World Series CHAMPS celebrate at the brew house!

isabel in her shades!

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remain on south outer 40.

we are alive. the weekend was amazing! mike and his bride rachel both looked great! congratulations to mr. and mrs. whaley! (hint: for better pics see John and Leslie's blog - leslie always gets much better pics than me!)

we were, in FACT, in the car on Friday evening (somewhere around Crystal City, MO) when the Cardinals did, in FACT, win the world series. all FACTS. we didn't get in to STL till super late so no celebrating/partying for us on Friday night though we did watch a taped version of the game since we had only heard it on the radio. my mom got to sell special edition papers that night - extra extra read all about it! Second world series title in my life time and i believe 10 total for the Cardinals (that is second to the Yankees for all-time series titles! but i won't say how many titles the yanks hold)

after the wedding saturday we took the brewery tour and then headed to the reception! the room set up was gorgeous and the food was fancy and delish-ee-ous. it was too much fun - vampire teeth and all - lots of laughing. we slept in a bit sunday, hit steak-n-shake (mandatory!), and went to Grant's Farm w/ my cousin bridget and her husband and joe and isabel. a perfectly gorgeous day. then we drove home. for. ever. (insert sandlot voice) we are ALIVE and ready for another oh-so-funderful work week!


Game 5. Game 5. Game 5.

5 is one of my favorite numbers for secret sorority (gay) reasons (normally i hate odd numbers but 5 is an okay kind of number). It is also the # of tonight's World Series Game. Game 5. Of. THE. 2006 World Series. The game the Cardinals are destined to win and end the series as World Champs. We like 5 today. Today is sponsored by the number five. Five five five alive. Detroit is going back to their lovely cold city without any Cardinals.

The part that makes me nervous about this whole thing is that I will be driving (karl will be driving actually because 1) i suck at driving and 2) i will be way too excited to drive if the game is on and i might run us off the road. ANYWAY, I will be on my way to St. Louis (where the aforementioned game is being played) and that just seems unfair. I mean, I could be like an hour away from the city in like Festus, Missouri and the whole city of STL could errupt in joyful celebration and I just wouldn't be there. So close yet so far away. Can't you just feel the injustice of that? I know I can listen to it on the radio but I would rather watch it on the TV or better yet in person or at least in a Sports bar where there are other Cardinal fans. Boo.

david eckstein is my hero. he just looked so calm last night when you know he was FREAKING out on the inside. Also I would just like to say ONE thing about the American League and their WONDERFUL pitchers (specifically the detroit pitchers) and how much BETTER they are than the NL. Errors. Errors all OVER the place. One for every game from a pitcher. Errors. That is all. I hope I am not jinxing anything by writing this - i am a bit nervous that i just might.

6 hours till game time. oh. my. god! somebody get me so magic transportation powder so i can go RIGHT NOW.


this rain is making me nasty!

My friend Megan emailed me this AWESOME t-shirt they are selling in STL in honor of the Series and my parents scored me one when they went to game 3! I can't wait to get there and wear it! Isn't it awesome? Awesome. My favorite word to describe the Cardinals and all paraphenallia associated with them. Not Awesome? Game 4 getting rained OUT last night. Silly storms.

Game 4 folks. We have made it to Thursday. On a work note, our last convention of "convention season" is TODAY!! Our company has done 14 major events since August 1. I never want to look at another Catering Contract AGAIN! Interesting fact of the day: 1 gallon of Orange Juice at the Peabody is $55 dollars. With tax and gratuity it comes to $74.64. Think about THAT next time you drink some innocent orange juice at a convention/meeting!

Fredbird says: "beat those tigers! (kittys)"


up and down all the way and all around.

puppy love up and down all the way and all around. cute, eh?

green envy.

green green i love green. I will share updated pics when this green room is completed. I must say I am a big fan thus far. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! We didn't have much going on and it was kind of fabulous. The Cardinals won game ONE of the World Series and are currently down by 3 in the bottom of the 6th this evening. boo. Not looking good - It is too cold in Detroit for the St. Louisians. Getting excited for this upcoming weekend already - Going to STL for the Whaley Wedding! Going to make the week seem long! Can't wait to see my parents new house with furniture in it and painted walls.


Things that make me happy.

The STL Cardinals. 3-2. One more game! One more game! Here is the FUN espn article from this AM. World Series HERE WE COME.

Movie night on Friday night (despite the fact that is only Wednesday!) Any recommendations for renters/theater must-sees?

Audra and I went RUNNING yesterday! (training in full effect for 11/19. See you at the TULSA ROUTE 66 Marathon!)

Things that make me sad

Not being able to WAKE UP today despite the fact that it is noon and I got eight plus hours of sleep last night.

Not being BUSY enough. I need a new project to motivate me. Oh wait I already have like 80 lists/projects going and no desire to finish them.

Not taking a full lunch and staying at my office. Makes my day/week seem even longer. When will convention season be OVER?!!

My sickly husband. Send him some GET BETTER thoughts!

Really BORING blogs (like this one!) HapPY boring Wednesday.


franks and fires.

we had a blazing fire all night long and some hot dogs PLUMP and JUICY. we even had some christmas lights. must do girl camping again soon.

selves portrait.

camping = success! we had a fabulous time at maumelle park - so far from home. (like maybe 10 minutes) the weather was puuuurfect (cept for the rain the next morning!) but we set up our tents and made food and fire like pros. just reinforces my desire to be on SURVIVOR! (if only survivor had beer available at all times. beer and sonic breakfast. do you hear that CBS?!)
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i loooooooove tshirts.

i am on the hunt for cool ones so leave me comments with COOL TSHIRT sites if you know of any. please and thank you.
let's see:
  • today is wed.nes.day.
  • my lunch is gross and i don't want to eat it.
  • i promise my updates will get more interesting soon and apologize if you are bored (ok not really apologizing)
  • karl is going to Fayetteville this weekend to CALL THE HOGS in person. Homecoming weekend in Fayetteville.
  • i intend to go camping with the girls instead. gIrL camping.
  • (www.marriedtothesea.com has made me VERY happy and laughy (out loud) in the past week. i am printing them out and making wallpaper with them for my fridge. thank you drew and natalie for keeping me sane and smiley.

le sigh. back to work. karl helped me give the USGBC website a fresh new look! www.usgbcar.org. that also makes me happy and now i am going to add new events to the site.


no more ghost riding the whip kiddos.

so this picture doesn't really SAY what i want it to say b/c it is all shadow-ey and you can't really see. so that sucks. guess you will just have to come over and see them for yourself. but karl and i painted our door frame and shutters (oh. the. excitement.) BROWN! (they were green. (hunter, forest, dark, ugly!)).

weekend recap: nothing. we pretty much did nothing! Watched the Razorbacks beat Auburn at Eric and Em's. Watched OU get beat by TX. Watched the Cardinals clinch. clinch it. (on to play the Metty Mets of NY for the NLCS. Starts Wednesday!) Watched the Amazing Race. Ran. Ate. Um. Slept. Nothing much to report folks. All is quiet on the western front (southern?).

happy monday lunch break!
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i can't get this COMIC out of my head.

Why is it so funny? Maybe it is that song... ghost ride the whip... is that a song or just one karl made up after seeing ghost riding the whip on the morning show? is it a song??!?!??! and who decided it should be called ghost riding? am i crazy?

(comic courtesy of www.marriedtothesea.com)


10/4 over and out

Things (Forewarning: HIGHLY self-absorbed nonsense post ahead!)

  • We currently have a hole in our wall in our bedroom *between the bedroom and the bathroom* where we had to have someone come fix our bathroom (leaking pipe leaking water in our wall). It is kind of sad to walk into my lovely bedroom and see a GAPING hole.
  • 92 degrees yesterday = happy girl!
  • I have rediscovered my obsession with Naked Juice. (www.nakedjuice.com). Totally a meal. And quite delicious. No added sugar. 1 pound of fruit in each one! Different “families” of juices to target different things. Yum!
  • I might have a new TV show. Discovery Atlas. (www.discoveryatlas.com). Very good. Basically about life in other countries – the premier was about China. I want to go to China. I don’t need another TV show! (And I am considering dropping the “unprecedented” 11th season of 7th Heaven because it is not that wonderful but somehow I am still HANGING ON!) Must. Curb. TV. Addiction.
  • This week feels long. I hate to wish time away but I sure wish it was the weekend!

Hopefully someone blogs something more interesting than THIS today!


harvest fest to fountain of youth.

saturday night at the fountain! we had a pretty great weekend - nothing to complain about! we stayed in Friday so we could run Saturday. Pretty sure the BIG DAM BRIDGE was shaking and rocking and swaying under the weight of 1,000 plus runners and pretty sure it was PRETTY DAM SCARY especially considering this was the bridge's inagural event and had not been tested before with that much weight (to my knowledge anyway)! But the bridge didn't collapse and Karl and I both finished the race! (Some of us before others...the before person NOT being me. must. get. in. gear. Running with extra body weight slooooooows me down!) after the race we ate lots (food never tastes better when your tummy is so empty. i love post-run eats!) and napped and headed down to hilcrest for the harvest fest (which was not really a festival but more of a glorified block party). It was good though and we hit the fountain before calling it a night! Now I am in my normal Sunday-evening-anxious mood thinking about the loooooong week ahead!