welp. it's official.

I have a four year old.  (Wait.  What?)  

I posted this Official Birthday Photo on facebook today and many responded  - I'm glad I'm not the only one who found this hi-lariously amazing.  

We had a small party for him on Saturday - emphasis on the small... mostly because I procrastinated SO LONG on planning - do I have just family?  do I invite his school friends?  I'M SO CONFUSED WITH HOW THIS WHOLE BIRTHDAY PARTY thing works when they start having school friends!  Throw in the fact that he's a summer birthday and half the kids from his class are attending different pre-k programs next fall and, well, I panicked and did nothing.   

We finally decided (three days prior to Saturday) to have something small at the house and it worked out perfectly.   A real slip and slide made an appearance as well as our grill!  (Hot dog, Hot dogs!)  Perfect.  Well, other than the part where we started lighting the candles to Nate's birthday ice cream and he announced his tummy hurt and he needed (ahem) a bathroom break that could not wait.  ::Cue super-awkward 15 minute poop break:: 

He refuses cake and cupcakes so I let him pick out four different ice creams and various toppings.  His selection?  Raspberry sorbet with mint m&ms.  


Jax said...

This whole thing is awesome. The birthday crown, the ice cream, the poop break. Yes. Just yes! ha! I love your kid, friend. Happy 4th birthday to Nate! :) And a slip and slide? AWESOME!

Panamamama said...

Happy birthday, Nate! Sounds like a great party!

Tena said...

This is going to sound creepy at first....but stay with me here.... I have followed your blog for almost four years so I silently share in the bday celebration with Nate and I have a July bday so I really connect to your story about the summer bdays (whine). I gave birth to a March baby (not in the bathroom mind you) and her birthday falls during spring break EVERY year and she has yet to celebrate a friends bday party and she is 14. You make me feel better about my issues. I have thought about leaving a comment several times and I have always talked myself out of it. I am John Robus' cousin (don't tell him I stalk you or anything...it will make Christmas ackward) and I found my way to your blog through his link. I need to say, before the creepy really sets in, I find your stories to be the most interesting and laugh out loud FUNny things I have ever read! Book, I tell you, write a book! I always read your blog at work and will bust out laughing only to leave my co-workers pondering what the HECK do I find so freaking funning about my job! Good job to you for sharing your life in such a wonderful manner and hopefully, for not blocking me because you have serious doubts after reading this. Also, since I have finally broken the ice...you might consider updating the header to your blog... does "Baby" Nate really still apply? (Afterall, he is 4 now and DOES have a ..... s i s t e r). NK might notice one day that she is ummmm a non-mention in the family blog heading.

katandkarl said...

Thanks all!

@tena - love the comment - keep em coming! I will definitely think about the book AND I will DEFINITELY update that header - you are right... he is definitely no longer baby nate and nk is probably starting to feel left out!

Kate said...


Ahh, I love the sound of your party. I feel the same weirdness of swirling bday thoughts since I have three kids with August birthdays, at least one of which has "school friends", but like you said, half the friends won't be back in the fall, and isn't a summer birthday the best excuse for NOT inviting the whole preschool? So I think G and J are going to have another year of a combined bday - not sure how many years I can get away with it, but for now they seem happy. I just wish I could be as laid back about it as you were. I feel myself getting into it in a pinning things on Pinterest sort of way. It may be a Mad Hatter Tea Party bday. Which is all fine and well as long as it remains a FUN project rather than a pain in the ass that I completely brought on myself, seeing as how the girls would be thrilled with a hot dog and a sorbet!

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