Sweeps Month is Here. Let's All Cancel Cable and Blog Again.

At this point, I don't know exactly where to start. Blogging obviously is not high on my priority list and, like one of my old bosses said way back in 2005 when I tried to convince him to start a blog and use social media for a client, the trend is on it's way out, right? (HA. I'd love to hear his current opinion on the state of social media.)  For me, there are so many other avenues to connect with people online, this one just sort of fell to the wayside.

Problems with this:

Our family archives are a little more blank than they used to be. Events aren't reflected the same. My brain is getting more spotty, not less, so writing things down is becoming increasingly important. (See also: My planner looks crazy, the to-do lists are long, and second grade is hard.)

My writing is RUSTY at best. (That's the first time I've used CAPS FOR EMPHASIS in, like, forever.)

It's still one of my great loves – to blog, to write it down, to connect with people when they read it.

Advantages to this:

I have more time to focus on the life in front of me and hanging out with those two small people I birthed many moons ago.

I have more energy to focus on some things that needed focusing on in the last little bit of my life – namely, myself and my people.

But like every season of change (Come on FALL!), I feel myself feeling antsy for a change and unclear where to start. So I thought I would come back here – to this space that made me happy for so long – and see what might happen.

Hope you will join me. (Subscribe here.)