back to the land of the living

hello friends. i live. i work. i breathe. i can now swallow without jumping b/c it feels like my ears might pop off my head (big improvement!) and/or my lymph nodes might burst out of my neck (just say no to exploding lymph nodes.). all in all, i would say i am going to make it. (there were a few hours there....)

that. was. intense.

i would go as far as saying Labor & Delivery was an easier recovery. (not kidding.)

anyway, enough about me. what is going on with all of you!? hopefully you are prepping your potato pots and turkey basters. ahhhh thanksgiving. how i love you. you are one of my favorite holidays. you give me the perfect excuse to shove my face with food.

thank you, fake mono, for putting me back below my pre-pregnancy weight. and thank YOU, mr. turkey lurkey, for, i am certain (and looking forward to!) pushing me back over.

what is your favorite turkey day dish? my mother in law makes some mean stuffing and rutabaga and my momma makes some sweet, sweet sweet potatoes with pecans and brown suga.

i am pretty sure i could eat turkey day dinner EVERY day.

4 months, 4 weeks, 2 days


Paul Knight said...

that's an awesome pic of natey potatey. so glad you are feeling better. wish i could be there with you!!!!
- brooke, logged in as paul (again)

Maria said...

Glad you are back among the living. Sorry you were sick. I'd like to eat turkey every day. ;)

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

i'm so glad that your feeling better...nater is the best ever!!!

have a wonderful thanksgiving!!


Stacia said...

Rutabag, yum. Noone seems to even know what it is when I ask.
Nate is one handsome turkey!

Aubrey said...

A turkey for you and a turkey for me! I can't believe Mike Tyson gave the girl VD. (I'm glad you like old SNL references too!)

My grandma's dressing. And my mom's broccoli rice casserole. And my family's spicy percolator punch. And my mother-in-law's pineapple concoction....I could go on and on and on. I heart food.

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