone!) would you like to turn on airport mode?" and then i would touch "no" and try and turn it off. then it just kept auto-starting over and over and over until it died. it would not charge and blew up my radio it docks into. (creepy.) and the great state of AR does not, in fact, have an apple store. anywhere. in the whole state. (so if you have tried to text or call lately, sorry. i DO have karl's crackberry now and my # is forwarding to it so please call me. i have only tried to touch the screen to answer, oh, i don't know, a million times. WHAT ARE THESE BUTTON things? do i have to PRESS them? i don't get it.) i shipped the ole iphone off to the iphone elves for a (hopefully) speedy repair.

3. nate is having a great week at daycare this week. we worked out some issues. sigh. (and then today he accidentally got another baby's breastmilk! yea!)

4. i voted today. not that it mattered as the electoral college is the most ridiculous thing ever. pretty sure arkansas' 6 votes were red before i even left the polling place. on a plus note, i had no line/wait at the polls. and we had scantron-ey bubbles this year! (usually we have the arrows.)

5. i MAY have started reading the twilight series. and by MAY i mean the first book is almost done. DAMN YOU POP CULTURE. i can't resist!

6. i have over 400 unread items in my google reader. eeks. time to un-subscribe to some feeds. my inbox is just as messy. the baby has been sleeping for an hour and i am dedicated to catching up, commenting, updating.... all the internet funsies!

7. we are working on naterade's mohawk. (don't worry. the rat tail is still there.)

more soon.... will these pics tide you over?

nom nom nom those cheeks.

4 m, 1 w, 2 d


hambooglers & cheese please

nothing says "let's get married!" like a wedding shower with costumes! too much fun.

i have been jealous of everyone posting adorable halloween costumes and pictures - i need to play too! so here they are. karl and i were PIRATE VS. NINJA this year. my costume is indeed for a 12-14 year old boy, and karl's costume included one week of letting his face get scruffy to get into character. oh, and an arm parrot.

i have oh so much more to blog about, but i will leave you with these for the momento. i have to get to work! BEFORE NATE i always took for granted ten or fifteen minute 'breaks' at work to blog and/or hang out... now i just want to do my work and leave - is that horrible?

the ole bloggity went under a wee bit of construction - i will be updating my header soon with another floating nater tot.

we have 4 month shots this week for the baby. (a little over due.)

4 months, 1 week, 2 days