some nuggets of internet goodness and other useless numbered information

1. i have been OBSESSED with this girl (especially the piano song #4 and reasons to love you #1) (and #2... can't forget that one): www.meikomusic.com
2. this is hilarious (especially if you know how i feel about unicorns): charlie the unicorn
3. this is also hilarious (especially if you like shoes - you may have seen it!): shoes
3. my dvr cut off the last five minutes of grey's anatomy and i want to put my fist through my tv right now. oh, and, meredith is still a whiny little hmm-hmm-hmmm. i'm not feeling good about it.
4. and ugly betty was just beautiful and lovely and hilarious and touching. it's going to be a good season for ms. ferrera and friends.
5. what else? karl and i are playing with starting a podcast. stay tuned. maybe.
6. karl likes this (and it is pretty funny - you may have seen it!): chad vader
7. i am fat.
8. have you heard of jewtube.com? there is something wrong with that.
9. this is fun IF you have some time. (it is about 9 minutes). It is the HIPSTER OLYMPICS - featuring such events as "myspace picture sesh" and "appropriatly ironic thrift store tshirt" and, um, it is funny.
10. and for you total internet freakshows you should recognize MOST of the people in here.

it is almost the weekend. thank goodness. i am excited about laundry and cooking and cleaning oh yea. (you have to say that in the 'lions and tigers and bears oh my' kinda way.) (because i said so.)


our song is a slammin' screen door...

this old man, he played one, he played knick-knack on my thumb.


birthday wishes are in order for karl (today!) - i won't tell you how old he is but just that he is getting up there (27). i chose this picture b/c i think it showcases one of his finest (dumbest and fun-nest) ideas of 2007. the slip and tarp. nothing says 'keep it young' like racing for beer down a tarp covered in dish soap and canola oil (i still get an occasional canolawhiff from my closet. and it makes me smile.). it also showcases his love of all things sprinkler and his pretty lawn. because life wouldn't be right without perfect blades (of grass) in the front yard.

he is pretty nice. i guess i will let him live till his next birthday.

where shall i take him for dinner?


said sugar take it slow, all we need is just a little patience

thank you for your continued patience on my update! i am trying to post pics from the fabulous shower. it was, as previously stated, delightful. i don't have the group shot - i think we only took that on jeff's camera. there were lots of fun hats and gloves and this is a small showing. we had tea and finger sandwiches *cucumber style* and petit 'fours' and jam and bread and fruit and cheeeeese (and shrimp which is of course a staple of a tea party, er, maybe not but people LOVE shrimp, right?).

the bride looked A-dorable and B-ridal. i looked gangsta wife. (that is what i was going for. the i just killed my third husband and am now attending his funeral look.) between brooke and i we had all the food and serving pieces covered and sarah covered the vintagey tea pots for the centerpieces with some artful flower arranging by ms. apker. i think we throw a pretty good par-tay.

work is BUSY and i am real stressed out about it. i just feel like i can't get ahead enough, you know?? i think i need to sleep early tonight. i have beauty and the geek on the dvr (i love B&G almost as much as Survivor!!) and i am going to cuddle up and veg out!

special post tomorrow for karl's bday!?!


and i'm back in the game!

back at work.
weekend fun.
can't wait to show you.

but not now.

patience young grasshoppers.

this monday morning i am focusing on keeping my eyes open.



karl: sometimes i wake up and i am excited about eating cereal. it makes my whole day. especially if i remember i bought cinamon toast crunch.
me: FA-reak. show.

tonight, leaving the restaurant approximately 7:30
karl: i need to pick up my prescription from kroger before 8
me: ok, but i'm going to have to pee (WARNING - i have had two glasses of water with dinner and we are about ten minutes from home)
karl: you can make it. (and again: "you can make it" as we drive BY OUR STREET - me staring longingly towards the house - on the way to kroger)
as we get out of the car i feel i might pee my pants (it hurts; it's worse than jumping jacks people)
karl: maybe we can look at grills while we are here.
me: withering death stare, eyes welling up with tears
we make it in the kroger; karl starts looking for grills, i begin to cry. literally.
karl, exasperrated: JUST TAKE THE KEYS and I WILL WALK HOME.
me: grab keys and RUUUUN. (i went back and picked him up!)


meg's beautiful wedding, jenny&jeff, fuuutbol

meg's wedding was beautiful - pics of her new husband charlie's duck cake - yep, that's a cake (isn't it awesome!?) and the girls from the office. the ceremony was gorgeous, just gorgeous. beautiful singing, beautiful church, beautiful bride, ahh.... i do love a great wedding!! though next year i am going to buy more than one dress a season. er, maybe.

jenny and jeff visited from tulsa and it was nice to have the company. we didn't actually DO a whole lot - but had lots of fun eating, resting, and watching football. lots of football. some great college games this weekend - sad weekend for the razorbacks. happy weekend for the university of tulsa. and baseball, well, i don't even want to talk about the cardinals. for the love. i guess i have to cheer for the brewers now?!?! we can't let the cubbies take the NLC. that ain't right with jesus.

today we are prepping for the upcoming week and sunday anxiety is just starting to kick in! sometimes i just hate sunday evenings, ya know? that i-didn't-get-enuf-done over-the-weekend but i have to start work tomorrow and it's not gonna happen feeling. (UGH I AM LAZY! MAKE ME DO SOMETHING other than watch kindergarten cop and football and read blogs!) ;)


uplifting picture after a long monday

just because it makes me happy i am sharing with you all a photo that has been hidden for waaaaaaaaaaaay too long. what in the world? are we doing? yet another example of why neither karl nor myself should be allowed NOWHERE near a dance floor.

but - i ask you - who can resist dancing when it makes you feel so footloose and fancy free!?!? LIKE THIS! this picture now hangs in "my" bathroom to remind myself that i am a happy girl dammit! ;)

i won't bore you with my LONG and stressful work filled monday details b/c i have to shower and sleep (and read blogs!) and relax and watch mindless reality tv (i just caught the end of 'fat march' and i cried - why is losing weight so inspiring?) so i can make it through the rest of the week without strangling someone!



my google ad on my sidebar says: "Jesus hates the Yankees" Oh so delightfully wrong!!

i can't wait for this weekend. this four day week is killing me!! (TOO MUCH WORK!!)

TOO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!! i love these: !! and ( parenthesis ) - in case you haven't noticed. they punctuate many posts.

i had something to say when i got online and now i have forgotten.

let's hang out. you can clean my house while i watch. well, i may be watching tv while you are cleaning but i will definately and distractedly say "uh-huh" and "yeah" every once in a while in response to whatever you are saying. then you can fold my laundry and pluck my eyebrows. whatddya say?

i love blonde people too.

edit. i sounded slightly harsh, maybe? it was just fun to see a lot of diversity. and i do love the south - i'm just not sure i will ever BE SOUTHERN. i guess i'm just one of those plain girls karl likes so much. and i'm okay with that.


i've blocked off an hour for this magnificant post

hopefully i can get it all in. i will just try to touch on the important parts and not on the insignificant little details like hanging out with chris rock. ha!

first, briefly, this last bottom picture? that is the view from phillip's rooftop in the lower east side. clinton and houston. the place to be. sigh. fabulous.

let's see. I WENT TO YANKEE STADIUM. this was very exciting for me (um. and karl. but mostly me. haha. just kidding karl was just as excited. kinda.) because while i don't root for the yankees (::NEVER EVER - it's just not allowed::) we all must respect the team who has won the most national championships (ahem... cardinals are next in line... not THAT far behind, right!?) and you know who was on the field? A-Rod (!!), Derek Jeter, Johnny D-Bag Damon, Jason Giambi (cough...steriods), Tony Pena (coaching), the (in)famous JOE TORRE (booo), and okay I am going to stop now b/c you probably don't know or care. oh AND it was exciting b/c they will be tearing yankee stadium down soon. that is sad. new stadiums are so 2006.

okay i am going to stop EXCEPT to say that the hot dogs ARE in fact worth all the hype AND they had glorious BUD LIGHT (everyone in nyc was making fun of our bud light habit and it wasn't served anywhere) and karl ran in to someone he knew in the bud light line from arkansas (giving the natives even more reason to make fun of our dirty little bud light habit!!)

AND to say we saw the yankees loose to the devil rays (quite possibly the worst team in baseball but who are known for their streak against the yankees. who knew?). okay. stopping. promise. we really did more!

we also saw a musical on broadway (the drowsy chaperone. hilarious.), did an extensive amount of eating and bar hopping (the food and drink i could really spend a long time describing but i fear you would skim it more quickly than my baseball rant! great german beer and brats (literally german not just like how we say food is "ethnic" in arkansas), delightful italian meatballs, famous NYC brunches, local mexican flavors with muchas margaritas, and on and on), (is this one sentence?), a four (for me) and five (for karl) and like eight (for phillip on his bike) mile run/ride along the east river under the brooklyn and delancy bridges, lots of time up on the roof top, um, and the comedy celar.

let me tell you a little about our $15 Comedy Cellar tickets (plus two drink minimum but they were cheap-o) in greenwich (i think greenwich village - i really just followed blindly along as we wandered around nyc). AND there weren't so many AND get this... all these famous people were there. LIKE Chris Rock (who was just "stopping through" and we didn't actually "hang out with him" per say but he did perform live)... here are some of the other comedians who performed:

  • chris rock (in case you have been living in a cave - i swear it was him. it was nuts)
  • louis ck (of lucky louie on hbo and by far my favorite of the night)
  • robert kelly from dane cook's tourgasm (they only had to say dane cook and i knew i wouldn't like him that much. blech. dane sucks.)
  • dave attell (up all night guy, raunchy yet hilarious)
  • kevin brennan (david letterman...some other crap, not so funny)
  • some black guy from the chappelle show who was my second favorite and i can't remember his name. boo. i wish i did.
  • some other people.
Good times. Like three HOURS of comedic goodness. I can't think of anything else at the moment (is that enough?). we ran around like crazy kids from friday morning to tuesday morning. there were a lot of pit bulls and maclaren strollers (but never those two things together). there were so MANY brunettes. AND THEY WERE ALL WEARING FLATS. i'm in love with the city for those two reasons ALONE. everyone looked different. beautiful, gorgeous little mixed up children everywhere. i want one. hmm. (hey - karl is adopted... you never know). AND no one got up in my personal space (read: people in the city mind their own business - what a novel concept! people would help you if you needed them to but they weren't all "honey, you're not "from here" are you? bless your little heart.") and my hair was so well behaved without all the arkansas humidity. AND i love the subway - don't think for a second i would miss a vehicle!

hahaha. my life as an arkansan is so rough! ;) i'm not complaining. i love LR. i promise. and my under $100 per sqaure foot HOME. that i OWN. but there are some tempting possibilities out there, huh? i've got three cities under my belt. what's one more!?!

trip recap over.


we are back minus a new apartment lease

we are back from our whirlwind trip and i intend a long, creative, colorful pictorial (er... with words) shortly. i will say that is was freaking awesome...even better than i recall from last year! what a fantastic city - i will give you more concrete reasoning on this statement tomorrow. BECAUSE we caught a cab at 3 am in NYC for the airport and went straight to a stressful day at work (short weeks are beautiful if you don't think about how all that work has to be crammed in to four freaking days!) and i am too exasted to recap. but, trust me, you are GONNA wanna come back for this one.

so, for now, to satiate you, o anxious ones, i will give you a screen shot of a project i finished up mere minutes before we left for our trip - haha (not a joke) - jennifer's tea party invites! this wasn't my original concept for this invite but i think it turned out alright!

and NOW, my friends, i am retiring for the evening (at 8 p.m.) to watch the Cardinals beat the Pirates. (read: fall asleep on the couch by no later than the 6th inning, wake up groggy when the mlb channel goes all static, and stumble to bed without taking out my contacts. again. )