I’ve always been interested in the #100DayProject that happens on IG every year (or maybe some people do it whenever and wherever they want?). Either way, I have never felt like I’ve been creative enough or, more likely, motivated enough to do something like this project for 100 consecutive days. Consistency isn’t my strong suit. 

This year I have several friends participating (thanks for the inspiration @lindseybong!) and have been mulling over my own project ideas. At the start of 2020 one of my goals was to maintain a more consistent journal practice. I’ve actually been pretty successful (shocking myself!) and it’s even more interesting to title my journal pages dramatic (but accurate) things like QUARANTINE DAY 28. When I look back in twenty years, I’m sure I will remember what a calm and soothing presence I was during this time. HA. 

I thought about sharing some of my writing as my project but ultimately decided to take it a step further and aim for some photo journalism to record this time period in my family’s life. I will be posting one photo a day in my feed for 100 days. Right now, my goal is to shoot them in the same spot in our office/classroom setup and keep them very AS IS (messy hair, jam jams, tears, etc.). I reserve the right to change that at any time during the project but that’s where we are going to start! 

In true quarantine fashion, the project started YESTERDAY and I am starting TODAY but that’s par for the course and we’re going for it. I will tag another photo on the end or something if I  make it all 100 days! 

Anyone else participating? Leave me a comment if so and I will follow along. I will give and take all the support out there during this strange time! 

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