it's our 2nd birthday

no, we aren't from the same litter. but we are the same age. ish.
yes, this birthday is made up (it's gotta be close - based on the humane society estimated ages)
yes, arlo is cuter. and softer. and more cuddly.
yes, we love roxy more.
it's all her tri colored coat, ghetto booty, thickey thick body, slutty positions (GIRL SHOWS HER AREA TO ANYONE and FREQUENTLY), crazy faced glory. we can't help it. arlo is just way too normal.
yes, we go running (we can run about 2 miles at a time before we slow down a little. luckily so do our runners).
yes, we like to swim. and get into ticks. lots of ticks.
yes, arlo is a big thunder storm hating (all eighty plus pounds in the lap), is obsessed with his duckie (we keep buying him more b/c roxy destroys them) sissy, and he is terrified of vacuums and big red yoga balls. terrified. of a yoga ball.
we love him anyway. just not as much.
yes, we got them birthday bones. i think they knew it was a special day.
read about their rescue here and getting to know their home/owners here and obeying here. (cute pictures if you click!).

happy 2nd birthday arlo and roxy. welcome to your formative years.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you will say you love one of your dogs more than the other! Mean Mommy! Also, are you holding Arlo by the collar so he can't get away and then holding the yoga ball in front of his face? How mean! Poor Arlo :(

katandkarl said...

haha. i tried to chase him around with it to take his picture but he kept hiding under the desk. he needs to get over it. haha. i AM mean.

melissa said...

it's not mean... my mom loves me more than either of my sisters. : ) and i like roxy better. she's my kind of lady.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

furry faced, four legged family...THE BEST!

Kristy said...

Want another furry friend??? Casey can beat Arlo any day in a chicken contest. I took an empty cardboard box into my parents' house and she was backing up so quickly and crazily that she hit her head on the table, moved the chair and scared herself again. (I did see it's little teeth threatening her, but she is a baby!)

Stacia said...

Happy Birthday guys ;)

Susan said...

Happy Birthday, buddies!
Ruger and Winchester

Lauryl Lane said...

you have no idea how much therapy they are going to need when they grow up, after having known that you loved one of them over the other. poor things. ;(

happy bday, babies!

care said...

see, I totally support you.

hazel is cuter and friendlier and cuddles more, but I love gobi more. and hazel is okay with that, she gets puh-lenty of attention.

and, I like to pretend that their birthday are the same day too, just two years apart. hey, they're both may kitties, that's close enough right?

yay for celebrating your animals bdays! and felicitatem tibi, arlo and roxy! :)

Elizabeth Spann said...

Remember when you had no soul and hated pups before those wonderful ones came into your life? Then you were running home to let them in when it was too hot/cold outside! Personal growth, Kat- nice job. ;)