this is my last post

i've decided to stop blogging. ok, not really, but that is what it feels like. it's been busy with a weird middle-of-the-week holiday kind of week. it feels like i should have to go to work tomorrow. but i'm sure glad i don't have to do so.

here's a secret. last weekend i snuck into st. louis on a 7 a.m. Saturday morning flight. The reason? Cousins WEEKEND! Last year, you may remember if you have been reading for awhile, we hit memphis and tunica and hung out with a rod steward tribute band. this year, there were two pregnant chicas so hitting the bars wasn't really an option! i was only in the city for about 24 hours so it was a strictly family only kind of trip. i had breakfast with my parents, lunch with my grandparents (and others), dinner and a sleepover with the girls in troy. as a bonus, i got to see my other grandpa and cousin matt and his pregnant wife stephanie on sunday before we left for the airport. that is three preggos in a span of 24. it was slightly stressful (in the sense that the baby fevah was in every corner 0f every room and all the places in between!). they all look great and all swore they were feeling good - all three lovelies are due within a month of each other! one boy, one girl, and one surprise. and so the family grows.

there was some dancing, some swimming, some eating, and little sleeping!


Chandle said...

Sounds like a lot of fun.

melissa said...

what's this about no blogging? do i need to read more carefully? no comprendo. : ( looks like your cousins weekend kicked total ass!

melissa said...

p.s. where's the pic of the crackhead? xoxox

care said...

cute pictures!

and? please don't stop blogging. :(

Susan said...

Whew....you scared me for a sec.

brooke knight said...

yay for fam. that means we might have actually been in stl at the same time?

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