making girls CRY is my forte.

ok so here is some FOOD for thought (hmmmmmm. fooooooooooooood. must be lunch time.)
i had a great and wonderful and fabulous weekend in tulsa. everything was stress free and relaxing and fun. we hung out, brought mom jan a card and some fruit to send her off to texas, walked around campus, had a three hour lunch at a cute little establishment where board games were available *and you know we played apples to apples for hours*, saw a cute chicky flicky (the waitress: horribly horribly predictable but who knew keri russell was such a great actress? i liked), um... drank some beer, laughed a lot, made a sunday brunch at jennifers, and some other stuff.

i am looking at our funny recreation of college pictures that we took on TU's campus. and i just have to admit that we look, um, grown up. and by grown up i don't mean OLD but i do mean older. i am facing it. we look older. but i don't FEEL like we look older. is this making sense? i don't look at my friends and see an older person where i used to see a little 18 year old. or do i? and for some reason 18 seems really young right now to just ship your kids off to college! HA. i bet mike and linda get a kick out of that line!

thank god people will still card me (ask me for ID) until I'm at least 50. (and i almost typed 30 there and then freaked OUT a bit b/c, well, that is not so far away!)

the end.


you guys are in for A TREAT

circa 1994? 5? Not sure on the year... but check out the good ole class picture - one of the few days we were out of uniform. OLGC (our lady of good counsel) - it's no longer in existence. that is sad. BUT i'm down front on the right - in the HIGH WAISTED, TIGHT ROLLED, very light colored (i refuse to say acid washed on my blog) jeans with the classy RIBBED turtleneck BODYSUIT (oh yea it snapped on) and my white socks and indoor (LOTTO) soccer shoes. and you wonder why they voted me to play mary in the living stations of the cross? i mean JUST LOOK AT ME.


one more pic of the girls

sigh. i will be there in august for a family wedding - my cousin chris (son of butch and jayne) and his lovely bride melissa will be married on my parents anniversary. karl and i were married on butch and jayne's anniversary. i like it and i can't wait to celebrate!


cotton candy, beer, nachos, peanuts, cracker jacks

ms. kristy made it in town for the weekend. we had a great time relaxing, EATING, and hanging out at the ball park! we sat in the grass for the first time and i must say it was highly enjoyable. good game - the travs won. NOT THAT I AM FOLLOWING THEM. :)

anyway, i had to go to the doccy doctor on friday b/c of my chest pains. (i was getting my hair cut and had another fainty heart racy shortness of breath/trouble deep breathing episode.... i told the hair dresser i was nauseous so she didn't freak out if i said chest pain; she told me to take a pregnancy test. the doc did an EKG (perfect) and a pregnancy test (negative) took blood to check for thyroid and all that jazz but i checked out perfect so still not sure. they suggested anxiety but i really have NOTHING stressful or anxious going on.... and i think it is weird b/c the tightness in pretty constant. i am still feeling some tightness even tonight... ugh. really, really pissing me off. i took it easy all weekend but am going to try my workouts this week.

nevertheless kristy and i had a great visit. i took a lazy sunday afternoon nap. the weekend is coming to a close. i have nothing to complain about!


Claus Update

Claus will be arriving on Saturday August 11th around noon. We will have a "party" at our house starting Saturday afternoon sometime. I know everyone will want to be involved, so Kat and I (i just volunteered her) will call everyone to figure out who should bring what.

I can't believe that the last time I saw Claus we were in High School, so this time we can buy the beer legally!!! =)

again, posted by Karl


i hate myself for posting this

and i am sure this little one is adorable in every respect but does she or does she not look like chris farley? god is going to strike me down for poking fun at an innocent little one, but i can't stop snorting when i look at this picture. i don't know who she is; this was sent as a forward. i'm sorry little one but Holy Shnykees!

ok, enuf. i promise to never post another forward.

KARL WANTS ME TO TELL YOU: Claus will be in town August 11 - 14. Plans TBA i guess. karl would like to "organize something". the robus' might join us? rumors of blake are swirling around but are yet to be confirmed. He will get in on a Saturday so I will keep you all posted. Does anyone find it odd i don't know this person but am trying to make plans for his HOMECOMING, er, visit.

like i told jackie the other day, i don't mind being bossy. just as long as it's not bitchy bossy. just slap me if i cross THE LINE (b/w bossy and bitchy bossy!) everyone is welcome.

tonight while we were making breakfast for dinner, karl opens the microwave, where my bacon continued to "cook" for two minutes longer than his, pulls out a greaseless piece, looks at its beautiful, charred (almost black) edges doubtfully and says: "babe, i don't think this kind of bacon is actually made to cook any longer." CRUNCH.


um. so. um. so. ummmmmmm

  • it is tuesday.
  • tomorrow is wednesday.
  • kristy is coming to LR this weekend.
  • Mom Jan, our old Chi Omega house mom, is leaving the University of Tulsa. there is a small gathering (planned by us). 11 oclock. saturday the 28th. x and a horseshoe house. bring your bong.
    (that is a funny secret society joke.)
  • i love tennis and want to play.
  • saturday karl and i ran from our house to mary kay and rea's. according to karl's gps we burned 1,000 calories.
  • i am still not losing weight.
  • i still hate dieting. i refuse.
  • i am still trying to up my cardio.
  • i had some weird chest pains that i have never had before in my "intense cardio focus class"
  • i did not like it one bit.
  • my heart was all bursty. and i was all anxiety-ey.
  • does that mean i am getting old?
  • is my heart going bad?
  • must. eat. less. bacon.
  • have no fear; i went back to cardio class today and felt fine.


???? Claus in Little Rock ????

It looks like our favorite Danish sensation Claus Arvin will be in Little Rock in August! The dates are not final yet, but maybe sometimes between August 12th and 15th.

posted by Karl

do the friday dance.

i am having a coca-cola classic with my granola bar this morning in an attempt to keep my eyes open. shite.

oh, and, in honor of karl, chic-fil-a has done this: http://yumsugar.com/389934

get your cow costumes out NOW!


harry potter and star wars. oddly similar. discuss.

  • battle of good vs. evil: fight to the death.
  • one has light sabers and jedi mind tricks and the other has wands and magic spells.
  • they both have three good friends trio leads. harry, hermoine, ron. luke, han, leia. (han&leia. hermoine&ronald)
  • there are lots of fun creatures.
  • neither heros listen to their teachers.
  • their friends always help them out of jams.
  • voldemort. emperor.
  • um there are more. and i was excited about this non-too-shocking-or-hard-to-figure-out realization that i am sure many, many people have made before me, but now it has lost its luster.

the movie was good. i think it was probably better for the hard core hp-ers. it was somber - defiantely the most serious thus far. and there was minimal teenage love drama, which, as stated previously, is my favorite part. the effects and direction were pretty awesome i must admit! more news lata!


fourth of july was a long and fun week. too much, too much. work wasn't always pleasant with all that fun going on. melissa made it in town from the nola and the fourth bbq was a smashing success. good food, good friends, more good food, wii playing. we do have pictures to prove that she was here i swear. they are just ugly and on her camera. i failed to take a single pic! - not even one - at the bbq. boo. hiss. thanks to all who were able to come hang out.

karl's sister and her family are also in town. we hit a traveler's baseball game. the guy next to us had a heart attack - er, chest pains - and had to be removed via stretcher from the bleachers. it was frightening. the game was pretty boring until the travs clinched it in the bottom of the ninth.. schweet.

tonight i am watching - in case you are interested - the MLB all star game *go pujols* and the second star wars (episode 5). karl is forcing me to experience star wars (i've never seen one - er that i can remember!). i am watching them the way they were released and just finished epi four. (the first film from the 70s). we had a long debate about which order to watch them. i know i have seen some of them; i just can't recall. my brain is too full of things to remember - like every single line of dirty dancing, the breakfast club, and the last unicorn. sigh. i can't be expected to remember it all. i must make up for years of forcing karl to watch movies like ten things i hate about you. god, i'm a sucker for plotless teen drama. i can't get enough!

and, holy crap, happy three year anni to john and leslie. check out their cute wedding pics on the robus blog. i can't believe it has been three years. we miss you guys.


one last thing from the cousins weekend

stl magazine featured my cousin anna & her new salon as the "best of the best" in their last issue! pretty sweet, eh? we are so proud!


this is my last post

i've decided to stop blogging. ok, not really, but that is what it feels like. it's been busy with a weird middle-of-the-week holiday kind of week. it feels like i should have to go to work tomorrow. but i'm sure glad i don't have to do so.

here's a secret. last weekend i snuck into st. louis on a 7 a.m. Saturday morning flight. The reason? Cousins WEEKEND! Last year, you may remember if you have been reading for awhile, we hit memphis and tunica and hung out with a rod steward tribute band. this year, there were two pregnant chicas so hitting the bars wasn't really an option! i was only in the city for about 24 hours so it was a strictly family only kind of trip. i had breakfast with my parents, lunch with my grandparents (and others), dinner and a sleepover with the girls in troy. as a bonus, i got to see my other grandpa and cousin matt and his pregnant wife stephanie on sunday before we left for the airport. that is three preggos in a span of 24. it was slightly stressful (in the sense that the baby fevah was in every corner 0f every room and all the places in between!). they all look great and all swore they were feeling good - all three lovelies are due within a month of each other! one boy, one girl, and one surprise. and so the family grows.

there was some dancing, some swimming, some eating, and little sleeping!


4th of July BBQ

We will be having a blow out bbq on July 4th at our house. Ok, maybe not a blowout but it will be a lot of fun. We'll start around 1:00pm, so bring your favorite drinks and fireworks and let's party!! And yeah, that's a motor on that grill

By the way this is a very special post because it was posted by Karl!