letters for february

dear co-worker, when you tell me you are going to have chicken fried steak and fried okra at 'your momma's good food' for lunch, and then you come back and i make a crack about how you smell like fried food, please realize i am just kidding (ish) and do not proceed to douse yourself in LYSOL spray, causing half the building to gag on "GARDEN MIST". lysol is for germs NOT body spray.

dear husband, when i tell you that i don't want to wear a coat b/c the reason i hate winter is b/c i get the chills and it doesn't matter if the temperature is 19 or 39, please do not look at me like i am loony and laugh. i only intend to be outside for approximately 10-12 seconds anyway.

dear IRS, do you KNOW what happens to tax refunds when you have a baby? why did no one tell me this!? mama is going shopping. er... doing something very practical and adult-like.

dear shower, please resume your old method of draining.

dear fingernail, please do not bleed next time i bite you down.

dear updates, STOP HAPPENING. i do not want to install updates and/or restart my xbox, internet, iphone, computer, antivirus, windows, etc. MAKE IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME software gods.

day 3. check.
day 4. check. (yea, you know i kicked your ass day 4.)

7months, 1week, 2days


melissa said...

dear kat,
you're the sh*t.

Jennifer said...

made my day. I loves it....

Nanna said...

Love It! You are too funny girl.

Took Matt and Nat to airport this am. Dear anybody: do you know what it is like to have your kids 1000's of miles away and none left at home?

Keep havin those babies, looks like you're doing a good job.

sdhorton said...

dear co-worker: when you tripped and fell I was concerned at the time but actually thought it was quite funny and laughed about it later.

Anonymous said...

dear snuggie: how did you become so incredibly popular and reasonable-looking? Thanks for the laughs. Going out to purchase some fancy "garden mist" for self