harvest fest to fountain of youth.

saturday night at the fountain! we had a pretty great weekend - nothing to complain about! we stayed in Friday so we could run Saturday. Pretty sure the BIG DAM BRIDGE was shaking and rocking and swaying under the weight of 1,000 plus runners and pretty sure it was PRETTY DAM SCARY especially considering this was the bridge's inagural event and had not been tested before with that much weight (to my knowledge anyway)! But the bridge didn't collapse and Karl and I both finished the race! (Some of us before others...the before person NOT being me. must. get. in. gear. Running with extra body weight slooooooows me down!) after the race we ate lots (food never tastes better when your tummy is so empty. i love post-run eats!) and napped and headed down to hilcrest for the harvest fest (which was not really a festival but more of a glorified block party). It was good though and we hit the fountain before calling it a night! Now I am in my normal Sunday-evening-anxious mood thinking about the loooooong week ahead!


Ashley said...

you are cute me like u

the gloria family said...

nice apron

Sarah said...

is that an apron?

your hair looks lllllong. getting longer everyday.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Cute picture! Loves it. Sorry I missed out!

Susan said...

What does Emily's shirt say? And do you have a napkin tucked into your neck-line?! :)

emily and eric said...

it says chemically dependent!!!

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