i got nuthin.

hmph. february, you are getting OLD. go away, please. (but please do my laundry and clean my bathroom before you go, k?)

(here are some flowers to show you the door.) (goodbye with love/hate.)

doing a lot of thinking...

reading a lot of blogs....

hoping my dear friend sarah pops a baby out...
happy for my dear kristen who did amazing on some recent tests...
thinking about dear e and her prof stress...
loving my little m's mushy gushy new love...
liking a recent lunch with S to unload about working and babies and boobies...
wishing dear b didn't have to deal with lawyers...
pining for mid-march when visits from both mere mere and leeetle sister are occuring...
appreciating my 8 conversations a day with j...
praying for our friend r as he is working through some pain...
crying for a who lost one grandparent less than a month ago and now stands to lose another (the spouse) this week...
wanting desperately for b to have a successful homebirth...
wanting desperately for a to wade through some infertility issues and find some solace or resolution...

feeling sad that karl has been sick (and equally happy and annoyed to be working harder while he is resting)...

i know i keep editing the list but there are so many intentions in my heart i just have to get them out there...

contemplating how the different places we are in life make us both worse and better as friends... being thankful regardless that these folks and many more call me friend. sorry if the initials are cryptic... just trying to get the point across... ELLIPSIS ELLIPSIS ELLIPSIS.


the end.


and the nominees for best hair IN THE WORLD...

nate or yertle (the turtle). you decide.

7 months, 4 weeks


Nate's first day on the Job.

drinking already...


oh where oh where has my little dog gone

i have no idea where this blog title is from. it's in my head.

(as is the rest of bloggiture you are about to read... spewed straight from my brain to my fingers to the blog. minimal edits.)

recently, i went to a "concert" at Nate's school and the song "I LIKE BEING A KID" was stuck in my head for two days. (and, yes, it is as obnoxiously JINGLY JANGELY as it sounds.) (that was a proper sentence, right?) ANYWAY, not the most appropriate song to hum (who are we kidding? i don't hum. i belt.) in the office.

what else?

yesterday, we were driving by the golf course and someone hit a golf ball onto the road. i promptly rolled down my window and said "NICE ONE!" as loud as i could and proceeded to giggle like a child. (mature.) (karl laughed too. i swear it.)

what else?

it is 3:21 on Thursday. Thursdays always mean PRESS DAY at the office for the weekly we publish so there is always A SENSE OF URGENCY (one of my bosses favorite phrases) around the office. it is also the end of the month, so we are trying to put our monthly magazines 'TO BED' as well so they can get on stands before the month begins. so i am waiting on the last minute ad changes and stragglers. it's OTD time folks. (out the door.) (what other publishing buzz words would you like to see? we get to say the word DUMMY a lot in the print world.)

what else?

i am thinking of becoming a primary grade teacher. is that less stress or more stress? i am not into stress lately. i think i would be a awesome teacher. well, once i learn to stop saying the F word. who can teach me that!? i may be having a mid-to-late-twenties crisis.

what else?

i have worn jeans to work every day this week except Monday. TAKE THAT.

what else?

maybe some nuggets?

kittens inspired by kittens (thanks, leah.)
i'm on a boat. (thanks, andy sandberg and t-pain.)

maybe i should start a nugget blog. a compilation of nuggets of internet goodness. nuggets.

what else?

karl's little basketball team is wrapping up the season. they don't have a winning record like last year, but many a game has gone into heart-breaking overtime. i will be happy when the season ends. (selfishly. i know it's wrong.)

what else?

biggest loser this week was a bit ridic. but i do like that so many are playing with heart this season. still haven't gotten to watch LOST - WILL DO IT TONIGHT!!! i am avoiding the blogosphere until then.

what else?

i am digging the recent twitter explosion.

whadddd eylse?

(one scoop or two?)

i guess that's all folks!


sunday sweets from your valentine

nom nom nom.

let's see... this weekend:
cold beer, hot wings, wranglers, skoal ring. (kidding, kidding.)

i bought a new book and it is calling my name. sorry. bye bye.

naters and nash... yum

i am drawing a blank here on what to blog. i have so, so many things but how to make them fun and quippy and entertaining? THE PRESSURE.

this weekend was (is.) (once suday hits it always feels over. even at 10am.) delectable. friday night karl and i attended an event entitled the Trailer Trash Tragedy (TTT) hosted by the beautiful Susan Mulhearn Iris Orchid. It took me a few minutes to get into character. I was Fanny Mason, mama to Wilbur and the trailer park gossip queen... complete with bright red lips, a pack of wrigleys, stretch pants, cowboy boots, and carhartt jacket. Karl was the man-whore of the trailer park, married to a tat artist but unable to keep his hands to hisself. Neither of us committed the crime (the murder of Mitzi, portrayed by a famous cabbage patch kid, found dangling in the garage. yep, this trailer had a garage. a big one too. Iris and Big Hoss had a niiiiice little setup.) More pics HERE if you read Su's blog (there are several posts). it was HIGHLY entertaining and FRIGHTENINGLY easy to dress for. (karl wore his boots and camo and cut-off sleeved tee, but, alas, he can no longer fit in his wranglers. tee hee. cowboy boots and ON jeans.. we are classy country folk. (oh and that car in the pic with karl? "the z." oh, no we didn't borrow it for the evening. it sits in OUR driveway undrivable in true redneck style.)

saturday nate and i had our first official playdate! I am not going to lie, I have always FEARED 'the playdate'. For real! I guess I always worried it would be a bunch of moms drinking coffee and comparing stats on what their kids can and can't do and how smartmineis and ohyoursiscuteiguess. irrational? probably. but you know what? the older nate gets, the more i crave the playdate. it's good to get together and chat about the babes...especially mamas with babies of similar ages. we had the best time with Shannon and the adorable Nash. it was fun. tee hee. i admit it. well, except for the part where my iPhone took a little dip in the splash pool. (it's cool; it works now.) nate didn't know what to think. i am definately learning he is the type of child that has to let his environment sink in before he dives in and plays. More pics HERE on Nash's blog.

i am sad the weekend is almost over.

happy president's day. daycare is closed again!


a nugget

to help keep our economic issues in perspective, perhaps? nugget here.


an old picture or two of jennifer and myself to make us all smile. i don't remember the mircophone actually being in hand. hmm. :

and this one. i can almost hear karl shaking his head and saying 'get in the truck.'


oh dear

so tonight i had an inexplicable craving for little ceasers. (like i went to get it and my mouth watered like a dog until i got home and ate five four pieces pronto.) for lunch i had cheezits and twix and coca cola classic. (wow. it's been a really healthy day.) i think an old friend may be coming to visit me for the first time since last september. sigh. i was kindofjust hoping that just wouldn't happen ever again. Too much info? Probably. Still no sign other than the skeezers craving, so maybe she won't come around.

NaterNateNate woke up at 2 am last night for some loving and hugs. tooth numero dos has broken the surface. Tee Hee. It's totally gross and creepy. (yet, somehow, still awesome.)

i find it entertaining that nate eats way healthier than me or karl. guess we need to work on that before he notices, eh? Yea, probably that and the cussing. F star star star.


sunday is for smiling

70 degrees. 3 walks in one weekend. jogging stroller usage increasing. drinking beer on the front porch in bare feet and a tank top. grilling (is this the appropriate usage of the word grilling, southerners?) burgers. ("grilling out?"). no tears from the babe (except for that one good fall!). good naps. sleeping in. cleaning house. thinking about others.


letters for february

dear co-worker, when you tell me you are going to have chicken fried steak and fried okra at 'your momma's good food' for lunch, and then you come back and i make a crack about how you smell like fried food, please realize i am just kidding (ish) and do not proceed to douse yourself in LYSOL spray, causing half the building to gag on "GARDEN MIST". lysol is for germs NOT body spray.

dear husband, when i tell you that i don't want to wear a coat b/c the reason i hate winter is b/c i get the chills and it doesn't matter if the temperature is 19 or 39, please do not look at me like i am loony and laugh. i only intend to be outside for approximately 10-12 seconds anyway.

dear IRS, do you KNOW what happens to tax refunds when you have a baby? why did no one tell me this!? mama is going shopping. er... doing something very practical and adult-like.

dear shower, please resume your old method of draining.

dear fingernail, please do not bleed next time i bite you down.

dear updates, STOP HAPPENING. i do not want to install updates and/or restart my xbox, internet, iphone, computer, antivirus, windows, etc. MAKE IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME software gods.

day 3. check.
day 4. check. (yea, you know i kicked your ass day 4.)

7months, 1week, 2days


alright february lesssgo


i am.

february 1. check.
february 2. check.

i want to do something fun. and semi-rash to celebrate february this year. thoughts?


shirtless sunday.

long silences. a bath or two. (one with the babe; one without.) sick husband. girls night. discussions about peeing in the shower (no. no. no. n-o!) (i know; we are very mature.) discussions about which babysitters club characters we might be. (yea, i know. i am kristy.) much laughter. a tear or two. oh, and those baby giggles.

feeling much better all around.

also, watched the movie 'outsourcing' - touching, entertaining, and real. rent it.

shirtless superbowl sunday 2009.

superbowl marks my anniversary of moving to arkansas.

five years.

yep. ca-razy.