ok alum out there reading this blog -

check er out - www.tuhomecoming.blogspot.com. it is time to update update update!! it is a little different so if you linked it in your blog links please update your links. i did put the past years answers/infos linked to the new blog. i think it looks pretty good and there are already a few responses on there (thanks to those few - recruit more!)

Here is the original post:

Homecoming 2007 is drawing NEAR!

and it is time to update your information for the annual homecoming blog! get on it. answer these questions or send us a brief blurb and send with a picture or two! (email them to tualum2005@gmail.com)

Name, Year of Graduation
1. What city do you currently live in?
2. What do you do for a living?
3. List anything you want to brag about that has happened in the past year.
4. Will you be attending Homecoming 2007?
5. Contact Info – an email or blog address if you want people to get a hold of you (optional).
6. Any other funny story or quote you would like to include.

For the official schedule: http://www.utulsa.edu/alumni/homecoming/

CHECK OUT ANSWERS from 2006 and 2005 by clicking HERE!


the two most ungraceful people ever attempt to dance

guess what? it is our anniversary! TWO horrible, awful years. hehe. just kidding. TWO wonderful, loverly years filled with lots of laughter and love and the occasional blow out. ha ha! gotta tell it like it is, right? what kind of marriage would we have if not for the occasional fight - a boring, unhealthy one, i would say. for the third year i promise not to throw any spatulas at your head. (not that that happened. er...)


ms. meg's getting maaaaaaried so we must shower her with underwear

we were pretty low key this weekend! i did have the fabulous opportunity to hang out on saturday evening for megan's (the one in the veil!) bach party. we had a fabulous time in our pj's eating, hanging out, and slaughtering some karaoke. fun stuff.

proof that arlo gets lotsa lovin'

in case you really were worried here is some proof that lo-lo isn't lacking in the love and attention department!


it's our 2nd birthday

no, we aren't from the same litter. but we are the same age. ish.
yes, this birthday is made up (it's gotta be close - based on the humane society estimated ages)
yes, arlo is cuter. and softer. and more cuddly.
yes, we love roxy more.
it's all her tri colored coat, ghetto booty, thickey thick body, slutty positions (GIRL SHOWS HER AREA TO ANYONE and FREQUENTLY), crazy faced glory. we can't help it. arlo is just way too normal.
yes, we go running (we can run about 2 miles at a time before we slow down a little. luckily so do our runners).
yes, we like to swim. and get into ticks. lots of ticks.
yes, arlo is a big thunder storm hating (all eighty plus pounds in the lap), is obsessed with his duckie (we keep buying him more b/c roxy destroys them) sissy, and he is terrified of vacuums and big red yoga balls. terrified. of a yoga ball.
we love him anyway. just not as much.
yes, we got them birthday bones. i think they knew it was a special day.
read about their rescue here and getting to know their home/owners here and obeying here. (cute pictures if you click!).

happy 2nd birthday arlo and roxy. welcome to your formative years.


ducks versus chickens

mmmmmm...... more carbs

hot cousins

a weekend in stl for a family wedding - melissa and chris tied the knot this weekend in a beautiful church in O'Fallon and followed by a HIGHLY entertaining and fun reception. my parents also celebrated their 34th anniversary. we had many, many toasts for both couples (and for various other reasons that seemed really important and toast worthy at the time). melissa made a beautiful bride and chris a smiley, handsome groom... so glad for those two!

we also got in an enormous war resulting in many phone calls to friends and family across the country. you know that dance that you do at weddings? where you snap your hands together, flap your arms under your armpits, and shake it... you know.. the DUCK dance. at least that is what we call it in St. Louis. Aparantly the rest of the country calls it the CHICKEN dance. hmmm... what do you call it? OH YEA. it's the duck dance. karl says STL is worse than texas with its STL pride/doingthingstheSTLway... i can't say i entirely disagree.

i followed up my night of alchoholic carb intake with approximately one loaf of carbety carb bread. grr. oh well.

it was a great weekend but we are glad to be home safe and sound after some flight delays. we kenneled our dogs for the first time ever this weekend (TOO HOT!). It was very sad - they looked shell shocked when we left them and were quite excited to be home.


suddenly i see this is what i want to be

so check it. yesterday i did six miles of tread mill/eliptical combo. i feel this entitles me to many beers, lots of pizza, and no more working out for the rest of the weekend. hm. i'm not sure it works that way.

karl and i have tomorrow OFF work. HA. take that.

this dude (who abides) did a write up of our respective bloggity blogs and it makes karl and i sound a little less lame and nerdy than we are ;) haha no but it was awesome. he is doing a blogging tour thru little rock (which is a pretty fun concept; me likey) and there are some other muy interesante little rockians in their respective internet corners of the city. the full link

ALSO my sister has started a blog. okay i started it for her. BUT SHE ASKED. it is thus entitled:
http://www.butterednoodlesandpepsi.blogspot.com/ in honor of her love for carbohydrates, cafienne, and parmesean cheese. SO GO SAY HELLO.


weekend bbq with claus

thanks to everyone for coming and bringin food and drink. hope you all had fun. i am too exhasted and brain dead to think of anything creative and/or witty to accompany this post. yes, we cooled off by covering a tarp in dish soap and canola oil and sliding down it. slip and slide for grown ups. um. don't hate. my skin is still so soft.

for the rest of the photos:


i don't normally support forwards on blogs but this one was fun

What American accent do you have?
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The South


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North Central

What American accent do you have?
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itttttts hooooooooooot in here

i want to laugh like this. please and thank you. when you can't even tell if you are laughing or crying and it hurts your belly. instead, i am going to bed early. ugh. i don't feel good and i don't like it one bit. my body is falling apart at age 26. how in the world do people make it to 100? it might be 7:00 p.m. and i might be going to BED! i guess my body is just in need of rest - i slept past noon both saturday and sunday and felt like a lazy laggard slothful shiftless sack artist (thanks thesaurus dot com... a sack artist? wth?).
i think we broke 100 degrees today.... the heat index was well over! it's all sweaty up in arkansas. we are drinking lots of wata.
um. good night? i promise to be more myself at a later date.


welcome to august...

it's coming - like it or not! it is stifling here in the natural state and i can't seem to catch a breath.

i have some possible answers (self diagnosed! ha!) about my chest pain which i have been reluctant to share on the blog. because it's embarrassing. because some people who read don't know i WAS a smoker. yesterday was my official one month of no smoking. so i have been reading all these articles about anxiety and withdraw symptoms (including chest tightness and shortness of breath - some people have to "learn" how to breathe deep again and i think i might fall in that category - i guess smokers only breath deep when the are inhaling on a cigarette so when they stop they have to practice deep breathing. who knew?). as most of you know i hadn't even been smoking very much (mainly socially but that is still smoking). I went cold turkey july 4th - which means more withdraw symptoms and faster. ANYWAY i am still monitoring myself (blah) and the tightness... taking deep breaths does feel weird - it's so clean.... ha! i'm not that surprised with my reactions - aparently i am very sensitive to drugs - putting them in or taking them out!

anyway i thought quitting would be a lot easier but it's not. i am just starting to tell people so please don't be mad at me if i slip. however, after all this chest crap, picking up a cigarette seems pretty silly.


stephanie from full house?!?!?! is that you!?

wednesday is here and almost gone! i haven't felt like doing too much after work this week... sorry if i have been slow to return phone calls and emails. i am in recovery (*drama alert) from my still present but less scary chest issue. it's fine. i promise. you know what it makes me want to do though? it makes me want to train for a marathon or something... skydive, bungee jump, swim for miles, play soccer.... pretty much anything physical.

has anyone seen high school musical? it's on TV right now. and i'm watching it. yep. i am.

anyone else have any news? will A Rod hit #500? the cards are six games behind the stinking cubs in the nlc. the cubs!?!? i mean really. the gap is closing. it needs to close faster. and the brewers don't need to beat the mets tonight. my dogs are dirty. they need a bath. my laundry is clean but NOT FOLDED (why oh why is the folding part so incredibly difficult?). it feels like we always have something TO CLEAN. house, car, dogs, selves.. bLah. i think we are going back to NYC for our anniversary. may become a tradition!! one of the days we might just stay there.