10/4 over and out

Things (Forewarning: HIGHLY self-absorbed nonsense post ahead!)

  • We currently have a hole in our wall in our bedroom *between the bedroom and the bathroom* where we had to have someone come fix our bathroom (leaking pipe leaking water in our wall). It is kind of sad to walk into my lovely bedroom and see a GAPING hole.
  • 92 degrees yesterday = happy girl!
  • I have rediscovered my obsession with Naked Juice. (www.nakedjuice.com). Totally a meal. And quite delicious. No added sugar. 1 pound of fruit in each one! Different “families” of juices to target different things. Yum!
  • I might have a new TV show. Discovery Atlas. (www.discoveryatlas.com). Very good. Basically about life in other countries – the premier was about China. I want to go to China. I don’t need another TV show! (And I am considering dropping the “unprecedented” 11th season of 7th Heaven because it is not that wonderful but somehow I am still HANGING ON!) Must. Curb. TV. Addiction.
  • This week feels long. I hate to wish time away but I sure wish it was the weekend!

Hopefully someone blogs something more interesting than THIS today!


Anonymous said...

discovery atlas is badass. but you are missing out not seeing it in HD! a.ma.zing!

Leah Billings said...

I LOVE Naked Juice too! I discovered it three years ago while in California. Best juice ever, seriously! It actually tastes like the fruit it was made from. I just wish it didn't cost so much. Oh well, its worth it.

the gloria family said...

my mom is going to china to present a drug study. she will be in beijing for two weeks. doesn't that sound awesome?

Susan said...

Elana is obsessed with Naked Juice too! It does cost like a million dollars though. I will go to China with you, but we need to know someone there or someone who will go with us that can show us around. I'm pretty sure it's not the kinda place to little white girls should wonder alone.

Anonymous said...

kat, you've gotta give up on 7th heaven. it's too painful to sit through anymore.

Elizabeth Spann said...

What about Brian is coming up!

Anonymous said...

not too thrilled with seven heaven... actually, last season my big thing was this: "if it were not the last season, i would totally not ever watch this show again... but i've just got to see what happens."

well. shit. fire. they are back! and why am i still watching it? why?

it's not that good anymore. and how old am i?

twenty. five.

get a life, sjhg

Anonymous said...

and i really liked that show related and they up and take it off the air. what the hell? related was good. and it was in new york. geez.

Anonymous said...

What. Is. Up. With. Periods. Stop!