welp. it's official.

I have a four year old.  (Wait.  What?)  

I posted this Official Birthday Photo on facebook today and many responded  - I'm glad I'm not the only one who found this hi-lariously amazing.  

We had a small party for him on Saturday - emphasis on the small... mostly because I procrastinated SO LONG on planning - do I have just family?  do I invite his school friends?  I'M SO CONFUSED WITH HOW THIS WHOLE BIRTHDAY PARTY thing works when they start having school friends!  Throw in the fact that he's a summer birthday and half the kids from his class are attending different pre-k programs next fall and, well, I panicked and did nothing.   

We finally decided (three days prior to Saturday) to have something small at the house and it worked out perfectly.   A real slip and slide made an appearance as well as our grill!  (Hot dog, Hot dogs!)  Perfect.  Well, other than the part where we started lighting the candles to Nate's birthday ice cream and he announced his tummy hurt and he needed (ahem) a bathroom break that could not wait.  ::Cue super-awkward 15 minute poop break:: 

He refuses cake and cupcakes so I let him pick out four different ice creams and various toppings.  His selection?  Raspberry sorbet with mint m&ms.  


how much would you pay for this art?

A rabbit, dressed like Batman with a HUGE cape. 



four is my favorite

Ok, you're right.  He's not quite four.  Close enough.  (Have I started planning a birthday party?  The answer would be: no)  Anyway, this post will be dedicated to recent hilariousness from the imagination of my first born.  

In his spaceship, ready for BLAST OFF: 

With Nora's doll that he named Big Kid Baby and repeatedly threw at the ceiling (over and over and over again): 

Skiing the slopes:

Leading the band:

Making a feast from a bucket of rainwater spooned into cups:

Aaaand.... driving me bananas by climbing all over me when I'm trying to feed the baby her dinner: 

Aaaand scene.