4th of July BBQ

We will be having a blow out bbq on July 4th at our house. Ok, maybe not a blowout but it will be a lot of fun. We'll start around 1:00pm, so bring your favorite drinks and fireworks and let's party!! And yeah, that's a motor on that grill

By the way this is a very special post because it was posted by Karl!


katandkarl said...

cheesy pic/post but triple points for the label. :)

melissa said...

nice post, k-pain. fireworks scare me, but i looooove bbq. and that grill is bad-ass.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Oooooooooooh! Will there be wii-ing? Hee hee.

melissa said...

I can finally say...I will actually be there!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for inviting me and my friends.
We wouldn't miss it for the world.
Kat, don't worry about John when he comes. His doctor said he won't have any violent outbreaks as long as he's taking his pills.
I've got four people coming in from Atlanta, who you don't know but will be glad to meet.